Rock Star

Season 2 Episode 13

Stripped Down

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 15, 2006 on CBS

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  • Solid show, but I could have lived without the excuses.

    Supernova took the contestants to Las Vegas, Nevada this past week, before their performances, and it seemed like everyone who was not in tip-top form, in Supernova's eyes at least, had an excuse. I lost count at how many times the peformers would been ripped apart and would counteract with, "I'm still hungover" or "It was a long week" or "Sorry, man, just got back from The Vegas." Waahhhh. You are supposed to be a ROCK STAR! Enjoy the rocker lifestyle, but be able to perform at the show. After all, your voice and stage presence are the reason that you are here!

    That aside, I think we saw some great performances and some forgettable performances. Dilana and Ryan were far superior than anyone else. Ryan's version of "In the Air Tonight" was very powerful. As for the bottom of the barrel, I'll have to say that Zayra (yes, poor Zayra) was the leader of the pack you don't want to be in. Zayra did perform and original song and I will give her credit for that, but it sounded like that song should be played on a spanish network telenovela.

    One final comment--I'm surprised that the band did criticize Toby for using the bongos as a prop, much like he used the megaphone last week. Yes, I know the drums are an instrument, but it just felt gimmicky.
  • Un-plugged baby!

    Night starts of whith Zayra's original, and I think... oh great Zayra... but then I actually thought she didn't put up such a bad show. Props for her. Magni followed up and did an awesome job! She just keeps getting better and better! Patrice followed... she was good... but I thought it was one of teh weakest performances of the night. Lukas followed sitting down... ok I really didn't enjoy when he was doing that vowel thing Jason talks about... and I really don't see him as teh sitting down type... I was disappointed with Storm... Toby was rockin' with Gilby... great performance! Ryan and Dilanna were the best that night... they deserve the encore if there are 2 again... if there's only one give it to Dilana... Peace!
  • hangover is right

    In this case though, I'm not talking about Vegas. Last week was possibly the best week yet of the show and to then strip everything back was a severe let down to me.

    Zayra finally got to show her singing voice and it sounded a lot better in her native tongue as she wasn't nearly as choppy. Too bad she didn't write a rock song though.

    Storm gave herself the shaft by taking "I Will Survive". Ouch, maybe not after that performance. But what do you do with a disco classic on instumental night. That would've been tough for anyone. She needs to rock out something severe next time.

    Ryan was powerful again with "In the Air Tonight" and at least he got all the words right. Right Lukas and Dilana. He is quickly becoming a real contender as the other rockers falter in my mind. Of course, my mind is not wired like Gilby, Tommy and Newstead's, thankfully. :)

    I'm expecting to see some big performances tonight as people try to combat the eased-back approach of last night.
  • Unplugged week and a great week!

    Definetely an interesting night and my second favorite for the season. Once again almost all performer did and amazing job.

    My personal favorite for the night... DILANA! Once again Dilana, WOW, she is great and have so much to give. Also we have seen her build up her confidence week after week after week.

    Besides Dilana, I loved the songs by Ryan, Toby and Lukas. Magni wasn't bad either but not the best one for me.

    I'm going to say something before continue: Ryan. When the show started he wasn't one of the favorites, but man! What a change he has done! Great, great, great performances that he have done lately!

    Well, to continue, my personal bottom three: Zayra, Patrice and Storm.

    Zayra’s song had a good melody but I didn't understand any of the words that she was singing!!! Hey... I'm latin! I speak Spanish is the only language that I speak everyday! But still couldn't understand her... Although I think she was very cleaver to fight for the original song because she knows she wont be hanging too much around and it was a great way to put her music out there to everybody... nice propaganda.