Rock Star

Season 2 Episode 11

The Top Ten

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 08, 2006 on CBS

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  • A classic episode!

    Wonderful. Brilliant. Rocking.

    What more can you say about last night's episode? Well, I could use a million more adjectives, but I will leave it at those three.

    For me, the star performance of the night had to be a family-inspired Magni singing (and playing his acoustic guitar with no other musician) Live's "When Dolphins Cry." Next to Ryan Starr's solo performance of R.E.M. last week, this had to be the season's best performance to date.

    Speaking of Starr, he had another great (yet odd) performance that started out with him wearing a hood with a mohowk and black eye makeup in a Robin-esqe way.

    Storm Large also sang brilliantly with her rendition of Queen's "We Are the Champions."

    With all of the great performances last night, I'm sure Supernova is having a difficult time deciding on who gets the encore tonight.

    Look for Patrice to go.
  • It wasn't the best week, but it was great!

    Dilana kicked of the show with Gilby on the guitar! Her performance was rockin'! Another one of her great performances. Jill came after Dilana with a great performance! I loved the song and I loved the fact that she didn't over sing this time and she jumped in the crowd, that was great! Although about that thing where she loses her words, that was a huge flaw. I actually liked Jill better than Dilana's performance maybe just because Jill has improved a lot more and Dilana just proved herself. Ryan Star came after the break with another awesome performance, although I preffered "Losing My Religion" last week, I also noticed somewhere towards the end he failed to conquere that high note! Storm Large followed with Queens. It was just not bad for me, nothing special, I'd love to see her rock more. Zayra was next with Magni on guitar. Zayra had another queer costume but it was cool. Her performance was my least favorite so far. Josh Logan followed up with Tommy Lee on the guitars! Way cool! I didn't enjoy his performance too much, just like Storm's I just thought it was ok, my favorite Josh Logan performance was Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana. Magni came after the advertisement, playing acoustic guitar without the house band to back him up, it was also an ok performance for me but I really enjoyed the song and the acoustic-ness. Patrice really rocked with her performance. Only problem with her is, you know that thing when Dave said she never changes it? Well, it was kind of like her old performances where she didn't really do anything special. It was another not bad performance. Lukas was awesome! He should that he could rock it and he souled it! A++! Lukas great! Great! Great!Toby's wardrobe rocks! Ok changed my mind! Toby was the best tonight! Vocals were great! Stage performance! It was awesome! A++++! Give Toby the encore! End of the show bottom 3 was Jill, Zayra (oh really? I'm shocked!), and Patrice. But I really think it should be Josh, Zayra and Patrice. Peace!
  • This may be remembered as the best episode of the series...

    I really don't believe there has been an episode yet (this season or last) that matches up to this one. Every rocker was on. Even the ones that didn't shine through still had their best performances.

    Dilana managed to pull off "Won't Get Fooled Again" in true Dilana fashion and didn't seem to growl her way through the whole thing.

    Jill did a very good job with "Mother Mother" but coming on Dilana's heels, it seemed a little lacklustre.

    Ryan finally got his freak on with his spaced out version of "Paint it Black." It wasn't my favourite performance of the evening, but he didn't hurt himself with the choice either.

    Storm - best "We Are the Champions" that I have ever heard. For a rock singer her range is phenomonal and her charisma is undeniable. She is still the frontrunner in my mind.

    Zayra - her best vocal performance of anything that resembled a rock song.

    Josh - ditto. I wonder if that's the version he planned on doing or if Tommy set the pace? Hmmm.

    Magni - One of the best performances of the night with a song that is very tricky vocally. (Though, he wasn't the first to rock out on their own. I guess Dave's short term memories isn't the best.)

    Patrice - Nothing wrong with Patrice, but she hasn't raised her game enough. This was good, but she needs great... and soon.

    Lukas - overall not a great vocal performance, but he may have stole the show when he finally sang like his life depended on it at the end. I'm expecting him to get the encore.

    Toby - great finale to the night. A full verse with the megaphone may have been too much, but it was a great way of introducing it to use the siren at the end.

    Overall, the main contenders (Storm, Dilana, Lukas, Magni, Toby and dare I say Ryan) maintained or solidified their place at the top. The others did great just to try and stay out of the bottom three, but the regulars were there anyway at the end of the night. Will they stay there? Most likely.

  • An amazing show this week...

    I liked very much the performance show this week. There were very good performances and the worst ones weren’t that bad either (for my taste anyway) with one exception: what is Zayra doing? (and that is the end of my talking about her).

    My picks for tonight:
    1-Dilana, she amazes me every time! This time with another different and awesome presentation.
    2-Magni did an excellent job with that unplugged style song...

    I didn’t like:
    -well… I told you already
    -Josh’s, I would really like him to interact some more with Tommy (although is hard because he is behind the drums)

    The rest were ok. I liked when I saw that Storm made a good job with her song, Queen is difficult to sing and sometimes people try to changed it a lot and just do worst so I think she did it pretty good staying with the original style and just changing a little bit on the vocals to make the song hers.

    Now we will just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.