Rock Star

Season 2 Episode 14

Zayra Zapped

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 16, 2006 on CBS

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  • I know people hate Zayra, but I don't. And I hated having to see her go.

    Ok, firstly, I dont know why people hate Zayra. She's not the best of singers, but she's not the worst. All she did was try to be original. And for that, she's hated. How messed up is that? I really hated seeing her go. I know she wasnt right for the band, but still. I also thought her song 'Razorblade' by Blue October wasnt sung that badly, if a little pitchy. Oh well. I'll miss that girl.
  • Zayra is booted. Dilana performs a Supernova track with Supenova!

    Show starts off with Supernova making an announcment that every week they will perform with one of teh rocker hopefulls. Playing one of Supernova's songs everyweek. This weeks lucky rocker is Dilana. Dilana played a rockin song with Supernova and there were even dancers. Great touch to the performance! Almost all the rockers have been in the bottom 3 some time. 1st one to perform was Zayra... hands down her best performance ever, I was impressed! Patrice was the next and she really stepped it up! Also in my opinion, her best performance. Magni was the last member of the bottom 3, he performed scars, Lukas has already performed this before and he got the encore for his performance. Magni did it well! I still can't beleive Magni was in the bottom 3, as much as I love Storm, she should have been there. Zayra went home, but I was glad she showed me that she was a contender in the competition with that last performance.
  • she has finally gone........

    well i havent agreed with anyones review at the moment sorry about that, so im guessing you want agree with mine...

    I am so glad that zyhra is gone, i think its about time, but i also think that they could have done another double and send patrice home too, like she is good and all, but she aint supernova right..

    as for magni getting to the bottom three hahaha, that was funny at least we got to hear him sing again, but i like lukas up take of radio heads song then magni,and i dont think magni will take this competition, i have liked lukas from the start, but he is not doing it for me ethier (please dont take that the wrong way) dilana is the one to take this competition out i think she will rock with tommy behind her as she did last night woth all the band....

    as for the rest storm, toby and ryan sorry they will be out over the next few weeks to leave the final three Magni, Lukas and DILANA
  • All I have to say is, "FINALLY!"

    Well, we FINALLY got our wish last night. Zayra is gone and not a moment too soon, in fact, a whole lot of moments too late.

    The rest of this elimination episode was solid as well. From Supernova's first peformance (with Dilana) to Ryan Starr's encore, the show was top notch.

    One comment on Ryan's encore--it wasn't as powerful as it was when he first performed it. Now that I think about it, none of the encore performances to date are ever as good as they were the night before. Is that because they are nervous or because we know what's coming and it's always tough to repeat an emotional performance? (See my review of last week's elimination show regarding Magni's encore.)

    As for Magni being in the bottom three, uh, what? Are you kidding? The guy is arguably the front runner to win this whole thing. Then, we he had to peform, he only did a so-so job. My guess is that he must not have prepared to sing at all because he seemed rusty. But, how true were the lyrics to "Creep"--"I don't belong here." Magni must have been sending a message to the band and the audience.
  • And not after school special type of special either

    The show began with Brooke telling us we were in for a big surprise and boy did they deliver. And they didn't waste time with it either and make us wait through the full episode to find out what. A chance to play with SuperNova every week on the line. And they went straight at that too! Awesome! I don't think it was a big surprise that Dilana got the first crack at it, eventhough it's Magni who was the only rocker coming into the night with two encores.

    The song sounded alright. I think it'll take a listen or two to really catch me, but some of my favourite songs of all time were like that. Of course, as Jason repeatedly said, the competition isn't over, so who knows what the finished product will sound like.

    Ryan got the encore and I couldn't agree more. His performance didn't seem as good as last night, but it was still very solid.

    Onto the bottom three and surprise, surprise, surprise... both Storm and Magni were in the bottom three at some point last night. So, the bottom three would come from those two and three bottomfeeders from last night (Z, P and T)

    First up? Zayra. ...and she whipz out a little "Blue October". I was zure it was going to be "Hate Me" but zhe went even further off the radar with "Razorblade" Yup, it was intenze, Z. Very intenze.

    No beating around the bush tonight as Patrice was thrown to the wolves next. She was good, I don't even remember what she did off the top of head. Oh right, "Celebrity Skin." Lukas did it a few weeks ago and I think he was more memorable. Next.

    Last one up? Magni! What??? Well, it was worth it, he too picked a song previously done by Lukas by pulling out "Creep." He smoked it. He did it a lot better than Lukas as far as I'm concerned.

    Magni was sent back to the bench immediately, which was no surprise to anyone, I'd say. Then it was down to Z and P and P has potential while Z has zilch. Z goes packing. Can't say I disagree, though I had a feeling at the last moment that they were going to cut Patrice. She's on thin ice now, unless she can pull out something totally amazing!