Rocket Power

Season 3 Episode 13

Beach Boyz & A Girl / X-Treme Ideas

Aired Weekdays 4:30 AM Nov 30, 2002 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • At the Ocean Fest, how could Conroy and Shirley know the song when they weren't in the original song?

    • On X-Treme Ideas, how could they send in their videos when the extreme dude never gave an address?

    • On "X-Treme Ideas," when the dude on TV says the "Extreme Sports Network" is coming to Ocean Shores, you notice 2 people on bikes ride behind him, and then a bear rides by on a bike behind him also!

    • On "X-Treme Ideas," when Otto is coming down the hill on his scooter and Twister is behind him filming, Twist says "No way!" in Otto's voice.

    • When it shows thier video, and Reggie is on stage singing, her mouth doesn't coordinate with her words. They used the same scene from when they were playing at the Beachfest, because she sings "And what ever you'll be, make sure it ain't a shoobie, oh," on the video, but at the Beachfest, she sings "When the waves are curlin', there ain't nobody hurlin' up."

    • Captioning Error: They screw up the word "props" with "crops." Crops???

    • On thier video, it shows takes from them singing on stage at the Beachfest. How can they make a video with takes from them singing at the Beachfest if it's the next day?

    • On thier video, Reggie starts singing "When your on my wave, just make sure you behave," but when they sing live, she starts out with, "If you wanna shred, there's one place you can head."

    • In the scene where Sam puts the CD in his keyboard before "No Worries" goes on, he has on a yellow shirt; but in the next scene, he has on a white shirt!

  • Quotes

    • Lyrics to "Surf Town":

      If you're on my wave
      Just make sure you behave
      Surf Town: it's your town!

      The action never stops
      Gotta earn your props
      Surf Town: it's your town!

      And whatever you be,
      Make sure it ain't a shoobie
      'Cause baby, you're it!

      Surf Town, nothin' can get 'ya down.
      Surf Town, it's your town.
      Surf Town, it's the place to be!

    • Girl: (yells) Look! There's the drummer!
      All: (screaming) Ahh! Twister!
      Twister: Ahhhh!!!

  • Notes

    • This episode was supposed to air in the Season 2 run, but got pushed back to Nov. 30, 2002 for unknown reasons.

  • Allusions

    • Sam: How about the "Electric Surf Orchestra?"

      Sam's idea for a name for the gang's band in Beach Boyz & a Girl is a reference to the British rock group Electric Light Orchestra, a band from the 1970s and 1980s that performed rock and pop songs with orchestral overtones.

    • The incident at the concert where it's revealed that the No Worries band is unable to sing and play really well is similar to an incident involving the Milli Vanilli pop group back in 1989 when a technical glitch during a "live" performance revealed they couldn't sing.