Rocket Power

Season 3 Episode 24

Island of The Menehune

Aired Weekdays 4:30 AM Jul 16, 2004 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • In the movie when they're riding the volcano, there's lava flowing everywhere. How can they ride or even walk up 10 feet to it without getting burnt?

    • In the beginning of the movie, the gang is biking down a volcano on Oahu where they come across hot lava. This is impossible because the only island in Hawaii that has flowing lava is the big island (hawaii). All the volcanoes on the other islands are extinct.

  • Quotes

    • (responding to Otto's desire to surf the Bonsai Pipeline)
      Reggie: And since it's the most dangerous surf known to man, I'll finally be able to realize my lifelong dream of being an only child.

    • Otto: Do you people know what this means?
      Twister: Five straight hours of all the honey-roasted peanuts we can eat?

    • Ray: Because you've all worked so hard this summer, I'm taking you to the place I've talked about going to for years.
      Otto: The gym?
      (Tito laughs)
      Ray: No, the place Tito and I have been bragging about forever.
      Reggie: The sidewalk on Ocean Av where you made butt-prints in the cement?
      Tito: Keep it up, Ray. Sometimes, actions speak louder than words. (begins to dance as if he has a grass skirt on)
      Ray: Sometimes, they're just horribly embarrassing.

    • (about the tiki)
      Sam: I pulled a Bobby Brady, dude!

    • Reggie: (annoyed) The wind speeds are so high, they could blow out a birthday candle.

    • Otto: (about Twister's shirt) I am now offically embarrassed to be in the same tree house with you.

  • Notes

    • Its Official that Twister is a girl magnet. In " Beach Boyz and Girl" Twister get chased by girls throughout the episode. In this movie Leilani, Keoni's cousin has a crush on Twister and made up the Menehune stuff just to get his attention. Its possible that these two will be together.

    • It is probable that Noalani's friend that never returned could be Otto and Reggie's mother.

    • Reply to last note: That is correct. Ray marries Tito's cousin Noelani. And by the way, Leilani is Keoni's cousin, not Tito's.

    • Reply to last note: That is correct. Ray marries Tito's cousin Noelani.

    • I'm pretty sure [My friend saw the movie, but will only tell me little things about it] that Leilani is not who Ray marries. She's Tito's cousin that has a crush on Twister.

    • Otto and Reggie's mother is named Dani

    • This has already aired in a California Film Festival

    • This will air this summer as a TV movie

    • Paramount Home Video has announced that the movie will be released on VHS & DVD around July 26. The movie will probably air on TV shortly before that, so a June or July premiere is likely.

    • The movie has aired in the UK as of late November 2003 and will air in the US in 2004.

    • The movie will include a wedding between Ray and one of Tito's cousins (presumably the aforementioned Leilani)

    • Besides the brief appearance of Mrs. Rocket, the movie will also feature the Makani family (including Keoni and his parents).

    • Reconfirmed in this Klasky-Csupo newsletter:

    • Confirmed in Klasky-Csupo Newsletter #53

    • Rumor has it that this movie is playing next Christmas on TV. Coinsidence! Jimmy Neutron played in theaters last Christmas, and The Wild Thornberrys is playing in theaters this Christmas, and this movie is playing next Christmas! Very special Christmas treat for all.

  • Allusions

      The little subplot with Sam snatching a little idol from a Menehune temple is similar to what Bobby Brady did in the Brady Bunch three parter in which the Brady's go to Hawaii. Bobby takes a small idol from a dig site and it supposedly causes nothing but bad luck to all around it. In this tv movie Sam goes through the same thing.

    • Sam: I pulled a Bobby Brady, dude!
      Sam is referencing to the time Bobby Brady of the Brady Bunch found a tiki during there trip to Hawaii. The tiki gave them nothing but bad luck, like what happened to Sam and the gang.

    • Title: "Island of the Menehune"
      Explanation of Menehune:

      The folklore of many nations around the world include stories of magical little people. Although most people easily recall the leprechauns of Ireland, in Hawaii the mischievous Menehune roam the deep forests at night.

      Menehune are said to be about two feet high, although some are only six inches high and capable of fitting in the palm of someone's hand. The creatures are usually naked, but their long straight hair falls to their knees to keep them warm and discreet. Each menehune has a distinct personality and appearance; no two are identical. Furthermore, their spirits are always changing; one could be malicious and dangerous one day, and harmless the next. Nonetheless, they are cunning creatures, and therefore should be avoided, unless a special favor is absolutely needed of them.

      The mythology of the Menehune is as ancient as the history of Polynesia. When the first Polynesians arrived in Hawaii, they found dams, fish-ponds, and even Heiaus (temples), all presumably built by the Menehune who were already inhabiting the caves in the islands. Some even say that the great god Maui himself, was one of the tiny creatures.

      One can request the expertise of the Menehune builders and craftsmen The menehune will be especially congenial if you can cite menhune lineage. In ancient times, Hawaiian men would sometimes marry menehune women, noted for their beauty. With your proper ancestory, the menehune act like benevolent godparents. Many projects, such as the preparation of a wedding feast, have been completed in a single night by the superstrong menehune, while all humans slept.

      The little gods enjoy dancing, singing, and archery. To reverse the feelings in an angry person, the menehune sometimes use magic arrows to pierce the heart of angry people to ignite feelings of love instead. Menehune also enjoy cliff diving, so if you hear splashes in the night in Hawaii, it is possibly a Menehune diving into the ocean. If you search carefully and avoid being seen, you might catch a glimpse of the little gods.