Rocket Power

Season 3 Episode 21

Missile Crisis / Falsley Alarmed

Aired Weekdays 4:30 AM Mar 25, 2004 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • At the Shore Shack, the fire alarm is a combination of bells and buzzers. Bells for fire alarms usually happen more often in animation, like As Told By Ginger, this show usually acts more like live-action, but As Told By Ginger just has a buzzer for the fire alarm, like many older alarm systems do (newer alarm systems usually have a loud higher-pitched screech or tone as the alarm signal.)

  • Quotes

    • (Otto and Twister are waiting impatiently at the Shore Shack for Reggie and Sam...)
      Twister: Too bad they're not firemen cause we can pull that alarm and they'd rush over! (points to fire alarm station)
      Otto: Twist, that's the lamest thing I ever heard! Nothing's on fire. The thing wouldn't go off!
      Twister: There doesn't have to be a fire for it to work.
      Otto: Twist, trust me. If there's no fire when you pull that thing, nothing happens.
      Twister: I think you're wrong, Otto.
      Otto: Dude, here. I'll show you. (reaches for the pull station)
      Twister: No Otto, DON'T!!!
      (Otto pulls the lever, and the alarm starts loudly ringing and blaring throughout the Shack)
      Otto: Oh, man! (they dash out of the building)

    • Lars: (said frequently throughout the episode) I didn't do nothing.

  • Notes

    • This is the only one of the episodes supposed to air in the UK that actually was. The actual date is not known.

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