Rocket Power

Season 1 Episode 7

PowerGirl Surfers / Twisted Cinema

Aired Weekdays 4:30 AM Sep 06, 1999 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

PowerGirl Surfers:
When Slack Brizack of Gnarly Surf Magazine approaches Otto, wanting to have him in the magazine, Otto is ecstatic. Reggie, on the other hand, is not. She is mad because Gnarly Surf doesn't show women surfers. She goes to Raymundo but he thinks Otto has worked hard and deserves to be in the magazine if they want him in it.

Reggie starts her own surf club to show Gnarly Surf what girl surfers are all about. Sam is their official photographer. When Otto sees them he gets a little worried because he knows what good surfers Trish and Sherry are.

Twister and Otto surf against Trish and Sherry, and the girls really give it to them. When Slack sees how good the girls are he approaches Reggie, but she says they don't need Gnarly Surf Magazine because they have their own photographer and magazine, the newly-made Reggie's Zine.

Twisted Cinema:
Twister tapes Otto skateboarding on a half-pipe and decides to show it to everyone at the Shore Shack. When Twister forgets to delete a scene where Otto crashes, Otto becomes the laughing stock of Ocean Shores. Everywhere Otto goes people laugh at him.

Otto becomes mad at Twister and decides to make Sam his best buddy. Sam is a little scared because he knows it's a dangerous job to be Otto's best friend. He has to film Otto doing tricks, including one were Otto jumps right over Sam.

Meanwhile, Twister edits some of the tapes he has of Otto and plays a new movie at the Shore Shack. Everyone comes to watch the new video, where Otto lands every move. Otto and Twister become best friends again, and Sam is relieved that he won't be in as much danger anymore!