Rocket Power

Season 2 Episode 18

Race Across New Zealand

Aired Weekdays 4:30 AM Feb 16, 2002 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Why did they only give Reggie a 1/2 a win for the last race? If Theodore was disqualified, she should have been given the whole point, therefore making her the winner.

    • All the voices of the New Zealand characters are done with an Australian accent, rather than a New Zealand accent.

    • Reply to goof 3:How is this a goof?She can change her clothes for christ's sake!

    • Reggie says "Tuwheke" pronounced "Toe-whea-key", but when everyone else says it,they say it pronounced "Toe-whe-key"

    • When Otto, Reggie, Twister and Sam leave, Violet is wearing her usual yellow dress with a white floral print. When they get back, when she says, "Welcome back to the Shore Shack!" she's wearing a blue dress with an orange floral print.

    • Captioning Error: When Sam is telling Twister that in New Zealand mug means shoobie, shoobie is spelled shooby.

      Continuity: In scenes of the Stimpletons working at the Shore Shack, Violet's Hair is its usual color. But when the gang returns from N.Z., her Hair is blond and then when we see a panoramic view of the shack, her hair turns back to its usual color!!

    • During the zorbing race, at some points, Reggie's zorb turns purple!

  • Quotes

    • Twister: I'm just glad to be back home where right is right, left is left, summer is summer, and no brain sucking glow worms!

    • Twister: What's up with that dude? He's not that good.
      Otto: Yeah, but he thinks he is. Dudes like that are so bogus.
      Reggie: Remind you of anyone, Otto?

    • Chester McGill: ...and the individual with the most first place finishes overall will be crowned Prince Waikikamukau.
      Reggie: Or Princess! Waikikamukau!!
      (Waves her hand to make sure that everyone knows who said that)
      Chester McGill: I stand corrected.

    • Twister: Man, glow worms, giant squids, right is left. Dude, New Zealand is a totally weird place to live.

    • Sam: See, New Zealand is 20 hours ahead of us, so right now, it's tomorrow morning there.
      Twister: So New Zealand is, like, in the future?
      Sam: No, they're just in a different time zone.
      Twister: So, like, right now already happened in New Zealand?

    • Sam: To the right, guys!
      Twister: Right! Hey wait, in New Zealand, right is left, right?
      Otto: What?
      Twister: We gotta go left, dude. It's right.
      Otto: Twister, right is right!
      Twister: Right, but here it's left.

    • (Twister screams)
      Sam: What's wrong?
      Twister: We're on the wrong side of the road!
      Sam: Relax, Twist. In New Zealand, they drive on the left.
      Twister: Really? So people here think right is left and left is right?

  • Notes

    • This is possible that this is Twister's first episode with a new voice.

    • After this first aired, it played the Rocket Power games with teams Reggie, Otto, and Twister. Team Twister won.

    • Music featured includes tracks from Area-7 ("Individuality"), Bowling for Soup ("Valentino"), Goldfinger ("99 Red Balloons"), and Reel Big Fish ("I'm Cool"). The songs (as well as the Rocket Power theme song) are available on a soundtrack "maxi-single" CD.

    • During the week of this movie, Rocket Power was the highest-rated show on Nickelodeon!

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