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  • Not Bad but Could be Better

    Its Lacking of Jokes
  • Rocket Power Rocks!!! :) And remains one of my favorite cartoons to this day!!

    I've been watching Rocket Power since I was probably 5 or 6 and I still watch it on Cartoon on occasion. It is awesome show! I love everything about it. The story lines are great, the characters are interesting, the plots are generally pretty good, the animation is outstanding, and I like how it actually teaches life lessons as well! So you can actually learn stuff from this show too! I simply think that Rocket Power was one of the best cartoons they ever had and it will never get old to me! Always have and always will love it!!

    Rocket Power is my 3rd favorite cartoon.

    My top 5 favorite cartoons in order:

    1. CatDog

    2. Rocko's Modern Life

    3. Rocket Power

    4. The Wild Thornberrys &

    5. Spongebob.

    Rocket Power is an awesome show all the way! If you disagree with me, kiss my ass. I don't fucking care. :)
  • Only got 7 words to say!

    I only got 7 words to say: THEY GOT SAND IN THE POTATO SALAD!
  • Rocket Power lacks any real power to keep you entertained and is rather forgettable.


    As a kid I remembered seeing many other kids do extreme sports and it was very popular, but I never got into it at all. In the recent years though I've noticed that not many kids do it anymore though. If there is ever a time when extreme sports go out of fad, then Rocket Power is one of those reasons why it's on the decline from almost every kid I've seen. In this show it centers around 4 kids, Otto, Reggie, Twister, and Sam, in the city of Ocean Shores, California. They all have adventures in regards to extreme sports such as surfing, skateboarding, and so on. So as a kid I thought that maybe it would be good enough to show some sports I've never heard of before, but it turns out to be just one big mess that leaves so much to be desired. For one thing the show is very repetitive and has very little to no variety. It's usually the kids doing some sport and most of it is either surfing, or skateboarding. They may introduce another sport every now and then like snowboarding on street luge, but honestly you will see that it's basically surfing or skateboarding and really nothing else. The plots themselves are usually about one of the kids just dealing with a problem like doing a trick or winning a competition. There are usually ones like starting a band, skipping school, and so on in it, but most of it involves a sport. Now I know this is a show about sports, but 90% of the time revolves around the characters and their issues and not the sport. Speaking of the characters, most of them are unlikable and are terrible. Sam and Reggie are passable characters and are the voices of reason in this show. Raymundo is pretty much useless most of the time. Tito was just plain weird, but kind of got a laugh from me with those sayings. The bullies were just stupid and generic to the max. Conrad was decent as well, but he wasn't that good. The 2 worst characters though go to Otto and Twister. They are just so stupid, selfish, and moronic. Twister is pretty much a yes man to Otto and lacks any real brains at all. He's usually overshadowed by Otto and is kind of a rival as well, but most of the time he follows Otto around instead of acting like a rival. Otto though is just one bad kid and gives a lot of sports bad names. Otto is arrogant, selfish, always wanting attention, greedy, self centered, and so on. He's everything a kid shouldn't be. He only looks out for himself and to be the best always. He resorts to cheating to win, and does almost everything he can to win. He usually learns something in the end, but in the very next episode he acts like a selfish jerk once more. There's nothing likable about Otto at all and is like Johnny Test. The humor is just full of gags involving name calling like Shoobies, and so on. There's also this thing in the show where it shows a distorted image with words in it like Splat and so on. It's weird and unnecessary to say the least. The artwork is okay, but the characters have terrible designs to them and the colors are mostly washed out, like for example the sky is usually always yellow. Why? Last time I checked the sky was blue. The animation is no better at all and is choppy most of the time. I also noticed that this show loves to promote bad choices. I noticed that Otto pulls a fire alarm and that there is too much peer pressure in this show. A lot of it is about Sam being pressured to do stuff he doesn't want to do, but is egged on by the others to do it. It teaches kids that you should do whatever your friends tell you to do, like jump off a bridge or something. What were the creators thinking? Rocket Power in the end lacks any real power to be a good show, much less an entertaining one as well. If you were a kid and you saw the sports it showed you may have been entertained and some of the characters are decent, but this show is just nothing more than a power failure, and is best left forgotten.

  • Not a good show, strong contender for "the worst"

    I was born at the tail end of 1990 when things were rosy and before all of the awful things we were subjected to beginning in 2001. You know you've got to take the good with the bad though. One of those bad things was Rocket Power.

    It holds the distinction of being created literally months before the end of the 90's. The 90's were extreme and they were awesome, but Rocket Power represents the gross misuse and inept interpretation of these concepts. I mean Rocket Power is an awful name. The show is kind of like a self parody and that is always how I viewed it. i remember viewing the premiere and watching the show in it's infancy, always knowing the show would be awful.

    Believe me, I gave it a chance and I watched almost every episode, until I could take no more and my family got more cable channels. I guess it's noble that the show promoted sports and I was and am a fan of the EXTREME SPORTS. At the same time though, the characters that participated in these sports were consistenly portrayed as douche nozzles.

    Let me be more specific. Pretty much every single character in the show is a tool, atleast half the time, if not most of the time. Maybe some people view this show with rose colored glasses, but honestly the characters try way too hard. Like others have pointed out they are bratty, arrogant, egotistical, shallow, shameless, and posers. It seems like when they try to be themselves, they are total jerks. The adults in the show seem to be slightly moronic. Now that I think about it they seem to be pretty aimless and shallow, which explains why some of the kids act like they do. The adults are far more likeable and respectable than the four main kids though.

    Of special mention is Squid. I actually am from Kansas and he is a pretty realistic character. It's not unusual for someone from Kansas or someone like us to hang out with tool bags or jerks. We are easy going, but we don't let them tell us what to do, we don't let them put us down all the time, and we don't call them friends. We are open and we try everything, excepting that which is obviously overly dangerous with no reward and we aren't going to snowboard or surf all the time! Squid is spineless and pathetic and it seems to be the whole point of his existence, which is just depressing.

    This show is ok or mildly entertaining at best. I have never enjoyed it and never called myself a fan, despite frequently watching it, even the reruns. As a child, or young teenager even, I watched it with contempt laughing only at each character's failures.

    It taught me to not TRY to be cool, it taught me not to give in to peer pressure without due thought, it taught me how empty an existence the cool kids can live. So maybe the show is good in that sense. Like I said, ironic and a self parody right? If you truly enjoyed this show, and I hate to be judgemental here, but I think that says something about YOU.
  • @marbles01

    How dare you call a good 90's show "The worst." You know what? The only bad shows on Nick are the ones on right now. Don't you dare call this show "The worst on Nickelodeon." You obviously don't know what a classic cartoon is. The only thing you know is garbage cartoons. You unfortunately weren't blessed to be borned in the 90's and new crappy cartoons are brainwashing you.
  • One of Nick's worst shows.

    Rocket Power has to be one of the very worst shows off of Nick. It's just one of those shows that's nearly impossible to enjoy. I can bearly write a review about it. My advice would basically be to stay away from it. The only reason the show gets a 2 is because of Ray and Tito. They are pretty much the only likable characters on the show. The kids are just plain out obnoxious, annoying and unlikable. I
    don't feel the need to say anything else so I shall end my review here. Thanks for reading. This show sucks!! :)
  • Awesome Show!

    Let the Sports Gentlemen bring you back to your childhood with one of the best shows of all time! Chime in with some of your favorite Rocket Power memories!
  • This is a classic in late 1990's.


    Please, guys who hate rocket power, if you want to hate a show hate fanboy and chum chum. This show is about cool dudes named tito and reggieriding on skateboards and doing other cool stuff. This is the coolest classic I've ever seen!

    My rating: 9.0

  • If you seen Rugrats, Or the Wild Thornberries, You have seen Rocket Power.

    My 55th review after: "As told by Ginger"

    Yet Another Klasky Csupo cartoon. This Cartoon is full of action but Medicore in my Opinion. It's about these four wacked Action Californian Kids who want to learn aggressive moves, and Become the best sport-players in California. This cartoon will get a C--. Here the results:

    Voice-acting: A+ 9.5/10.0 Terrfic Voice-acting. Animation: C 6.0/10.0 Average and full of Bright Colors.

    Graphics: D-- 4.0/10.0 Poor. The chracthers look Ugly.

    Sound: D- 4.5/10.0 Bad Music with Decent Sound Effects. The music sounds like a Crummy 1960's Rock Music.

    Dialouge: C- 5.5/10.0 "Squid! Squid!" What the heck is that? Do the kids really had to say that?

    Lasting Appeal: 4.0/10.0 Ye5t Another cartoonn that has a Lasting Appeal so poor, that it will put you to Sleep!

    Overall: C-- 5.2/10.0 A Medicore cartoon aired on Nick. This cartoon could have been sooooo much better!!!! I'm glad this cartoon got cancelled but they still air it on Nicktoons Network. Go watch it if you're a Fan. That's the end of my review. Good day Everyone.
  • Wasn't the best Nicktoon,but was still good


    Klasky Csupo were great creators of great shows like Rugrats and Ahh!!!Real Monsters. However,this wasn't their best creation. Rocket Power is about four kids named Otto,Reggie,Squid and Sam,who skateboard and do a lot of sports. Now,like I said,this wasn't KC'S best creation,but was a good show. The characters were OK,but I didn't get into Sam. Seriously,why is he such a wuss at times? Lars was a jerk who teased Squid,and his voice sounds like a drunk version of Bullwinkle. Otto was another bad character. He was a trouble maker,who is selfish,and never listens to anybody. As for the animation,it's OK,but every character had weird designs. Eyes were too far from each other, and why does everyone have big mouths? I thought,however,the sports parts were awesome,and were saving the show's life. The humor is pretty dry,but can be funny at times. Overall,Rocket Power was a pretty good show,but wasn't the best,and could be boring at times. I think Rugrats is better than this.

  • A show about a bunch of kids on rollerskates and skateboards.....yay.

    Well, the show's plot is about a bunch of kids who love extreme sports, and often get into troublesome, sometimes bizarre, situations. Now, I'll admit, the show Although, personally, I thought it was a little lame.

    First off, I didn't like the music. I think it's great that the producers tried to make the show more sporty by making the show's music very hard rock-ish. However, I think it just got bland and repetitive after a while. If I ever heard this on a Metallica album, I think I'd hurl.

    Secondly, the animation. I think, even for a cartoon, the show's animation was far too real. The characters looked even a little ugly. It's a cartoon, it isn't supposed to look comepletely real, unless you're talking about an anime.

    And finally, I disliked this show's lack of reality! I mean, don't get me wrong, it isn't impossible for a bunch of ten-year-olds to go out, skating on large ramps and surfing unsupervised. However, I really doubt any child could learn to do such massive tricks on a board or rollerblades at the age of 10, unless they've been doing extreme sports since birth, which is obviously doubtful.

    Well, either way, it was one on of those "Nothing else on is good, so I'll just watch this" shows. It brought me a laugh or two, but still not as good as other shows.
  • childhood classic

    this is one of many old nick cartoons i used to watch a lot. I loved this show. Otto and friends having adventures... it was great, even though a lot of the episodes have to do with skateboarding, and surfing (stuff that does not interest me), they still made it interesting. I wish this show was still on, I know I would definitely still watch it. Truly a great show I think anyways. My overall grade for this show, without a doubt in my mind, would be an A+. Simply a great, classic cartoon, that hopefully comes back in syndication
  • This show SUCKS!

    Who the heck would watch a show that is this much crap! I mean Otto a jerk, Maurice (Twister) is a brainless idiot, Reggie is kind of a snob, and Sam (Squid) is an extreme nerd. They should have a classifiction that says This show is the WORST because that's what this show would get. Run from this SHOW!!
  • The terrible little show that tried to be cool.

    I've noticed that people either loved this show or hated it and you can count me as one of the later. Much like a poser at a 50 Cent concert, Rocket Power tries to prove how cool and extreme it is only to fail miserably. The thing is that being cool is something that you just can't prove, it has to come naturally. Now this wouldn't be so bad if the characters are likeabe and fun, but this is where we run into the show's second problem: Otto and Twister are two of the most unlikeable cartoon children ever. While Reggie and Squid are not that bad, the other two are terrible. Otto is an egotistical, mean-spirited brat who looks down upon (at best) and is openingly hostile (at worst) to anyone who isn't at his level of athletism, nerdy, and\or not from his town. (And the dumb-and-proud-of-it Twister is no better.) Saddly, this abuse is also dished out to their friends when him and Twister ridculed Squid and told him to get off the beach because he wasn't as good of a surfer as them. (It wasn't Squid's fault he never learnt to surf.) Not to sound like a soccer mommy, but what kind of lesson is that to show kids? That it's ok to act like a hateful, full-of-yourself brat? Thank God this show is gone.
  • To quote the comicbook guy: Worst show ever.

    The video game I liked, but the show sucks like a tick. All it's about is a bunch of no good skater-brats who hate people that are not from their city. And can't stop playing their little games. And they have such bad plot lines. I'm starting to think that nick likes to make drek nicktoons.
  • Idiot Characters,Stupid Plots.Waste of TV Air Time!

    This stupid show is c0mplete waste of time! A bunch of hawain idiots thinks they are sports stars ad thet can do anything.They cant do s**t! This show is so stupid and boring.And the characters are really annoying/Bunch of idiots and im glad this show is over.

    This show is nowhere as good as Klaksy Csupo classics like rugrats,thornberrys,ginger and real monsters.This is a dissapoinment!
  • Complete waste of time!!!!

    This is a waste of time! I mean, the characters are not able to do anything. This show has no meaning to it and I mean kids having a good time? This show stinks! There are shows where kids have fun, but in an ever better and more interesting way!
  • Bad, very bad!!!

    Is one of the stupiest and boring TV show that I have seen. But they cancelled this show, that\\\'s good. I hate Otto Rocket, he is stupid, because he thinks he is the leader. Rugrats, Ginger and The wild Thornberries are other nickelodeon boring show. All the episodes were boring, every time they were skating, or surfing, or playing hockey. And that was boring, Nowbody of my family and friends did like that program it was the nickelodeon\\\'s stupiest show, I glad that they cancelled, but are many stupid programs in other channels that I will be gald that they cancelled it.
  • Teriible

    As if we needed a show that was written by adults who are trying to pretend to be "cool" kids by using slang that hasn't been used since 1990!! If I want to watch the same thing over and over, which is kids going around on skate boards, I'd go to the nearest parking lot. But I don't do that as it is, so I don't want this crap spammimg my TV. Nick did as they always do with crap shows, and aired it everyday. I could really care less what cliche California surfer kids act like. To me, they were obnoxious, and I couldn't stand to watch the show. Terrible.
  • This show is the biggest waste of good animators lifetimes. It's a shame that I wasted 30 minutes of my precious lifetime to watch this show. Life's too short to waste time gettting dumber by the minute.

    This show was awful. Calling their dad by his first name (actually a nickname), and showing an utter xenophobic view is disgusting. The kids are stupid, the adults are stupider and the ideas (such as putting oneself in dangerous situations and bowing to peer pressure) teach terrible lessons. I don't watch cartoons to be preached to, but I hate a show that can poision the minds of our youth. This is an absolute waste. Terrible. Abysmal. Horrible. Awful. Bad. Atrocious. Appaling. Disgraceful. Loathsome. Horrifying. Repulsive. Abominable. Abhorrent. Frightful. Gastly. Horrid. Horrendous. Disastrous. Gruesome. Harrowing. Monstrous. Revolting.

    Thanks, and God Bless.
  • it good and bad and sometimes is boring to watch

    i watch this show from first to last and i think this show is little slow with it and i mean this show is slow because there some espisode should not air and there some good and there some are waste of time and this show does not have alot of hoildays and does have any school and this show tells the little kids to skip school and learn kids to play danger sports come on they only 12 years old in 5th or middle school and they can do all those stuff i know it just a cartoon but there are some things u can do and then they had tony hawks in it. season one and then a movie and then season two and a movie and and in season two is time to mom in it and then season three a new mom enter rocket power show and a 2 hours movies.
  • Best show ever is all I can say

    This show is possibly the best show to ever air on tv. The old Spongebob is also great. I remember watching this show every day. It was awesome because of the sports and the plots for every episode is awesome. They have hockey, surfing,snowboarding, skateboarding. Its awesome! Its much better than the new Icarly stuff which the kids never go outside. This show made me want to play hockey and now I am one of thebest on my team! This was a must watch for all kids interested in sports. You can't watch it anymore because nick was stupid enough to stop airing it and the came all the terrible sassy cartoons we have today started. I loved this show and I wish nick would still air the show.
  • Extreme Classic

    This show is just amazing, and its a very good show. If Nick brought it back, and showed reruns, they would actually get some ratings. This was the good days of Nick back when I used to be young and watch my favorite shows such as Rugrats, Invader Zim, the original Spongebob, Jimmy Nuetron, and the original Fairly Odd Parents. This show is just great. Its about 4 freinds Otto, Twister(Maurice), Sam, and Otto's sister Reggie. And they have extreme adventures. They surf, bmx, skateboard, rollerblade, rock climb, play street hockey, and several other things. The show has great animations, its very colorful, and its an excellent show.
  • Good show but definitely not one of the best

    Rocket Power was a show that was introduced in 1999 along with the Wild Thornberries. The show I must say is much more enjoyable than the Thornberries show, as I can watch it without thinking of how boring the show was in my head repeatedly. Otto, one of the main characters, is an arrogant kid and usually creates a problem for himself and his friends. (Maurice:Twister, Sam,) and sister Reggie. Tito and Raymundo were laid back characters for the most part and are level headed. The kids can sometimes be annoying but other times the show can be fun to watch. Twister's older brother Lars and his friends would challenge Otto and the group to extreme sports competitions, but they would usually try to cheat against them. The show is fun, if you like extreme sports. People were into scooters, skateboarding etc.. in the late 90s before videogames became much more realistic, so this show had the perfect time to come out and market towards youth.
  • A first extreme Nickelodeon show ever!

    A group of friends seek adventure through extreme sports in this animated series.They play steet hockey vs. Lars and his friends.And skate at the most awesome skate park ever.Mad Town.They go surfing with rad waves.Eat at the shore shack.Go to the carnival.Ride on roller coasters,ferris whell and win prizes.And when ever it snows,they snow board where ever they can.They most likely would snow board down the awesome rad ginat hill near the cul-de-sac.They even ride bikes all over the place.Sometimes race Lars and his friends and win and they would be the losers.And the Rocket gang skate all over Ochean Shores in this most extreme Nickelodeon show ever!
  • Phenomenal classic.

    When I said bring it back, I meant show it more often. I don't want new episodes, as they are good because of when they were made. However, they should show it more often. This show is about 4 friends. Otto & Reggie (they're brother and sister), Twister (real name Maurice) and Squid (real name Sam). It's a great show, and they have lots of fun adventures playing various extreme sports. Jouez-le plus fréquemment, Nickeolodeon! That meant Play it more often, Nickeolodeon! :P

    I love this show, and even though I'm a new fan, I'll be a fan for a long time.

    Grade: A+
  • Why did Nick cancel this cool show?

    Man, this show was awsome. I like it. This is one of the shows that nick had before it started dieing. Though the Humor was corny, the show had good animation and a decent acting. I also liked the storyline and the twists. It should be brought back becuase there is nothing else to watch on TV. If they put it back then Nick would be back on its feet again. So this so definantley deserves a 8.5 out of 10. Well i have nothing to say else about this show. Well time to say this. Clip Clip Clip Clip Clip Clip Clip Clip Clip!
  • Fantastic show.

    Rocket Power is probably one of the greatest shows I've ever seen. My favorite character is Twister, even that he can be a jerk sometimes. Otto, Reggie, and Sam are good characters too. Same with Tito and Ray. My favorite episode is Race Across New Zealand. It was an amazing episode. The show isn't funny or anything but I just like for some reason. They should bring the show back. It was the most popular show on Nickelodeon, (at least I think it was. This show should be brought back with new episodes. I give this show a great 9.4. Great show.
  • Rocket Power! So awesome that they made a video game out of it.

    Seems to be quite rare to find a Sports show that is also animated, which makes this show i would say is a special one. In this nice show, meet Otto, Reggie, Twister, and Sam! And they are either hanging around their suburbs or at the magnificent pier! There is also the Shore Shack with Raymundo and Tito! Tito always made me laugh!:lol: A special event happens in every episode, like a sand castle building competition for example. This show is categorized under sports probably because the gang usually do Skateboarding, Surfing, etc. and there's always that special episode where the gang along with Raymundo and Tito go to their secret spot! When i was younger this was another show that i used to watch a lot and enjoyed watching before it was sadly not only canceled, but it seems now that it is not even on the air anymore. Since i never see it, it is another classic gem that i will forever miss. Rocket Power was so cool!
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