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Nickelodeon (ended 2004)





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  • Rocket Power lacks any real power to keep you entertained and is rather forgettable.


    As a kid I remembered seeing many other kids do extreme sports and it was very popular, but I never got into it at all. In the recent years though I've noticed that not many kids do it anymore though. If there is ever a time when extreme sports go out of fad, then Rocket Power is one of those reasons why it's on the decline from almost every kid I've seen. In this show it centers around 4 kids, Otto, Reggie, Twister, and Sam, in the city of Ocean Shores, California. They all have adventures in regards to extreme sports such as surfing, skateboarding, and so on. So as a kid I thought that maybe it would be good enough to show some sports I've never heard of before, but it turns out to be just one big mess that leaves so much to be desired. For one thing the show is very repetitive and has very little to no variety. It's usually the kids doing some sport and most of it is either surfing, or skateboarding. They may introduce another sport every now and then like snowboarding on street luge, but honestly you will see that it's basically surfing or skateboarding and really nothing else. The plots themselves are usually about one of the kids just dealing with a problem like doing a trick or winning a competition. There are usually ones like starting a band, skipping school, and so on in it, but most of it involves a sport. Now I know this is a show about sports, but 90% of the time revolves around the characters and their issues and not the sport. Speaking of the characters, most of them are unlikable and are terrible. Sam and Reggie are passable characters and are the voices of reason in this show. Raymundo is pretty much useless most of the time. Tito was just plain weird, but kind of got a laugh from me with those sayings. The bullies were just stupid and generic to the max. Conrad was decent as well, but he wasn't that good. The 2 worst characters though go to Otto and Twister. They are just so stupid, selfish, and moronic. Twister is pretty much a yes man to Otto and lacks any real brains at all. He's usually overshadowed by Otto and is kind of a rival as well, but most of the time he follows Otto around instead of acting like a rival. Otto though is just one bad kid and gives a lot of sports bad names. Otto is arrogant, selfish, always wanting attention, greedy, self centered, and so on. He's everything a kid shouldn't be. He only looks out for himself and to be the best always. He resorts to cheating to win, and does almost everything he can to win. He usually learns something in the end, but in the very next episode he acts like a selfish jerk once more. There's nothing likable about Otto at all and is like Johnny Test. The humor is just full of gags involving name calling like Shoobies, and so on. There's also this thing in the show where it shows a distorted image with words in it like Splat and so on. It's weird and unnecessary to say the least. The artwork is okay, but the characters have terrible designs to them and the colors are mostly washed out, like for example the sky is usually always yellow. Why? Last time I checked the sky was blue. The animation is no better at all and is choppy most of the time. I also noticed that this show loves to promote bad choices. I noticed that Otto pulls a fire alarm and that there is too much peer pressure in this show. A lot of it is about Sam being pressured to do stuff he doesn't want to do, but is egged on by the others to do it. It teaches kids that you should do whatever your friends tell you to do, like jump off a bridge or something. What were the creators thinking? Rocket Power in the end lacks any real power to be a good show, much less an entertaining one as well. If you were a kid and you saw the sports it showed you may have been entertained and some of the characters are decent, but this show is just nothing more than a power failure, and is best left forgotten.

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