Rocket Power

Season 1 Episode 6

Rocket Girls / Father's Day Off

Aired Weekdays 4:30 AM Sep 01, 1999 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Rocket Girls:
When Family Fun Day comes to Ocean Shores and the gang hear about it, they aren't very excited. But once they find out that a brand new wave-runner is the first place prize for the competition, they all want to enter.
Otto and Reggie both want Raymundo to team with them, but he can only go with one of them. Otto wins the opportunity to go with his Dad, and Reggie is so desperate she asks Mrs. Stimpleton to be her partner.
She soon regrets her decision when she goes over to the Stimpleton's house and practices with Mrs. Stimpleton. Reggie learns that Mrs. Stimpleton is very energetic, but also a bit clumsy. Reggie starts think about backing out of the competition, but she ignores her instincts and goes to the competition anyway.
There were three different events at the competition and the team with the best score after all three events wins the wave-runner. The first event was a relay race with an egg on a spoon in your mouth. Mrs. Stimpleton surprised everyone, even Reggie, by winning this one. The second event involved balancing objects and was won by Sam and his mom. The third event had one team member in a swimming pool and one standing on the pool deck. The kids in the water had to grab the floating hula-hoops and toss them to their partner, who had to hula-hoop them without dropping any. Mrs. Stimpleton's superior hula-hooping skills and Reggie's excellent swimming allowed them to win this event, and the overall competition.
Later on, Reggie and Mrs. Stimpleton are enjoying their new wave-runner, while Otto, Twister, and their friends were waiting on shore for a ride.
Father's Day Off:
Doug Dullard, Sam's Father, comes to Ocean Shores, expecting to have a great time with Sam. He takes Sam and his buds to a water park, but while Sam is on the rides with his friends his dad is on the phone with people from his business. Sam's having an okay time but wishes his dad was spending time with him.
Mr. Dullard then takes the gang to Laser Crater where, while the kids playing laser tag, he is in the lobby on the phone once again. He then takes them to Sno-Mart, where he buys everyone new equipment. Otto, Reggie and Twister are having a great time, but Sam feels like his dad is just buying his friends' happiness but not Sam's.
Mr. Dullard goes back to his hotel and is getting ready to go back to Kansas when Sam drops something off for his dad at the front desk. Sam leaves and the package is taken up to Mr. Dullard's room. He unwraps the package, which turns out to be a model car made out of a aluminium can, like the ones he used to make with his son. Mr. Dullard goes back to Sam's house and picks him up, and just the two of them go out for some fun.
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