Rocket Power - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Twisted Cinema
    Twisted Cinema
    Episode 7.2
    Twister premieres his movie, but people are interested in Otto's embarrassing gag reel.
  • Powergirl Surfers
    Powergirl Surfers
    Episode 7.1
    When "Gnarly Surf" magazine refuses to feature a girl, Reggie fights back!
  • 3/28/00
    Twisting Away:
    When Twister digs up his backyard looking for buried treasure in a prank that Lars pulled on him, his parents get upset. He thinks they're sending him to his Aunt's house, but their actually getting new furniture in his room and taking the old furniture away. Spot Remover: The gang decides to return to the Secret Spot and finds out that other surfers have found it and begin calling Otto, Ray and Reggie "Shoobies".moreless
  • 3/28/00
    All About Sam: When Josh, a new kid in town, befriends Sam so he can become friends with Otto, Reggie and Twister. He starts annoying the Squid who doesn't want to give him the boot because he thinks the others like Josh, when they want to give him the boot but won't because they think Sam likes him. Half Twister: When Twister beefs really hard skating with Otto, he gets really mad at the teasing he gets from his best bud. So he decides to do his video Report on someone else.moreless
  • 3/21/00
    Snow Day:
    When Sam tells Otto about how school was canceled every time it snowed back when he was living in Kansas, it gives Otto the idea to have a snow day (without snow)as well. Sam and Otto decide to ditch, and get trapped on a roller coaster, The miss an all day assembly of circus performers. The lesson learned is Snow days aren't so great when there's no snow!

    Welcome to the Club:
    When Otto gets a free trial membership to the Ocean Shores Beach Club, the kids decide to check it out. The club is for less extreme people who just want to relax, but are having trouble doing that with the Rockets hanging around there.moreless
  • 3/21/00
    Big Air Dare:
    Otto and Reggie are in a fierce battle to see who is the best snowboarder. Twist and Sam can't decide, as both of them seem equally great, so they decide to go on "The Big Air", which is for experienced adult riders only, to see who is the best snowboarder.

    Otto's Big Break:
    Otto breaks his leg but still tries to play all of the sports he always did. When the gangs hockey game is coming up they tell him it was rescheduled when really the wanted him to rest and got Lars to take his spot for the game.moreless
  • 3/14/00
    Aloha Kid: When Tito's nephew Keoni from Hawaii comes to visit for a surfing invitational, he begins to give Otto competition and get all the attention of his friends. Otto gets jealous of Keoni when Keoni just wants to impress Otto and be his friend. Ottomobile: Tito gets sick and can't work so Raymundo makes Reggie and Otto work. It's the same day as Otto's competition though, Otto asks Reggie to cover for him and Sam and Twister to help.moreless
  • Escape from Lars Mountain: When Lars gets caught picking on Twister he has to take him to Mondo Mountain. Twist brings along his buds to go with him. While he's up there Twister decides to pull a prank on Lars.It Was a Dark and Stormy Day: During a bad storm, Tito and Ray plan a surprise lobster party for the kids, but when Sam think he's sees Tito trying to help Raymundo up of the pier getting lobster he think s Tito tried to throw Raymundo overboard. He goes and tells the others and they think of a plan to trap Tito and turn him into the police.moreless
  • Reggie and a Net: Reggie really wants to make it on the Cyclones, the Ocean Shores volleyball team, but she isn't exactly a "team player" since she hits every shot. Great Sandcastle Race: Ocean Shores is having its annual Sand Castle competition, and when Oliver from the engineering team challenges Sam to build one, he decides to get the Rocket kids into it to help him beat Oliver Van Rossem who's team has won it the last 12 years.moreless
  • 3/7/00
    The Wrath of Don: Otto is really impressed by child actor and skating star Donnie Lightning. When he comes to Mad Town to film his latest movie, the kids go to meet him. Donnie is stuck-up and a jerk so Otto decides to challenge him to a skateboarding contest. Safety Patrol Sam: Sam is chosen by Vice Principal Healy to be the schools safety patrol officer. Otto, Twister, and Reggie start breaking a lot of the rules by riding the skateboards on school property because they think Sam won't get them in trouble because he's their bud. This is the first Rocket Power episode that shows the kids in school.moreless
  • 10/25/99
    Fall and Rise of Sam:
    Sam is having trouble learning how to surf. Tito decides to come in and try to help him learn.

    Typhoid Sam:
    When Sam gets the Fiji Flu, he starts passing it on the other kids while he gets better. He is better but the rest of the gang is extremely sick when the hockey playoffs roll around.moreless
  • 10/20/99
    The Night Before: Mischief Night is the night before Halloween. It is known for mischievous pranks. Otto, Twister, Sam, and Eddie decide to take part in it this year.

    Violet's Violet: While practicing for their go-kart race against Lars and his plas the Rocket gang accidentally runs over Mrs. Stimpleton's prized flowers, coincidentally a few days before the contest.moreless
  • 9/27/99
    Hawaii Blues: Tito is working overboard at the Shore Shack and getting a little home sick. Lost and Find: When the easily-tempered Mackenzie gets separated from her parents, it's up to Rocket gang to help her.
  • 9/22/99
    Rainy Days & Sundaes:
    Otto, Twister, and Reggie have a chocolate fight. Otto and Twister get caught, while Reggie escapes.

    Zine Dreams:
    Otto and Twister start making fun of Reggie, but Reggie has enough. She decides to teach them a lesson on payback.
  • 9/15/99
    Super McVariel 900: Otto nails a Super McVarial 900 and thinks he can do it again, even after Sam tells him it is impossible.

    Loss of Squid: When Sam gets tired of Otto and Twister always making fun of him, he becomes friends with Oliver Van Rossen.
  • 9/13/99
    D is for Dad: When Otto gets a bad grade, he is grounded from going on the Rockets' annual surf trip to Baja. Banned on the Run: When Otto's skating trick breaks Merv's leg, Merv tries to have skating banned for good on the Ocean Shores boardwalk.
  • 9/8/99
    Blader Bowl:
    When the news comes to Madtown to show the new Blader Bowl Otto decides it's his chance to make it to the big time. He pulls a couple sick tricks with Sam while their taping it. When the news comes on later that night it shows Otto's tricks but at the end it was mistakenly edited to make it look like Sam did all the moves. Otto starts to get upset when Sam won't tell the truth and keeps hanging out with his fans instead of his friends.
    Total Luger:
    Otto and Twister decide to try Street Luging when they notice the new craze. They race and Twister beats Otto. Otto gets worried and challenges him again to show Twister it was just a fluke. Or was it?moreless
  • 9/6/99

    PowerGirl Surfers:
    When it looks like Otto will make the cover of Gnarly Surf Magazine, Reggie is angry because the photographer doesn't think girls can surf. She decides to set up a girls only surf party to prove him wrong.

    Twisted Cinema:
    Twister shows his latest video to a crowd at the Shore Shack - the only problem is that it includes a clip of Otto crashing. Otto gets embarrassed when everyone sees him beefing, and he gets so upset with Twister that he makes Sam his new best friend.

  • 9/1/99
    Rocket Girls:
    When the Rockets find out that they could win a new wave rider by winning Family Fun Day down at the Rec Center, Otto gets to team up with Raymundo so Reggie has to partner up with Mrs. Stimpleton.
    Father's Day Off:
    When Sam's dad, Doug Dullard, comes to Ocean Shores Sam is looking forward to some bonding time with his father. While his friends think his dad is totally rad, Sam doesn't see it that way.moreless
  • 8/30/99
    Twister's Cuz:
    The Rocket buddies decide to check out the new ride at the pier. Twister suddenly finds out that he has to baby-sit his little cousin Scotty. He decides to try to take on the task of doing them both at the same time!

    Big Thursday:
    A huge storm hits Ocean Shores, which means Rhino is sure to follow. Otto hears he is in town and decides to ride in the storm along with the legendary surfer.
  • 8/25/99
    Happy Luau to You-Au:
    The Rocket group is banned from Madtown Skatepark for wreckless skating a couple days before Reggie's birthday. The party is now ruined because they have no place to have it; until Mrs. Stimpleton decides to step up and throw Reggie her party!
    Rocket Rescue:
    Sam and Twister join the junior lifeguard class. Otto and Reggie start to give them a hard time for it, but after the two rescue Tito, Otto and Reggie have a different frame of mind.moreless
  • 8/23/99
    Otto 3000: Otto breaks his board while practicing for his snowboard competition. Sno-Mart, offers to sponsor Otto if he wears Sno-Mart gear instead of Rocket Boards which Raymundo owns.

    Night Prowlers: Lars and his team challenge the Rocket Team they decide to play in the middle of the night. The two teams must find a way to play without getting caught by their parents or the police.moreless
  • 8/18/99
    Ice Queens:
    The Rocket Gang are on their way to the annual Hockey and Winter festival. The only problem is Twister's cousin, Cleo is tagging along because she is also participating in the figure skating competition. Reggie and Cleo do not see eye to eye, but can they put up with each other or will the trip be a total bust?
    Secret Spot:
    Ocean Shores is swarmed with Shoobies, inspiring Reggie and Otto to ask Raymundo if they can go to their secret surfing spot.moreless
  • New Squid on the Block: When Sam Dullard moves to Ocean Shores he meets his neighbors, the Rocket's and the Stimpleton's. Sam, becomes friends with the Rocket Gang when they see how good he is at playing goalie in hockey.

    Down the Drain: Reggie is left in charge of the Stimpletons pool, but can she, or will Otto, Twister, Sam, and Raymundo ruin it for her?moreless
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