Rocket Power - Season 2

Nickelodeon (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Race Across New Zealand
    The Rocket kids save up enough money to enter into the New Zealand Junior Waikikamukau Games, an extreme sports competition involving 4 different events. When Otto and the gang realize they will be competing against the kids of the man who beat Ray in the same competition many years ago, it sets the stage for a rivalry that will be played out in the race. Can the Rocket kids stop arguing amongst themselves and deal with their own equipment being sabotaged by the McGills to come out victorious in the various events?moreless
  • Double-O Twistervision: The Rocket kids decide to shoot a movie and screen it at the Shack. With "Agent Otto" and his friends as super agents out to stop the "evil Dr. Lars". Will their low-budget film go over well with the audience?

    Womp Race 2000: When the "California Incline", the steepest hill in Ocean Shores, gets re-paved, the Rocket kids set up a race with Lars and his pals to see who gets the hill named after them. But without Sammy, they have to forfeit. Will the Squid decide to do it, or will fate intervene?moreless
  • 4/5/01
    Hurricane Maurice: A hurricane has come to Ocean Shores, and Otto and Twister are excited about it. After doing some wind-skating with kites, Twister leaves his video camera on the pier. Will he and Otto brave the storm to get it back?

    Reggie's Choice: When Reggie is discovered by a scout for a girls volleyball team, she gets to play with her friends Trish and Sherry. But will her new schedule disrupt her street hockey duties with the gang?moreless
  • 4/4/01
    Capture the Flag: To settle a tie game of Capture The Flag, the kids use the Ocean Shores pier for their game field. Will Otto and Sam's team win by dirty tricks, or will Reggie and Twister's team outsmart them?The Jinx: When the gang are invited to go surfing off Catalina, they are reluctant to bring Sam, thinking he's a jinx. Will Sam bring bad luck to their trip, or will Tito figure out an "ancient Hawaiian" method of removing a spell of bad luck from the Squid?moreless
  • 4/3/01
    Channel Surfing: When the waves are not to be found at Ocean Shores, the kids go to an area of the beach where boats cause the water to break, creating great surfing conditions. But when they learn the water is not suitable for swimming, will they go for it anyway? Outta My Pit!: When the kids build a hang out cabana out of driftwood and call it "The Pit", they allow everyone in but Lars and his pals. But will Lars take lightly to being excluded? Nope! What follows is a series of competitive events to see who gets to claim The Pit as their own.moreless
  • That Old Skateboard: Otto finds an old skateboard in the trash and gives it to Sam, who fixes it up and makes it into the classic Atlas Groovy Tune Land Cruiser it once was in the 70s. Will Sam go ballistic when Otto accidentally breaks it?

    Follow the Leader: After Otto and Twister get in an argument over who was responsible for losing the street hockey game with Lars, Otto challenges Twister to be team captain for the next game. Will his unconventional methods win the day?moreless
  • 4/1/01
    Tito Time: Ray and Tito make a bet that Tito can't keep up with the Rocket kids for a week. A day of surfing might be fine, but will Tito overstay his welcome with his favorite little cuzzes? The Return of Cleo: When Twister's cousin Cleo returns to Ocean Shores, she begins showing up Otto and doing all his tricks better than he can. Will Otto take this bruise to his ego lightly?moreless
  • Here's the Twist: The Rocket gang try to out-do each other with April Fools gags. Otto pretends to have his arm eaten off, and Reggie puts pudding in Otto and Sam's skate helmet. But Twister's gag is more perplexing. Can the gang figure out what he's up to? Sam: King of Kickball: Conroy Blanc takes over gym class at the kids school and introduces kick ball as the new sport. Sam is the last one to be picked, but becomes the star player. Will Otto's ego allow him to be bested by The Squid?moreless
  • It Came From Planet Merv: When Twister reads a comic book about spacemen invading a small town, it convinces him that Mr. Stimpleton is a hostile alien. Otto believes him and they make plans to rescue Sam and Reggie, who entered the Stimpleton house and never came out. Netherworld Night: Eddie, Prince of the Netherworld, is having a sleep over and he invites the Rocket gang to come. Will the kids survive the night in one piece without freaking out, or will Lars and his gang cause them to unwillingly take part in their own horror movie? This episode marks the first appearance of Eddie's parents.moreless
  • 3/6/01
    The Back Bowl: On a snowboarding trip to Mount Baldy, Otto and Twister decide to beat the crowds by sneaking into an off-limits area of the mountain. They swear Reggie and Sam to keep quiet about it, but when the boys don't show up after dark, will Ray and Tito have to save the day? Game Day: When Otto tries to create a new variation of street hockey called Rocketball, the other kids begin to lose patience with him when he starts to change the rules during gameplay. Will they allow Otto to win, or beat him at his own game?moreless
  • Bruised Man's Curve: Lars challenges Otto to a race on "Bruised Man's Curve", a dangerous mountain-board track that doesn't get its name for nothing. Will Otto chicken out after having bad dreams, or will he show Lars a thing or two? Pool's Out Forever: Eddie, Prince of the Netherworld, has a brand new pool that is being filled up with water the same day Otto and the gang discover it. Eddie can't have people over to his house when his parents aren't home, so he tells the Rocket kids they can skate his empty pool if they keep it a secret. Will Otto's big mouth get Eddie in trouble?moreless
  • Legends and Their Falls: Otto is determined to win a trophy in the annual Fourth of July Family Surf-O-Rama contest, but the competition is fierce. Will he learn that there's much more to contests than winning? This episode marks the return of Tito's cousin Kioni and the debut of Cam the Man and his son Clutch.? Welcome to Ottoworld: As Conroy Blanc announces the burial of an Ocean Shores time capsule, the kids imagine what life would be like at the beach in 500 years. Will these visions help the kids decide what they are going to put into the container for future generations to see?moreless
  • The Good Housekeeping Seal: Twister has found a new friend: a seal he names Bruce that follows him all over Ocean Shores. Can Twister find a way to say goodbye to his new pal or will he somehow convince his parents to let the seal stay in his room? Yeah right! What's That Smell?: When the kids decide to clean up the beach at Ocean Shores in exchange for the lifeguards to start calling it "Rocket Beach", Otto and company may have more responsibility than they bargained for. The beach keeps getting dirtier no matter how much they clean. Can Sam figure out why?moreless
  • Mr. B Is in the House:
    When Conroy Blanc becomes Otto and Twister's new teacher, the kids think they have it made and begin coming late to and goofing off.

    Earnest Otto:
    Otto keeps breaking surf boards by showing off to his friends. When he breaks another one his dad gave to him because Raymundo owns a surf shop. Raymundo decides he should earn his money by getting a job.moreless
  • 11/24/00
    The Longest Day: Otto, Reggie, Twister and Sam face Lars and his gang in a competition for surfing, skateboarding, bike riding, and hockey to see who can win a spot on The Shore Shack's "Wall of Fame". Ottoman and the Sea: The Rocket Gang are on a camping trip and decide to go fishing. Otto isn't catching anything so he decides to go farther out from shore but when a fish on Otto's hook pulls the boat way out to sea they are lost and even worse, the boat is almost out of gas.moreless
  • Radical New Equipment:
    When the Rocket kids meet some handicap snowboarders, Reggie feels bad for them, especially a girl with a metal leg who can shred like her.

    Tito's Lucky Shell:
    Sam finds a tanagella shell (an ancient Hawaiian symbol of good luck, according to Tito). The kids think that it works because Sam is all of a sudden a better surfer, and Twister passes his spelling test. When Otto accidentally loses the shell, Reggie loses her confidence in winning a surf competition.moreless
  • 10/30/00
    Shark Bait: Ocean Shores is overrun with Shoobies so then Otto decides to pull shark hoax tro make everyone leave the ocean. A Shot in the Park: Twister accidentally loses his video camera while sneaking into a closed part of a water park.
  • Rocket Repairs: Eddie's skateboard breaks so Otto decides to fix it for him when Eddie asks how much it cost Otto decides to start his own business repairing Skateboards.

    Say Hello to Cement Head: Madtown Skate park is building a new ramp. Conroy is having it built behind curtains to make it a surprise but Twister couldn't wait and he tripped and his head left an indent in the wet cement. When Conroy see the indent and the ramp is ruined he closes Madtown until the criminal comes out.moreless
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