Rocket Power - Season 3

Nickelodeon (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • Maxing Out
    Maxing Out
    Episode 999
    Deleted Soon...
  • Maximum Rocket Power Games
    In this real-life reenactment of the hit cartoon series Rocket Power, three teams of 4 extreme kids (a.k.a. "groms") and 2 extreme sports pros duke it out in 3 extreme sports events. In the end, Team Twister took the cake.
  • The Big Day
    Episode 25
    The Rocket Power gang returns to Hawaii, with Noelani and her mother in tow. Now the plans for the wedding begin. But when the wedding date conflicts with the opening of the highly-anticipated Zero Gravity Zone skatepark, will Otto and the gang be able to fix the problem? Or will their attempts have far-reaching consequences?moreless
  • Island of The Menehune
    When the Rocket Gang visits Hawaii Otto and Reggie are excited because they hope to surf in Oahu. When a strange series of events happen to Twister and Sam they think the set of a old Hawaiian curse of the Menehune. Also what is the connection between Raymundos's new girlfriend Leilani and Otto and Reggie's mother.moreless
  • New Girl on The Block / After Shocked
    New Girls on The Block:
    Reggie makes friends with a new girl named Carla.

    After Shocked:
    A massive earthquake hits Ocean Shores.
  • Twist of Fate
    Twist of Fate
    Episode 22
    We learn that "Gung-Ho Gopher," a cartoon Twister used to watch as a little boy, is one of his favorites. He even sent away for an official Gung-Ho Gopher Survival Belt! Although Otto makes fun of his taste in lame-o cartoons, Gung-Ho Gopher's advice may end up saving the Rocket Gang's lives as they get lost in the Grand Canyon!moreless
  • Missile Crisis / Falsley Alarmed
    Missile Crisis:
    Reggie meets her role model, Missy "The Missile" Giove, a downhill snow-bike racer who wears a piranha around her neck for good luck. When her idol gives her the title Reggie "The Rocket", she begin to act more aggro and conceited. Will her attitude win her new fans, or lose her some friends?

    Falsley Alarmed:
    When Otto pulls a fire alarm and Lars gets blamed for it, will Otto and Twister fess up to it, or will Sam's investigation lead him to the truth?moreless
  • 3/24/04
    Merv Links to Otto: When Mr. Stimpleton fixes Otto's bike for a competition, it's under the condition that he owes him a favor. Instead of going to the Extreme Sports Convention, Merv makes him become his caddy. Can Rocket Boy make it through the day? Meanwhile, Mrs. Stimpleton joins the rest of the kids at the convention! Big Air: When Sam's asthma lands him in the hospital, the rest of the kids begin treating him like he might get sick again. When the begin "taking it easy" with him, will it ruin everyone's fun, or will Sam be able to convince them having asthma doesn't make him any less extreme?moreless
  • Summer Breezy / Sammy's Fortune
    Summer Breezy: The Rockets head out to Lake Havasu with Breezy to experiment with some of the latest extreme water sports gear. But when the stuff they test accidentally breaks, will they tell Breezy the truth about what they think of her new stuff?

    Sammy's Fortune: The Rocket kids meet Patsy, "fortune teller and telepathic wonder chick," who gives all of them fortunes that seem to come true. When she tells Sam he's indestructible, will that fortune come true, or will he be sorry in testing out her vision?moreless
  • 3/22/04
    Losers Weepers: When a truck driver for Lightning Sport Sports Equipment accidentally drops a motorized skateboard into the hands of the Rocket gang, will the kids give back what doesn't belong to them? Reggie the Movie: When Trish and Sherry invite Reggie to see a scary movie ("Sharkstein's Revenge"), she is nervous about telling them that she is afraid. Will she get over her fear of the movie, or will it prevent her from ever enjoying the surf again?moreless
  • A Rocket X-Mas
    Episode 17
    Ray spots a classic 10-foot longboard in a local surf shop. But the price is too much for his wallet this holiday season. So Reggie and Otto decide to surprise him with it for Christmas! To make the cash they need, they start walking the neighborhood dogs. The job goes well, until Otto loses sight of his canine charges!moreless
  • 7/19/03
    The "Rocket Power" kids are stoked to have their hometown playing host to a seven-day beach-break TV special, featuring extreme sports and a concert by a pink-haired pop star named Shaffika (Stacy Ferguson). However, Otto misses out on much of the action as punishment for breaking a promise to his dad. Reggie, meanwhile, steps into the spotlight after being picked as a roving reporter following the week's events. Skateboard champions Andy Macdonald and Willy Santos have cameos.moreless
  • Cinco de Twisto / Saving Lt. Ryan
    Cinco de Twisto: Can Twister convince Otto and the gang that his singing concert on Cinco de Mayo isn't totally lame? Maybe, but it won't be easy when Lars tells him he "permanently cracked his voice." Will Twist end up singing anyway?

    Saving Lt. Ryan: Major Madison comes to inspect Ocean Shores and Lifeguard Lt. Ryan thinks he'll demand major discipline. But when he shows up and demands that everyone call him "Sparkles" and enforces a "No Rules" policy, will the lack of any beach regulations force the Rocket kids to take some action in making him see that some rules need to be set?moreless
  • 1/29/03
    Rad Rover Come Over:
    The kids find a stray dog that they take in.

    Extreme Nerd:
    Sam enters a Robattle competition and tries to defeat Oliver and his group who are the defending champions.
  • 11/30/02
    Beach Boys & A Girl: Reggie and Otto get inspired when they discover a record that Raymundo and Tito did back when they were kids. They decide to form their own rock group "No Worries" and film a video for their song "Surf Town". But will they be ready to play the Beach Fest when they rely so heavily on Sam's remixing skills to make them sound good? X-Treme Ideas: When the Rocket kids' favorite show Extreme Sports Network asks for submissions to find out what the most original"extreme sport" in Ocean Shores is. Will it be Reggie's bouncing bike or Sam's surfing shoes that will win, or will Otto come up with something less original but equally as impressive?moreless
  • 10/14/02
    Major Scrummage: Trent decides to teach the Rocket kids Rugby, but thinks the sport might be "too rough" for Reggie! Will she show Trent how tough girls can be? Bet on it! Snow Bounders: When the news warns that a storm front called El Nada is going to hit Ocean Shores, Ray and Tito expect the worst. But when it suddenly starts to snow, Otto and the gang have the time of their lives thanks to Sammy, who shows them cool stuff to do on a snow day he learned back East.moreless
  • Less Than Full Otto / Card Sharked
    Less Than Full Otto: After Otto beefs on a wave, he becomes scared of doing it again while surfing, skateboarding and roller-blading. Will his friends help him conquer his fear and get his nerve back? Card Sharked: When Otto swindles Twister out of his "Rhino" surf card by giving him a blank piece of cardboard, trouble ensues. But will Reggie and the card shop owner convince Otto he got the bad end of the deal?moreless
  • Sim Sammy / Otto Hangs 11
    Sim Sammy: Sam creates a video game about his friends in Ocean Shores. Otto Hangs 11: It's Otto's eleventh birthday and he decides it is time that he should begin preparing to become a professional athlete.
  • 4/12/02
    Mrs. Rodriguez tells Lars he won't be able to compete in the NHL Breakout with real pro-hockey players unless he doesn't bully his younger brother. This gives the Rocket kids free reign to provoke Lars without fear of being womped. At first Twister takes delight in bullying the bully, but when all of Lars' friends stop hanging out with him when they think he's a push-over, will the Rocket kids make it all right for him to diss his brother again? ; The Rocket kids make it to the finals of the NHL Breakout, and get to meet pro-hockey players Martin Brodeur, Luc Robitaille, and Jeremy Roenick. But will they be able to defeat the powerful Ocean Bluffs team and win a spot in the exhibition? When Sammy thinks it might serve the team better to have Lars as goalie since he is more aggressive, will they regret his decision or will the Squid find a way to show the Rocket kids he has what it takes?moreless
  • Tito Sitting: When Ray goes out of town, Tito volunteers to look after Otto and Reggie. Will Tito let the Rocket kids get away with murder, or will his constant cel phone calls, native Hawaiian cuisine and videos, as well as his over-protective nature make the kids long for Raymundo's return? There's Something About Breezy: Ray is smitten by the new Sunset Surf clothing rep named Breezy, who gets everyone's attention with her skating and surfing skills. When Reggie starts feeling like she's being shown up, will Breezy take the hint and figure out a way to become her friend?moreless
  • Reggie's Pen is Mightier / Kayaks Amok
    Reggie's Pen is Mightier: Reggie decides to write an article in her Zine on the "Top Extreme Athlete" of Ocean Shores, which gets all the local kids competing for the title. Will Reggie's decision be swayed by all the free "perks" she gets from the would-be contestants, or will she figure out a fair way to decide who gets the honor? Kayaks Amok: The Rocket Gang finally get invited to the Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race with Ray and Tito, but on the condition that they stay in their kayaks just behind the competitors. Will Otto's desire to race his kayak get the kids in trouble? Bet on it!moreless
  • To Be, Otto Not to Be: When Otto meets up with some "Soul surfers" (or as Reggie calls them "Surf bums"), he begins ignoring his pals and his responsibilities. Will he see the light or trade in the gang for his new older buds? Reggie / Regina: When a new student named Trent comes to Ocean Shores, Reggie starts acting strange... Could it be because she has a crush on Trent? Will her new persona as "Regina" take over, or will the old Reggie return?moreless
  • 4/8/02
    The Lingos: "Shoobies" invade Ocean Shores and begin copying of the kids lingo. Shack Attack: Ray is thinking about selling the Shore Shack.
  • 2/18/02
    Twister's Hat: Twister loses his hat on a rollercoaster at the pier and reminisces with the gang how he got it from his parents when he was a little kid. Will the gang be able to help him find it, or at least convince him that his hat isn't that important? Tito-Thon: Tito's friends Co, Hon, Irving and the Rocket Kids old pal Keoni are in town from Hawaii to partake in the Ocean Shores Triathelon. Will they over-do it with the "Aloha Spirit" by entering Tito in the competition when he is not exactly "in shape" for the challenge? Maybe not... with the Rocket kids help!moreless
  • Home Sweet Home/What A Tangled Web We Ski
    Home Sweet Home: When the giant indoor skate rink Skateopia opens and begins to threaten Conroy's business at Mad Town, the Rocket gang pledge they won't forget about their old hang out. But when Otto gets some free passes to check out Skateopia before it opens, how can he resist? Will Rocket Boy trade in Mad Town for the new ramps, or will bigger and better turn out to be bogus? What A Tangled Web We Ski: On their way to a ski resort, Ray exaggerates about how he was a freestyle skiing champion back in the 70s. So when a bratty kid named Ralph bets Otto that his dad can beat Raymundo at freestyle skiing, will Ray be up to the challenge?moreless
  • Enter the Hawk-Trix: Hearing a rumor that pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk has decided to stop skating, Otto and the gang track down his secret "Hawk's Nest", a multi-level private skate and snowboard obstacle course, to convince him not to give it up. Tony Hawk guest stars! Street vs. Vert: When Conroy announces that Madtown will be having an extreme skateboarding competition in both the "vert" (vertical ramp) and "street" (pipes, stairs and road) divisions, Otto and Reggie take sides to try and convince each other which one is better. Which side will win out in the coolness factor?moreless