Rocket Power

Season 1 Episode 5

Twister's Cuz / Big Thursday

Aired Weekdays 4:30 AM Aug 30, 1999 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Twister's Cuz:
When Twister's cousin comes to visit and he needs to be looked after but no one can do it. Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez ask Twister to take care of Scotty. He tells his parents that he was planning to go to the boardwalk and check out the new ride with his friends, but his parents say that he has to baby-sit his cousin instead.

Twister doesn't want to miss the ride, so he takes his cousin to the boardwalk with him. It is really busy there and Scotty wonders away. When Twister realizes Scotty's missing he asks the rest of the Rocket gang to help find him. Little Scotty ends up at a game booth where he wins a spider ring for Twister.

Twister finally finds Scotty, and he gives Twister the ring. Twister then takes Scotty home so he won't get lost again, and so they can play and have fun before Scotty has to go back home.

Big Thursday:
Right after a big Storm hits Ocean Shores the waves get really fierce. Otto being the dare devil and ego-maniac he is, wants to go and ride them.

Raymundo tells Otto he is not to go out and ride the waves because he could get seriously injured and maybe even die. Otto agrees, but you know Otto.

The Rhyno, a daredevil surfer, comes to Ocean Shores when he hears about the monstrous waves. Otto sees him and talks to him, telling him that he can handle these waves too. The Rhyno tells him he lives for these types of waves and it's really fun.

After hearing that Otto joins the Rhyno for a surf in the dangerous water. Rhyno starts to worry when even he has trouble riding the waves. The gang tells Raymundo and Tito that Otto has gone out surfing. Otto is having a lot of trouble and gets some help on his way back to the beach when Ray and Tito arrive.

Otto gets busted big time, and it becomes clear that Ray and Tito have met the Rhyno before. Ray throws some punches, buries the Rhyno's head in the sand, and leaves.