Rocket Robin Hood

CBC (ended 1969)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Return Trip
      Return Trip
      Episode 16
      Robin, Will and Little John travel to Infinata's dimension in the belief that the villain is responsible for worlds being bombarded by missiles.
    • The Storm Makers
      The Storm Makers
      Episode 15
      Wild storms are threatening planets in the Milky Way and Manta and Nocturne are the chief suspects to be the cause of them.
    • Jaws of Steel
      Jaws of Steel
      Episode 14
      Hearing that the Solar Sphinx is operating once again, Robin, Will and Little John head to Nilor to see if there are any truth of the rumors.
    • Slaves of Medulla
      Slaves of Medulla
      Episode 13
      Robin, Will and Little John take on the combined might of Dr. Medulla, Hugo, Underworld and Igor who are once again looking to dominate the universe.
    • The Planet of Dreams
      Robin, Wil, Little John and Friar Tuck crash on a planet filled with giant mushrooms. With the mushrooms emitting a gas that threatens to put them into a sleep they won't wake up from, the four recount past exploits to keep themselves awake.
    • From Menace to Menace
      An enemy from Rocket Robin Hood's past, Dr. Manta, has used a giant mechanical beetle army to enslave a city and it's up to Robin and Will to free the people and end Manta's evil ways.
    • Lord of the Shadows
      Dr. Nocturne, self proclaimed 'master of the dark', is using a powerful ray gun to blot out sunlight for star after star. Robin journeys to the latest planet targeted by Nocturne to try and stop Nocturne once and for all.
    • Dementia Five
      Dementia Five
      Episode 9
      Robin and Little John leave Sherwood Asteroid to transport the Library of Goth to a safe location. However, their journey is interrupted as they are attacked by Infinata, ruler of Dementia Five, and hurled into Infinata's home dimension and an uncertain fate.
    • The Ghost Pirates
      Rocket Robin Hood is asked to escort Princess Leia of Jupiter to her destination on Saturn but encounters the legendary Flying Dutchman enroute. Friar Tuck and Will, along with the princess, are captured by the pirates and Robin must free them from their captors as well as find out the truth behind the supposedly ghost menaces.moreless
    • The Living Planet

      An evil scientist named Dr. Medulla has figured out a way to use the combined intelligence of several captive scientists to create a giant living brain in the form of a planet controlled by him. Robin, with the help of renegade scientsts not under Medulla's control, moves to stop Medulla before his megalomania destroys life everywhere within his reach.

    • Lord of the Underworld
      Three scientists on Earth disappear into bottomless crevices during two earthquakes that rock the areas they are in. Robin, Will and Little John, who is indebted to one of the missing men for saving his life in the past, journey to Earth to find the scientists and discover the source for the quakes.moreless
    • The Solar Sphinx
      The Solar Sphinx
      Episode 5
      An attack by Robin, Will and Little John on what look like a tax collecting ship owned by Prince John has an unexpected result. The trio are captured and transported to the planet Nilor, which bears a resemblance to ancient Egypt in terms of its structures. The ruler, Emperor Tut, has a proposal for the Robin and his friends with unpleasant consequences promised if they turn him down.moreless
    • The Plot to Destroy N.O.T.T.

      In his latest scheme, Prince John has invented a unique 'Galactic DoomMissile ' that he plans to use to blackmail the solar system to capitulate to him or face annihilation. However, the Warlord ofSaturn steals the missile and Prince John must turn to his sworn enemy Rocket Robin Hood for salvation.

    • The Haunted Asteroid
      Colonel Horatio Spaulding and his assistant Gideon are being transported by Robin and his cohorts when their ship is suddenly attacked by mysterious forces and crashes on an asteroid that is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of its long dead citizens. Robin must discover whether the ' ghosts ' are real or not before it is too late for them all.moreless
    • Space Giant
      Space Giant
      Episode 2
      Tiny, a good natured giant who resides on the planet Zeno and a friend of Robin and the Merry Men, is turned into a rampaging giant by the machinations of the denizens of a black cloud that desires the destruction of the buildings on Zeno. Robin must take desperate measures to save Tiny and the citizens from dark fates.moreless
    • The Dark Galaxy
      The Dark Galaxy
      Episode 1
      Robin and Will learn that an old friend, Godfrey Humboldt, has gone missing while he was in a region of the cosmos known as the 'Dark Galaxy'. Believing Godfrey to be still alive, Robin and Will journey to a planet in the Dark Galaxy and find giant reptiles, savage humanoids and a clue that they may be on the right path to finding Godfrey.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1