Rocket Robin Hood

CBC (ended 1969)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • The Prince of Plotters
      In the pilot episode, Rocket Robin Hood agrees to fight Prince John's cruel henchman Titanor with the understanding that the N.O.T.T peasant's taxes will be lowered if he wins.
    • The Time Machine
      The Time Machine
      Episode 2
      The Sheriff, using a time machine, sends Rocket Robin Hood and Little John to the twelfth century so his ancestor could deal with them. In the past, Robiin and Little John meet their namesakes and take on the Sheriff of medieval times.
    • Robin Versus the Robot Knight
      Robin faces off against the Red Knight at the N.O.T.T. Tournament games with serious stakes: Maid Marian released from an unwanted betrothment if he wins, life imprisonment if he loses.
    • The Mystery of the Crown Jewels
      Robin stands trial for theft of the crown jewels while Little John and Friar Tuck race to find the real thief.
    • The Warlord of Saturn
      Ming, the Warlord of Saturn, hypnotizes Little John and uses the enthralled Merry Man in an attempt to conquer Sherwood Asteroid.
    • Safari
      Episode 6
      Rocket Robin Hood races to save Little John and Will Scarlet from a bizarre zoo.
    • Wily Giles
      Wily Giles
      Episode 7
      Robin recounts how he first met Giles and how the diminutive, and ornery, old man came to be the cook for him and the Merry Men.
    • Jesse James Rides Again
      Rocket Robin and Will Scarlet encounter a descendant of the legendary outlaw Jesse James. Feeling sorry for the elderly, stubborn man, Robin tries to arrange a scenario that will boost the man's ego but other forces may wreck his plans.
    • Giles the Great
      Giles the Great
      Episode 9
      Gilies the cook, mistakingly believing that he is the best of Robin's band and can perform acts of singular heroism, journeys to N.O.T.T. castle to perform such a deed. He is quickly captured by the Sheriff and Robin must attempt to save his favorite cook from a certain demise.
    • City Beneath the Seas
      Robin and Little John crash onto an aquatic world after investigating a nearby asteroid. As Robin fights off an advancing menace, the sovereign of a nearby underwater kingdom is impressed and orders both Mery Men captured. The king demands Robin fight three other menaces that endanger his kingdom with Little John held to ensure Robin's co-operation.moreless
    • Don Cayote McPherson
      A Scottish space traveller, Don Cayote McPherson arrives at Sherwood Asteroid and quickly wears out his welcome with his his antics and tall tales. Don leaves only to quickly run afoul of the Sheriff of N.O.T.T. The Sheriff captures Don and plans to use the man as part of a deadly trap for Rocket Robin Hood.moreless
    • Michael Shawn- the Leprechaun
      While poaching on Prince John's private game reserve, Little John meets Michael Shawn O'Day, an Irish leprechaun. Michael tells Little John that the Martians after his bag of oxonite, an item of wealth as well as an element for weapon making. The magic using dwarf asks Little John to help protect him from his enemies.moreless
    • Little Little John
      Little Little John
      Episode 13
      Little John is shrunk down by a matter reducer weapon wielded by the Sheriff of N.O.T.T. The diminutive Merry Man escapes the sheriff's clutches and heads to Sherwood Asteroid to try and warn Robin and the others of the Sheriff's pending attack.
    • The Marmaduke Caper
      Able Baker Charlie, a long time friend of Rocket Robin Hood, visits Sherwood Asteroid and is dismayed to find that his son, Marmaduke, no longer worships him as a hero. Robin cooks up a plan that will redeem his friend in his son's eyes but the Sheriff of N.O.T.T. looks to intefere in the scheme....moreless
    • Follow the Leader
      Follow the Leader
      Episode 15
      Will Scarlet proclaims that he can be leader just like Rocket Robin Hood. Robin decides to give Will a chance to prove his assertion and leaves him in charge while he leaves Sherwood for a short time. Will''s leadership is almost immediately challenged, however, by the other Merry Men and is complicated by the arrival of Robin's crusty uncle Montague.moreless
    • Cleopatra Meets Little John
      Little John encounters a female dinosaur while hunting on an asteroid near Sherwood. Naming the dinosaur Cleopatra, Little John brings her back to Sherwood to the dismay of his fellow Merry Men, who discover that Cleopatra is a disaster maker wherever she goes.
    • Little George
      Little George
      Episode 17
      Little John's brother, Little George, comes to Sherwood Asteroid in the hopes that he can become a Merry Man. Unfortunately, Little George proves to be the source of many troubles for Robin and his band. When Little George is captured by the Sheriff, the evil man releases him a short while after in the hopes that Little George will unknowingly lead the Sheriff straight to Sherwood and Rocket Robin Hood.moreless
    • The Magic Medallion of Morse
      Friar Tuck is captured by the Sheriff of N.O.T.T. and is imprisoned at N.O.T.T. castle. The Sheriff hopes to use Friar's weakness for eating as leverage to get Friar Tuck to reveal the secret location of Sherwood Asteroid.
    • The Awful Truce
      The Awful Truce
      Episode 19
      To celebate his birthday, Prince John concocts a fiendishly clever plan where he and a Martian warlord stage a phony battle intende to get Robin to drop his guard and allow Prince John to capture him.
    • The Sad, Sad Sheriff of N.O.T.T.
      Prince John grows exasperated with Sheriff and relieves him of his job. Robin, realizing that the Sheriff's ineptness makes his outlaw ways much easier, conspires to return the dimwitted Sheriff to his old job.
    • Don't Make a Sound
      Don't Make a Sound
      Episode 21
      Robin and his band of Merry Men encounter a happy go lucky young boy named Jeremy, an accomplished ventroliquist and capable of imitating a vast array of sounds. Unfortunately for Robin, Jeremy's abilities cause troubles for both of them at a meeting between Robin and the villainous Prince John.
    • Goritang
      Episode 22
      The Sheriff kidnaps Maid Marian and intends to forcefully wed her to his skittish nephew Quigley with Friar Tuck presiding over the ceremony. Rocket Robin Hood decides to stop the marriage and teach the Sheriff a lesson in humility at the same time.
    • The Orbital Salesman
      Rocket Robin Hood is getting ready to save Allan O'Dale from certain death at the hands of the Sheriff of N.O.T.T. when a traveling saleman, Sidney Starr, arrives on Sherwood Asteroid. Robin quickly discovers that the silver tongued Sidney is adept at creating a whole range of new problems for him and the Merry Men at the most inopportune of times....moreless
    • Marlin the Magician
      Just as they are about to eat, Robin and the Merry Men are surprised by the sudden appearance of Marlin the Magician, a dimunitive, bumbling sorcerer.
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
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