Rocket Robin Hood - Season 2

CBC (ended 1969)




Episode Guide

  • The Eternal Planet of Romarama
    Robin, by himself in his spaceship at the fringes of space, is drawn to a planet that is focused on a war between two forces: barbarians that ride giant dinasour like creatures and a civilization that apparently traces its roots to the days of the Roman Empire on Earth.
  • The Emperor Jimmy
    The Emperor Jimmy
    Episode 11
    Robin, on vacation, encounters the planet Carbonetta, an odd world that appears to be one big diamond. He befriends Emperor James, a bored youth who saves Robin from death at the initial orders of the scheming Chancellor. Robin escapes with the help of James (or Jimmy, as Robin calls him) but the two learn that the Chancellor has seized power in Jimmy's absence and is conspiring with Prince John to share the wealth of Carbonetta between the two.moreless
  • Young Mr. Ulysses
    Young Mr. Ulysses
    Episode 10
    Robin and Little John discover the body of Ulysses, the legendary hero of Greek myth, in suspended animation inside a rock formation. After freeing him, the two learn that Ulysses is on a quest for the legendary Golden Fleece. They join the hero and quickly learn that the foes of Ulysses stand between them and their quest's goal.moreless
  • Catch a Comet By the Tail
    Prince John captures Robin and Will and plans to rid himself of the two permanently by using a matter transporter to send them to the far reaches of the galaxy. However, his zeal overcomes logic and Prince John sends them not as far away as planned. Finding themselves on a somewhat desolate planet populated by savages easily in awe of them, Robin and Wil concoct a plan to escape the planet and attract the attention of the Merry Men.moreless
  • Genius in a Bottle
    Genius in a Bottle
    Episode 8
    Will, Robin and Maid Marian are relaxing by a campfire when Marian is suddenly grabbed by a robot and whisked away. Robin and Will trace the robot to a planet seemingly run and populated entirely by robots with the leader looking to preserve any humans it encounters in suspended animation forever.moreless
  • The Manta Menace
    The Manta Menace
    Episode 6
    Robin is asked by his friend Planethut, ruler of Planeton, to aid him in a struggle against giant plant monsters that are plaguing his world. Dr. Manta, a freakish alien scientist, and his assistant Igor are believed to be the source of the problems and only Robin can stop him.
  • The Incredible Gem of Cosmo Khan
    The densely populated planet Thor is attacked and shrunk to the size of a walnut by the despot Cosmo Khan. Robin and his friends are contacted by the United Solar Symstem Council and asked to retrieve the stolen planet from Thor's stronghold on his native planet of Zanador.
  • The Tree Kingdom of Caldomar
    Count Phantasmo targets for conquest the planet of Caldomar, a world where the people live in fantastic cities that are built in the gigantic trees of the planet. Can Rocket Robin Hood stop Phantasmo's evil plan or will he fall victim to Phantasmo's atomic sword?
  • The Space Wolf
    The Space Wolf
    Episode 2

    A ship containing Viking warriors commanded by Eric Arthur comes to N.O.T.T. castle with the intent of looting and plundering. The wily Sheriff tells the looters that Rocket Robin Hood has already stolen all the money and the Vikiings should go attack Rocket Robin Hood. Needless to say, Rocket Robin Hood quickly finds out that the Vikings are now HIS problem to deal with....

  • Dr. Magnet
    Dr. Magnet
    Episode 2
    Dr. Magnet, a villain believed to have perished some time ago, is alive and robbing Intergalactic Bank ships of their gold cargo. Rocket Robin Hood, framed by Dr. Magnet for the thefts, must stop the villain and clear his name.
  • Dr. Mortula
    Dr. Mortula
    Episode 1
    Robin, Giles and Maid Marian crash on an asteroid shrouded in thick clouds and are transported to castle owned by Dr. Mortula, a man who looks to extinguish the sun with Robin's help. Robin looks to stop Mortula's mad plan and keep himself and his friends from falling victim to Mortula's robotic servants.moreless
  • Who'll Kill Rocket Robin?
    Baron Blank, Mr. Cool and Laser, three of Rocket Robin Hood's enemies, pledge to kill their arch nemesis at the behest of the Warlord of Saturn.