Rocket Robin Hood

Season 3 Episode 5

The Solar Sphinx

Aired Saturday 2:30 PM Unknown on CBC

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  • This was one of several RRH eps which used ancient Egyptian props, including lots of robot mummies. "Must've been a popular model."

    Rocket Robin Hood and two of his Merry Men are abducted by robots under the control of a self-styled "King Tut," who tyrannizes the desert asteroid Nilor. Tut wants the trio to become his lieutenants, but after they refuse he tries to kill them.

    Tut is a bad villain -- he cackles and screams like a madman, with no subtlety. His skin is green (a traditional color of bad guys in Ralph Bakshi's late 1960s output). Like the other characters, he is hardly animated at all. At least he has good draftsmanship and some strong (though repetitive) poses, courtesy of Bakshi's New York City-based artists. Indeed this was the best-drawn RRH ep presented on Teletoon in 2004 (almost every other ep seen that year was pre-Bakshi). The greatest thing about this ep is the banter between Robin, Will, and Little John. Their understated humor is quite a contrast to Tut's rants. The highlight comes when Robin and Will trade wisecracks about an escape manual ... L.J. isn't bright enough to get their joke, but as a good soldier he's the first to notice oncoming danger.

    "The Solar Sphinx" has its flaws, but never fails to show that it was made by capable people. -Tony
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