Season 2 Episode 4

Episode 10

Aired Unknown Jun 15, 2003 on BBC

Episode Recap

The rescue involves two climbers who fall down a rock. The wife of one of them can't get through to her husbands mobile phone and alerts the rescue team.

Doug goes on the rescue as leader, but needs to come back, so Ben leads. They find the woman's husband dead, but the other man is alive. The helicopter is hit by falling rocks so they have to carry the man down vertically.

Mike decides to make a video for a dating agency and Caroline films him. Jamie goes to see them.

Caroline needs her annual assessment by Peter, but Jamie tells her that he has been asked to do it instead. This is his excuse to tell her that nothing happened between him and Susie.

Caroline continues to help Adam walk again.

Helen wonders why Doug is so moody and cold towards her and Jane suggests that he is still affected by his fall. He is given a Highlands and Islands award for bravery, but when he goes to receive the award he has a panic attack. He goes home and both Gordon and Helen confront him. Douglas admits that he is having panic attacks and night sweats and admits he has tried to overdose on sleeping pills.

Peter asks Ben if he has noticed anything wrong with Annie, Ben replies why should he know. At the end of this episode Ben and Annie make love again and Ben says that he is no longer leaving.

Caroline goes to the awards ceremony with Jamie, but she rejects his advances so he goes off with Susie