Season 2 Episode 5

Episode 11

Aired Unknown Jun 22, 2003 on BBC

Episode Recap

This is probably one of the most predictable episodes so far, certainly as far as rescues are concerned. We open with Jamie and his friend Ian Baxter taking part in a cross country cycle race. They get into an argument, Ian falls down the rocks into the river below and Jamie climbs down to help and falls himself. Jamie we realise is concussed, although he is able to ask the cycle race marshal to call for help.

Doug tells her he is depending on her to help him now and she says that sounds like commitment. He leads the rescue party to help Jamie.

Mike joins a dating agency and meets Alison, who tells him she is not ready for a serious relationship. He has to leave their date to go on a rescue.

The rescue that Mike goes on involves helping a party of Elvis impersonators on a charity walk. A storyline too silly to mention, except to say Mike ends up singing with them at the end of the episode.

Ben and Annie are nearly caught kissing at the centre by Betty and decide to meet in a hotel one afternoon. Ben tells Annie that they should end their affair.

Later Peter receives a phone call from the hotel telling him that a Mr Craig has left his keys behind. It doesn't take Peter long to put two and two together.

Finally Doug presents Helen with an engagement ring and asks her to marry him, which she accepts.

Caroline tells Adam that if he can walk the plank with his prosthetic leg she will buy him a fish supper. He does and later that evening tries to kiss her.

The rescue team are given one thousand pounds by Julia Seddon, in memory of her husband
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