Rockman EXE Axess

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Rockman EXE Axess

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First Aired: October 4, 2003 Last Aired: September 25, 2004 Episodes: 51 colored episodes Age Rating: Older Children (May contain mild bad language, bloodless violence) Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction

Axess is a continuation of the 56-episode Rockman EXE series in Japan, also known as MegaMan NT Warrior in it's English version. Though Axess follows the same storyline and uses the same characters as Rockman EXE, it is considered a separate series.

Having defeated both the World Three and Gospel with the help of his net navi, Rockman (Kimura Akiko)... Hikari Netto (Higa Kumiko) has finally been appointed the role of a 'Net Savior.' It's just in time too, because a new group of net criminals known as the Darkloids are spreading. But unlike evil syndicates of the past, the Darkloids have a trick up their sleeve... they're able to use dimensional areas to fight in the real world!

Fortunately, Netto's father, Yuuichirou (Nagano Kouichi) has recently developed a new kind of battle chip called a Synchro Chip. Using this chip, Netto is able to perform a technique called Cross Fusion, fusing him together with Rockman for combat in the real world. Furthermore, Rockman also learns the ability of Soul Unison, allowing him to create a temporary armor from the data of other net navis.

Together, the two set out to defeat the Darkloids with the help of other Net Saviors, including rivals Ijyuuin Enzan (Saiga Mitsuki) and Sharo-descendant Laika (Yuuki Hiro).

Axess aired in Japan, every Saturday morning at 8:30 AM.

The anime was licensed by ShoPro and dubbed as MegaMan NT Warrior: Axess.

The anime is also fan-subbed by #WolfPackProductions.

Axess gets its own continuation, called Rockman EXE Stream, that began airing exactly one week after Axess's finale, replacing it's Saturday time slot.

OP Theme - "Futatsu no Mirai" (IGAO) ED Theme - "Hikari Todoku Basho De" (Netto and Rockman)


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