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  • Season 1
    • The Place Where Light Reaches
      English version title - Dr. Regal's Rampage "Regal Tower has appeared in Akihara Town, and a dimensional area is covering the Earth. In the area, Regal uses a Synchro Chip and Cross Fuses with Laserman. R Laserman grows gigantic and attacks the town; all of the people are in horror and chaos ensues. It is the arrival of the world which Regal desires. R Rockman battles against R Laserman, but it is too much for him to handle. Meanwhile, Yuuichirou, Laika and others intend to destroy Regal Tower and cancel the dimensional area, but..." - Courtesy of Heat Manmoreless
    • Battle of Dark VS. Dark
      English version title - Dark vs. Dark "An incident occurs where Navis are disappearing from the cyber world in networks all over the world. Meanwhile in the Japan cyber world, Rush has been carried off by Bubbleman and their whereabouts are unknown. Rockman and company search through the cyber world for Rush and end up in the science bureau cyber world. There, profiting from the cooperation of Forte, Shademan is able to materialize to the real world without a dimensional area. Shademan gets started in his plot for revenge on Regal." - Courtesy of Heat Manmoreless
    • Farewell, Blues
      Farewell, Blues
      Episode 49
      English version title - ProtoMan Returns "Yuuichirou completes his dimensional converter and vaccine chip at the science bureau. With these things, tactics are planned to bring Blues back. They set a trap up for Blues at a deserted hotel. They intend to wear him down by fighting with cross fused Netto, who will then use the vaccine chip on Blues and extinguish his dark aura. However, Enzan feels an ill premonition before they go into action." - Courtesy of Heat Manmoreless
    • Mariko and Yuriko
      Mariko and Yuriko
      Episode 48
      English version title - Ms. Yuri's Mission "While being chased by Misaki, Yuriko accidentally runs into Mariko. Although Yuriko threatens Misaki by using Mariko as a shield, she is finally cornered and unable to escape. Mariko then reveals the truth that she thought her twin younger sister Yuriko had died 15 years ago. Later Mariko is out with Netto and co. when a Dimensional Area appears midway over the bridge. Needleman appears and attacks Mariko. Netto cross fuses and takes on Needleman, but..." - Courtesy of Heat Manmoreless
    • A Message from Outer Space!
      English version title: Get Dr. Regal!
      "Regal's hideout is an artificial satellite which is equipped with a stealth function. Although the killer satellites of each country attack Regal's satellite, they are each intercepted and shot down. Looking down at the adults who are unable to handle the situation, Netto requests for Yaito's assistance so they, along with Dekao and Meiru, can go to face Regal. Getting cooperation from Junkman too, Netto succeeds in going into space where he confronts Regal who was expecting him. There they are forced into confrontation with Dark Blues."

      - Courtesy of Heat Manmoreless
    • Net Police Great Battle!
      English version title - The Great NetPolice Battle! "In order to pinpoint the location of Regal, Enzan works with the investigation of the Net Police. In order to hold them off, Regal revives the Darkloids who were deleted up until now and attacks the Net Police. Netto, Rockman, Laika and Searchman fight the army of reborn Darkloids one after another. Then a Dimensional Area occurs over the Net Police. Dark Blues appears in real form to obstruct and directly attack Enzan's investigation." - Courtesy of Heat Manmoreless
    • Rush Runs Away!
      Rush Runs Away!
      Episode 45
      "Because Rush got the impression of being offended at Meiru's house, he runs away from home. Although Rush can come and go between the real world and cyber world, he is met with difficult hardships until he meets and joins a young Malmoco. At that time, power failures in the town began occurring from an unknown source. The cause of this trouble is Bubbleman. It would appear that Bubbleman is taking the electrical power and redirecting it somewhere for the purpose of something." - Courtesy of Heat Manmoreless
    • Fear of Summer Vacation!
      English version title - MistMan's Tower "Netto and Meiru go out to collect insects during their free time of summer vacation. While chasing an insect, they unknowingly entered a mysterious area and they could not go back! The two reach a certain tower and encounter Mistman of the cyber world's tower. At that time, Swordman and Coldman come and try to draw Mistman to Nebula, but he refuses them. With the cooperation from Yuriko, a dimensional area is formed and Swordman and Coldman encounter Netto. Although Netto Cross Fuses and battles, the 2 against 1 fight becomes bitter. But then Mistman appears there and..." - Courtesy of Heat Manmoreless
    • Top and Grandchild!
      "And now, net battling is fashionable among the elderly! Netto and Rockman teach the elderly how to net battle at the Silver Center. During which, Netto encounters the top craftsman, who is known to be a stubborn person named Takumi Tensuke, and his Navi Topman. Truthfully, Tensuke hates net battling. However since he was pestered by his grandson Kousuke, he began net battling reluctantly. Netto teaches Tensuke how to use a battle chip, but Tensuke insists that tops are more interesting than net battles. He then presents Kousuke with his new work, an electromotive top, but..." - Courtesy of Heat Manmoreless
    • Meiru's First Date!
      "Net Savior duties have been keeping Netto busy. Meiru feels lonely from being separated from Netto so much. At such a time, Meiru receives an invitation from Netto reading "I'll take you to a good place." Meiru becomes excited when she receives the promise of a date, but for some reason the place is the Science Bureau. It appears Yuuichirou wants Roll and Meiru to cooperate in an experiment. Although this breaks Meiru's excitement, Yuuichirou promises to give the two people tickets to an amusement park, and these two people will truly date." - Courtesy of Heat Manmoreless
    • Allegro!
      Episode 41
      English version title - Allegro "While Netto is in Sharo an incident occurs in Japan's cyber world. It is said that the Navi who was participating in a certain game and getting good results has gone missing. Enzan and Meiru embark together to solve the scenario. Roll is used as a decoy in the place that the missing Navi was taken away, and is forced into a Deletion Battle. Enzan and Meiru run to rescue Roll, but the criminal behind the incident becomes upset and opens a dimensional area, and attacks Enzan with viruses." - Courtesy of Heat Manmoreless
    • Heroes of the Earth's Bowels
      English version title - Underground Hero "Nebula has occupied a dimensional area that has appeared over a rare metal mine in Sharro. Netto and Rockman go to Sharro to repluse Nebula's advancement. Netto enters the mine with Laika as his guide, but per Netto entering the dimensional area while Cross Fusing, Laika must enter forcibly since he does not use Cross Fusion. Laika does not answer to this even though it seemingly violates the command he was given. Many viruses and Coldman appear in the dimensional area to attack Netto and Laika." - Courtesy of Heat Manmoreless
    • Go to Hell by Train!?
      The reckless incident of a train occurs. Saloma plugs Woodman into the train system to try and get the reckless driving under control. Netto and Chisao who are returning from an amusement park also happen to be on the train. Netto also plugs Rockman into the system. However, the vehicle door is covered and it becomes impossible for Netto to operate. Woodman and Rockman cooperate to fight Sparkman, then Rockman transforms to Wood Soul and defeats Sparkman.moreless
    • Flying to Shiisaa Island!
      "Shiisaa Island, a southern island. Netto and co. come across the temple of Igarashi Ran and her Navi Windman. During that time, a celebrated Shiisaa image is stolen from a sanctuary by Yuriko, but with the influence of that a large storm heads for the island. Needleman is running wrecklessly in the Shiisaa image and even Yuriko is unable to control him. Rockman who transforms to Wind Soul with Windman tries to solve the situation, but..." Courtesy of Heat Manmoreless
    • Mysterious Masked Navi!
      English version title - The Mysterious Masked Navi

      "With the power up of the new type PET and the support from Enzan with the Battle Chip Gate, the invincible Netto rushes into attack with Swordman and easily beats him. He gets a complete attitude problem. Enzan who is apprehensive about such a thing offers a strategy to Raul. Thunderman challenges Netto disguised as the mysterious masked Darkloid, and says that he will make Netto aware of his immaturity."

      Courtesy of Heat Manmoreless
    • Completion! New Style PET!
      English version title - The New PET

      "Rockman's restoration is completed and now they are just waiting for the completion of the new model PET, but a Dimensional Area appears around the science bureau and Dark Blues attacks with the PET in mind. Anetta who happened to be present during the PET initialization escapes with the PET, but she is chased insistently by Dark Blues. Enzan confronts R Dark Blues, but unable to do anything with his living flesh body, he is cornered. Netto runs to aid once the initialization of the new PET is finished and performs Cross Fusion. The powered up R Rockman overwhelms Dark Blues."

      Courtesy of Heat Manmoreless
    • Nebula's Great Invasion!
      English version title - Nebula's Great Invasion! Rockman also took great damage at the instant Netto's PET was destroyed, Netto is living with Rockman being lost. Raul and Thunderman offer cooperation with Netto from Ameroupe, and Laika and Searchman are dispatched from Sharo. Although Netto is delighted, Laika and Raul collide from the differences in their own policies. There, the Darkloids Coldman, Brightman, Swordman and Starman simultaneously attack the public facilities of Japan. ~ courtesy of Heat Manmoreless
    • Search for the Suspect Prisman!
      English version title - Wanted: PrismMan!

      R Prisman appears inside an area and attacks a jewelry story in an incident. Disguised as Manabe, Yuriko takes away Misaki, and gives Misaki the ability to Cross Fusion. Nebula developed a method of Cross Fusion and using a Dark Chip at the same time, and Misaki's spirit is destroyed. Although Netto goes into Cross Fusion and fights with R Prisman, he is unable to finish him knowing that his opponent is still Misaki. From the result of striking each other simultaneously, Netto's PET is destroyed, and Rockman disappears.

      ~ courtesy of Heat Manmoreless
    • Cross Fusion #0!
      Cross Fusion #0!
      Episode 33
      English version title - The BattleChip Gate! Gravityman attacks a town. In the difficult battle Netto and Rockman are assisted by Prisman and his operator Misaki. Although Misaki once failed in a Cross Fusion experiment, he is a serious youth who is now serving the Net Police with a sense of justice. Meanwhile, the science bureau are in the midst of developing the Battle Chip Gate which they say will be able to supply battle chips to R Rockman limitlessly, but the experiment does not work out. Netto and Misaki hear of information that Gravityman is attacking in another Dimensional Area and they run there, but... ~ courtesy of Heat Manmoreless
    • Revival! Commander Beef!
      English version title - Commander Beef Returns It's heard to Netto's great joy that Commander Beef, who had taken a post of duty overseas, is coming back temporarily. Commander Beef lies in wait at a fish market where he heard Gauss and Yuriko were scheming Dark Chip dealings, but Gauss mistakes Mariko for Yuriko, and takes Mariko away. Commander Beef, whom is really Masa, chases after them. At last Commander Beef's true identity is revealed to Mariko!... Or so she thought. Seven Commander Beefs appear at that place and cause great confusion. Gauss and Magnetman are arrested. ~ courtesy of Heat Manmoreless
    • Object J from the Satellite!
      English version title - Space Junk! "Netto and co. are taken to a space station due to a call from Yaito. Someone manipulating space debris drifting in space caused a collision with the Gabgom's corporately owned space station. The criminal of the incident is Junkman who is born from inside an abandoned weather satellite. Unable to withstand being alone in outer space, he called out thinking that trash was a friend close to himself. Netto boards the junk castle and plugs in Rockman to battle with Junkman." Courtesy of Heat Manmoreless
    • Love Love Aquaman!
      Love Love Aquaman!
      Episode 30
      English version title - SpoutMan's New Hero "A Darkloid rages in the cyber world. By chance Rockman rescues Aquaman who happened to be caught up in the strife, from which Aquaman becomes clung to Rockman with feelings of love. With Aquaman constantly clinging closely to Rockman Roll's heart is disquieted. At that time, a letter of challenge from Burnerman reaches Rockman. If he does not come to duel at the cyber world of the iron mill, the iron mill will be blown up. Somehow Rockman manages to shake himself from Aquaman and face the situation, but..." Courtesy of Heat Manmoreless
    • Enzan VS Blues!
      Enzan VS Blues!
      Episode 29
      English version title - Chaud vs. ProtoMan Enzan is asked to help develop new PETs with IPC... special Shingata PETs, with built in Syncho Programming... and a Battle Chip Gate for easier battle chip usage. Yuuichirou leaves a data CD at home, so Enzan goes to retrieve it, where he meets Netto. Netto and Enzan have a fist-fight after arguing about Blues, ending with Netto reassuring Enzan that Blues will be back. Gravityman later attacks IPC while Blues infiltrates IPC's network. Netto handles Gravityman while Enzan goes to stop Blues with the Battle Chip Gate.moreless
    • Shaking Heart!
      Shaking Heart!
      Episode 28
      English version title - Wavering Heart Netto attends a fashion show in case Nebula attacks it. The models use special wearable computers that allow them to manipulate technology for fashion. But Yuriko... disguised as Eve Morechand, one of the models... infiltrates the show and uses the wearable computers to control the model's minds while she steals the data from the computers!moreless
    • Decisive Battle! Nebula Base!
      English version title - Nebula's Secret Base After Anetta was kidnapped, Enzan and Netto take a helicopter to a cruise ship where Anetta is being held. They battle with Shademan, and Laserman also appears. Shademan escapes to the cyber world to battle Rockman and Blues, and Enzan is forced to use a Dark Chip to keep Blues alive!moreless
    • Memory of the Blue Flame!
      English version title - Anneta's Revenge Netto and Enzan find a girl named Anetta who had been kidnapped and tied-up in a bag. Enzan shows her around the city, but he isn't aware of Anetta's past. Her navi Silk had been brutally deleted by Blues, and Anetta is out to get revenge!moreless
    • Videoman, Reloaded!
      English version title - VideoMan Returns Videoman is back for revenge! Without Rockman knowing, Videoman has video-taped his battle and used the data to create Rockman clones! He puts the clones on various VHS tapes that are distributed around the world, sending the Rockman clones all over the city! Netto and Enzan set out to stop them before Rockman's name is stained!moreless
    • Red Hot Magma Fight!
      English version title - Magma Battle
      Netto and co. visit the Great Hell Valley Onsen in order to investigate a strange bug in the system, and they soon discover that Burnerman is responsible for it. He attacks the geothermal power station with the intent of creating a volcano! Netto and Enzan cross fuse to stop him.moreless
    • Terrible Super Energy!
      English version title - A Scary Power Source To research the Dimensional Converter, Dr. Regal, the global authority of super energy, is invited to the science bureau. Rockman and Blues are plugged into the DC the moment Regal repairs it; and the DC operates and successfully makes a Dimensional Area. However, the source of the DC's energy was a Net Navi! There Sparkman, whom is ordered to destroy the DC, appears to fight with Netto and Enzan!moreless
    • Bubbleman's Great Friend Strategy!
      English version title - BubbleMan's Plan! Bubbleman develops a new plan to defeat Rockman... he wants to learn how to perform Soul Unison! He decides to try and befriend fellow aqua navis, Iceman and Aquaman, and hopefully Soul Unison with one of them. But will his insane task become successful?
    • Shademan's Ambition!
      English version title - ShadeMan's Ambition Shademan has developed a mistrust for the mysterious Darkloid leader and attempts to smuggle dark chips for himself before leaving the group. Netto and Enzan encounter Darkloid member Gravityman and take him on in a dimensional area. Shademan appears and defeats Netto and Enzan with a single hit.moreless
    • Hand Over the Dark Chips!
      English version title - Dark Secret Desertman, like Beastman, has become a dark chip addict... but he gets captured by the net police. The Darkloids dispatch Flashman to rescue him, and they both take Kifune and Manabe (Net Saviors) hostage! Netto and Enzan go out to rescue them, but Flashman and Desertman have lost their sanity from excessive dark chip usage!moreless
    • Search Soul!
      Search Soul!
      Episode 19
      English version title - Search Soul Data is being stolen by invisible viruses! Netto and Laika are both dispatched to investigate the case, but as usual, neither one of them will cooperate with one another. They soon discover that Desertman is behind the mess... when Rockman is dangling over death by Desertman, Searchman is once again challenged with the question of whether or not to kill Rockman in order to get rid of Desertman.moreless
    • The Man Who Came from Sharo!
      English version title - The Man from Sharo Netto meets the operator of Searchman, Laika. Laika is a Net Savior from the country of Sharo... but Laika considers Japanese Net Saviors to be weak because of their use of higher technology, such as Cross Fusion. Netto and Laika don't get along at all, just like Rockman and Searchman don't, which causes problems when Darkloid member, Videoman, attacks a movie theatre!moreless
    • The Assaulting Beastman!
      English version title - SavageMan Returns Everyone visits the new Sea Tower, a shopping mall that floats in the sea! Netto runs into old friend Tamako, who challenges him to another net-battle with Metalman! However, this time, Beastman interrupts, who has now become a dark chip addict. With his extreme new power, and the help of Yuriko, they begin to sink the Sea Tower and get rid of Netto and Rockman... for good!moreless
    • Cute! Demon?
      Cute! Demon?
      Episode 16
      English version title - It's All How You Look at It A girl named Shuuko is known for her bad luck. Wherever she goes, problems follow. It's assumed she has an even frightening net navi, so when she enters a small net-battle contest held by Higure, everyone's hesistant to play. But they soon find out that Shuuko and her net navi, Aquaman, are harmless.moreless
    • The Incredible Guts!
      English version title - The Incredible Guts! Dekao gets a hold of a card-reading device that enables him to power up his Gutsman to a new level. With this new power, he challenges Netto to another net-battle, but excessive use of the new device sends Gutsman out of control!
    • The Stolen Princess!
      English version title - The Purloined Princess Yaito, who now resides in Kingland, is the star of her very own video-game, Strawberry Princess! However, the game data has gone missing... viruses have stolen it! Yaito requests that Netto and Meiru help her retrieve the data.
    • Cross Fusion Terminated!
      English version title - CrossFusion for All! Netto stumbles upon a factory where he finds a dimensional area, filled with viruses shipping dark chips! Having thwarted a Darkloid delivery on his own, Netto develops a big head when he investigates another factory. However, it's really a trap set up by Desertman! Netto gets help from a fellow Net Savior who also has the ability to use Cross Fusion.moreless
    • The Steel Sniper!
      The Steel Sniper!
      Episode 12
      English version title - Code of Conduct Netto and Rockman are sent out to stop Shadowman, who is attacking flight control systems. Along the way, Rockman meets Searchman, a fellow Net Savior from the country, Sharo. However, neither one of them get along, especially since Searchman doesn't mind sacrificing innocent navis to get the job done.moreless
    • Beat the Safecracker!
      English version title - The Unsafe Safe The Darkloids, Bubbleman and Burnerman, are attempting to swipe steel from various locations in order to make more dark chips. Netto investigates, but he's never around when the dimensional area appears! Thus, Yuuichirou and Meijin must teach him how to enter a dimensional area from the outside in order to stop Burnerman.moreless
    • Threat of the Dark Chip!
      English version title - Threat of the DarkChips Netto witnesses an innocent boy's net navi be overcome by a dark chip and run off from him. A strange woman in a black trench coat appears to be responsible, but Netto loses her trail. Her name is Yuriko, and she's a Darkloid member and Mariko's twin sister! Able to disguise herself as Mariko, she lures Netto into a trap at an old warehouse and offers him the power of a dark chip...moreless
    • Return of Dekao!
      Return of Dekao!
      Episode 9
      English version title - Dex Returns! Dekao has been living in Jawaii with the World Three, training his net navi, Gutsman, to take Netto on. He visits back home in Japan, geared up in a new leather jacket and shades. His battle with Netto is interrupted for Net Savior business, but Dekao feels Netto was running, so he interferes with Netto's battle against the new Darkloid, Burnerman. Realizing his mistake, Dekao assists to battle Burnerman again... and creating the new Guts Soul in the process!moreless
    • Friendship in the Mirror!
      English version title - The Friendship in the Mirror Everyone is enjoying a new science museum, but Netto has Net Savior business to take care of there. However, it's really a trap set up by Beastman! Beastman is able to create mirror images of himself AND Netto, confusing Rockman to no ends. When Beastman creates a dimensional area to take Netto out himself, everyone gets a bit of help from Enzan, who reveals he's also a Net Savior.moreless
    • Electric Flower Garden!
      English version title - The CyberGarden of Doom! A new Darkloid member, Plantman, is up to no good. He's growing thorny life-sucking weeds all over various networks throughout Japan, trapping net navis (such as the World Three navis and Roll) and using them as fuel for the Darkloids. Netto and Rockman investigate, but they get a little bit of help from an old friend, Hinoken!moreless
    • The Most Dangerous Ball Game!
      English version title - A Dangerous Bowling Game The latest craze is the "Star Lane Bowlin" alley... in which bowlers use cyber gloves to bowl with a cybernetic bowling ball! Higure has won free tickets to the alley, so he decides to invite Mariko on a date... but she invites Netto and Meiru! Meanwhile, a bowling-master navi named Bowlman is tired of the limitations of the cyber world, so when he's offered to bowl in the real world, he does so... but the catch is that he's infected with a dark chip.moreless
    • Metal Onsen! Hot! Hot!
      English version title - Metal Hot Spring! Ow It's Hot! Tohru and Mariko reveal that they've started an onsen (hot spring) club together! They invite Netto, Meiru, Chisao, and Rush over for the weekend. However, they have minimal fun with so many strict onsen rules. Meanwhile, Netto meets a woman named Tamako, who's obsessed with net-battles. But they're net-battles keep getting interrupted when Bubbleman attempts to get his revenge against Rockman.moreless
    • Soul Unison!
      Soul Unison!
      Episode 4
      English version title - DoubleSoul! Flashman, a Darkloid member, is hacking into light-related devices all over the city, causing a lot of mess. Once he hacks into Netto's school, he sneaks out to investigate the situation. However, Meiru follows along as well, offering a hand... which ends up causing Netto to lose to Flashman and damaging Rockman badly. While Yuuichirou is repairing Rockman at the labs, Flashman attacks again... but in order to prove her worth, Meiru goes off to stop him herself!moreless
    • Jabajaba! Dangerous Foam!
      English version title - Bubble Trouble Netto and Meiru visit the water treatment plant for a school field trip, only for it to get attacked by a hacker! The hacker attempts to control the water in the pipes and flood the city, so Netto uses his new Net Savior authority to investigate the situation. He finds out the navi behind the mess is Bubbleman... but Netto and Rockman's recent arguments soon reveals that Cross Fusion won't work unless the net-op and his navi are in perfect harmony.moreless
    • Net City's Annihilation!
      English version title - NetCity No More! Netto learns more about his newfound techniques, such as that Cross Fusion only works in a dimensional area. He also learns that, due to the synchro chip, Rockman has lost his style change ability (that he learned in Rockman EXE, episode #25). He visits a museum with Meiru, Rush, and Chisao to see a holographic imagery of the Net City... only to witness it getting sucked away by a mysterious UFO!moreless
    • Cross Fusion!
      Cross Fusion!
      Episode 1
      English version title - Cross Fusion! Netto and Meiru visit the Science Labs to witness Yuuichirou testing a new kind of battle chip, the synchro chip. However, a net-hacker soon attacks the labs, trapping everyone in a room without air! Soon after, they activate a dimensional area... in which Shademan and Beastman appear to steal the synchro chips! Netto decides to take matters into his own hands by using a synchro chip, allowing him to cross fuse with Rockman!moreless
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