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Rockman EXE Beast Plus

TV Tokyo (ended 2006)


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Rockman EXE Beast Plus

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The final chapter of the Rockman series finds Rockman doing battle with some familiar enemies: the Professor and Zero. Rockman must use the abilities of Cross System to once again save the day.
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  • I liked it, but it did have it's faults.

    Honestly, I think the show could've stopped at the end of Rockman EXE Beast and it would've been fine. The fact that the episodes were only ten minutes long each didn't really help either. If they'd done the whole series like that it would've been fine. But every other season had full 25 minutes episodes. I know with Style Change and Double Soul we didn't see every single transformation in the anime, but we still saw most of them. But they really did bad with the Cross System. I mean, we only saw one out of ten Link Crosses and only four out of ten Beast Link Crosses. I also think that they kind of abused the Aqua Beast Cross. Come on, Rockman used it like three or four freaking times whereas most of the links were never seen. The final battle wasn't too great either. It was good, but it wasn't great. I think that it should've lasted an entire episode. Just since it's the SERIES FINALE! Worth watching, but not as good as the rest of the series (except for Stream. No other season was as bad as Stream. So many freaking filers). Worth watching if you have the time since watching the whole series only takes about four and a half hours. Well, at least we got to see Zero for a bit. For those who watch it, enjoy. For those who don't, your not true Rockman EXE fans!moreless