Rockman EXE Beast

Season 1 Episode 8

Green-Eyed Transfer Student

Aired Unknown Nov 19, 2005 on TV Tokyo
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Green-Eyed Transfer Student
Rockman is spending some recovery time in the SciLabs, while that other character comes and tells Trill something about Rockman, presumably. Meanwhile, at school, Iris is transferred to Netto's class! All the boys are mesmerised by her appearence, but she will only speak to Netto for odd reasons, mostly ignoring the other boys.

Oh, look what we have here. Higure is 'spying' on Mariko-sensei again. After a failed attempt which lands him sprawling on the ground, he undergoes some training, which, I believe, will make him stronger (or so Higure thinks).

Meanwhile, another one of those cloaked figures is roaming Net City! A Net Police uncloaks the figure, which reveals himself to be Numberman... or is he? If you squint carefully, he is of a dark green, and the icon on his head is not Numberman's icon, but instead the Zoanaroid's icon!

After the real Numberman comes into the fray, there is a brief tussle, then the real Numberman is knocked out and Z-Numberman warps out. "Zoanaroid! Zeta Numberman!"

Both Z-Number and the real Numberman appear before the repairing Rockman after awhile, in front of all the other Navis, and start a fight in which they copy each other's moves: Number Thimble, Number Ball, and Dice Bomb. To try and shorten the fight, Higure's PET rings, but he is busy in concentration at some sort of endurance therapy where he is first doused with freezing cold water then walking on red-hot coals. The Numbermen then end up hitting each other's heads together. o.O

Iris, appearing out of nowhere again, appears to suggest something that would identify the Zoanaroid (for the characters). All the Navis attack both Numbermen. At the end of the tussle, the real Numberman is on the ground in a lot of pain.

The Zoanaroid, however, has morphed into his Beast form! After he is quickly defeated by the same multiple attacks, Rockman finally recovers, still dazed, but sound. Trill then runs towards Rockman! Everyone panics, fearing another Beast Out, but it seems that Trill is happy at seeing Rockman move again. Iris bows her head, then promptly disappears. On another side note, Higure's 'training' does NOT seem to have paid off.

-Summary done by NotJimmoreless

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