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  • Season 1
    • Toward a New Future
      While a desperate struggle between Forte and Slur unfolds, Regal succeeds in overtaking Duo's comet and intends to rule earth once more. Netto and co. cross fuse and stand up against Regal. Watching all of them, Duo makes the judgement that the future of human beings is hopeless and performs the Earth Erasure. From within Duo's comet Netto and co. are shown the ordeal from beginning to end and are astonished. Duo faces Rockman and his Net Navi companions, and tries to urge them to cast off their relation to mankind which chooses the path of downfall, however... - Heat Manmoreless
    • Colonel Barrel
      Colonel Barrel
      Episode 50
      Duo's comet commences the Earth Erasure program! To stop it, Duo's 13 crests need to be gathered. However, since Barrel has already died, their recovery is impossible. Netto and Enzan visit the apartment where Barrel used to live to see if there is anything that can be the key for obtaining Barrel's crest. The two of them meet Dr. Wily in a room, and Wily tells them of a past occurrence. For the sake of the future, Barrel will fly to the present time which Netto and co. don't look back on.moreless
    • Battle of One Without Bonds
      The location of Duo's comet is established, and Netto and Rockman head to the space-time tower in Ameroupe. While there, Dr. Regal appears and hijacks the space-time tower. Regal's goal in doing this is obtaining Duo's technology. Dark Rockman is sent to the past to allow Regal access to Duo's comet. Rockman, Blues and Searchman fly back to the cyberworld of the past as well in order to stop Dark Rockman. Rockman and Dark Rockman confront one another, but... - Heat Manmoreless
    • Countdown to Annihilation!
      All over the world Asteroid Navis begin to run rampant and attack people. Although Netto and co. cross fuse and try to fight them off, their numbers just increase more! While trying to work up countermeasures, the Science Lab receives communication from Colonel. He states the number of Asteroids will continue increasing until Slur is defeated. Rockman, Blues and Searchman come to Colonel who said he was accepting a challenge from Slur. However, Slur's power is far too powerful, even for Colonel. - Heat Manmoreless
    • Why Are You Here?
      Why Are You Here?
      Episode 47
      One day after finishing work, Charlie comes into his room to find Tesla there. Tesla insists that she wants revenge against Dark Rockman! At that time, answering a call who mysteriously offers to explain exactly who or what she is, Yuriko heads to the demolished site of an uninhabited factory. Dark Rockman and Cosmoman appear there! Dark Rockman desires Yuriko's crest, and creates a dimensional area to attack her. Although Yuriko cross fuses with Needleman and fights back, the two on one lineup makes it a painful battle. - Heat Manmoreless
    • The Desired Crest
      The Desired Crest
      Episode 46
      Since Neo WWW's destruction, the whereabouts of Tesla and Gauss have been unknown. One day, Gauss rushes into the Maha Ichiban Dash! He desires to stage Tesla's rescue from Dark Rockman's clutches. Although Count Elec doesn't believe Gauss is telling the truth, Netto agrees to go rescue Tesla. He is accompanied by Charlie, Nenji and Dingo to the Darkloid hideout. - Heat Manmoreless
    • Stellar Memory
      Stellar Memory
      Episode 45
      Within the ancient ruins lying in a jungle in southern Ameroupe, a lithograph containing the same mark as Duo's crest is discovered. Having gone to investigate, Enzan is surprised to discover a barrier stretched over the ruins, much like a dimensional area. When Yuuichirou receives Enzan's report, he sends Netto, Charlie, Jasmine and Nenji to southern Ameroupe. Netto and co. cross fuse and enter the ruins, and they come across an image of a Navi who looks similar in figure to Slur. - Heat Manmoreless
    • Summer! The Sea! Training Camp!
      By Yuuichirou's suggestion, a training camp for the cross fusion members is carried out. The location is a quiet, relaxing beach. Netto and co. amuse themselves with playing around in the sea, and at night with fireworks and giving dares. For some reason Yaito and Anetta attend the camp as well, Maha Ichiban sets up food stands, and furthermore Mariko also joins in leading the hot springs area and makes quite an uproar. Exactly what kind of meaning this training camp poses, about which Meijin worries alone. - Heat Manmoreless
    • Worker Miyabi
      Worker Miyabi
      Episode 43
      Dark Miyabi is working secretly to carry out a request of Rockman's destruction. However, Yuriko appears before Miyabi and intends to prevent him from doing so. Miyabi encounters Netto when he drops by the Maha Ichiban Dash. Although Miyabi declares he will carry out Rockman's deletion due to his worker's pride, Miyabi's is revealed as a crest of Duo holding ally when Netto comes in contact with him. At about that time, bank robberies have been occuring frequently in town, and the criminals are men in the same trade as Miyabi with Asteroid Swordman. While Miyabi watches the close match between a substantialized Swordman and CF Rockman, Wily appears before him. - Heat Manmoreless
    • Below Duo's Comet
      Below Duo's Comet
      Episode 42
      The Darkloids take over a huge excavating machine in their attack on Sharo. In order to stop the advancing mahcine which is devastating the town, Laika and a new cross fusion member set out. Netto can do nothing but stand by until the repair of his synchro chip is complete. At that time, Dark Miyabi infultrates the cross fusion research institute, and escapes with the synchro chip in tow. Netto chases after Miyabi, but Miyabi uses Shadowman, and a battle with him and Rockman commences. - Heat Manmoreless
    • Top Secret Orders C.F.
      Darkloids are appearing one after another in the cyberworld. Netto and Rockman intend to fight and eliminate a substantiated Cosmoman, but Netto's synchro chip is broken. To have the synchro chip repaired he has to see go see Yuuichirou who is on a business trip in Sharo. Netto heads to Yuuichirou at the cross fusion research institute via Charlie and his helictoper. However Darkloids appear there too, and their destructive activities obstruct Netto's path. - Heat Manmoreless
    • Neo WWW Annihilation
      Netto and Meiru have come to inspect an orbital elevator. About that time Neo WWW carries out their hijacking of the orbital elevator and Netto, who was in the viewing room, gets locked up in the lavatory. Having taken over the control room, Sunayama and Saiko being the plan to drop a man-made satellite onto the Earth in order to cause fear and confusion. Netto manages to escape somehow thanks to the activity of Meiru. Netto and Meiru cross fuse and battle against R Desertman and R Flashman. - Heat Manmoreless
    • Cross Fusion Impossible?
      Inukai and Beastman attack the science bureau and manage to destroy the dimensional generator. Furthermore there is a solar eclipse that day, making it impossible to create a dimensional area from overseas. It was a completely calculated attack plan. Narcy and Videoman attack the town with a giant substantiation of viruses, and, unable to cross fuse, Netto can't do anything about it. During that time Dr. Wily appears at Maha Ichiban Dash. Wily offers Maha and co. a good proposal in opposing the wrongdoings of Neo WWW. - Heat Manmoreless
    • Fortune Telling Shooting Star of Love
      Rockman and Medi's closeness is causing a bit of unrest in Roll. As for Meiru's perspective, it appears Jasmine and Netto have merely made friends so she doesn't mind. Anetta comes in suggesting to Meiru that she check into a recent trendy activity, fortune telling, and so they go to see the fortune teller Andou Romeda. However, Asteroid Starman is connected to Romeda, who is prided with her love for fortune telling. With Romeda wanting to startle the world with an incredible prediction, Starman proposes they start some kind of trouble. - Heat Manmoreless
    • Offering of Decorative Fireworks
      Yaito suddenly asks a favor of Netto. Netto introduces Nenji, knowing he will want to launch fireworks for a very big party in Kingland. Dekao, Dingo and Hinoken have also been taken to the party hall to be on the curry preparing staff. However Cloudman and Blizzardman also intrude in the area with the orders to destroy Rockman, and a furious snowstorm is created in the hall, completely freezing Netto and co. Netto intends to defeat the attackers with Rockman, but the system is covered in ice and he cannot plug in. - Heat Manmoreless
    • One More Rockman
      One More Rockman
      Episode 36
      Rockman has a nightmare that he deletes his friends by his very own hands. Netto becomes worried, so he takes Rockman to the science bureau to be examined. Meiru and company also come to the science bureau. Roll, Iceman and the others were attacked by someone the night before, and just before deleting the attacker they discovered his identity. Netto is relieved when Rockman appears to have no abnormalities from the examination, but subsequently he starts noticing suspicious actions from Rockman. "For Netto's sake," Rockman says he can do wrong things for a just cause. Rockman's bad deeds escalate, and finally he is arrested by the police. - Heat Manmoreless
    • Queen Fight!
      Queen Fight!
      Episode 35
      Netto is pulled along by Meiru to the Akihara Convention Center. At the center an event is being held for the "exhibition of commonly used celebrity goods around the world." Meiru wants to appear in the event's Ms. Tiara Contest, but Gauss, disguised as a woman, intrudes into the contest. Futhermore, there are entries by Iroaya Madoi, Shuuko, who hopes to win the prize, and Manabe as well, who comes to guard the hall due to a troubling feeling. Tesla too wishes to win the golden tiara, and enters the contest in disguise. However, Charlie, who happens to be at the event, is able to see through Tesla's disguise... - Heat Manmoreless
    • Wishing Upon a Star...
      Jasmine has come to Japan again! Although Jasmine is delighted to see that the panda Tampa has become well at Animal Farm, she has come to take care of an injured dolphin. The offender who harmed the dolphin was Inukai of the Neo WWW. The dolphin is being used as a tool for the means of dark chip smuggling. Although Netto and Jasmine obtain cooperation from Dekao and Maha in order to cease the plot, Inukai counterattacks with Beastman and his pet lion Umanosuke. - Heat Manmoreless
    • Oath of the Tomahawk
      The young girl Shanka, a childhood friend of Dingo's, is visiting the Akihara Art Museum. The totem pole being displayed was once worshipped as a guardian deity called Totem-sama in Dingo's village. It was stolen hundreds of years prior, and the whereabouts remained unknown until it was recently discovered. Shanka has come to claim the relic, and return it to her village. Unaware of the situation, Dingo breaks into the art museum to try to return Totem-sama on his own. At that same moment, however, Narcy Hide attacks the art museum with the same aim of taking Totem-sama. The Neo World 3 is gathering items to make a special #1 chip. Netto and company take chase after them to return the stolen Totem-sama! - Heat Manmoreless
    • Space-Time Battle
      Space-Time Battle
      Episode 32
      Shademan and Bubbleman went back to the past world and completely altered history. Now the world is under rule of the Darkloids. Rockman will prevent Shademan's actions, but when he heads into the cyberworld of 20 years ago, he is unable to communicate with Netto. In the midst of chasing Shademan Rockman meets up with Colonel, as well as Colonel's operator, Barrel. Rockman and Colonel fight with Shademan in order to save the future. However, an accident occures and Rockman's body is damaged by Shademan. - Heat Manmoreless
    • Shademan's Counterattack
      Shademan suddenly appears in Akihara Town and begins to devastate it. Netto and co. don't understand why, having believed that he was defeated by Laserman in the past. Yuuichirou conjectures whether or not a twist in space-time may have occured. Netto and Enzan Cross Fuse and fight with Shademan, and Yuriko helps the two as well. So that Yuuichirou can solve the mystery of the space-time distortion he proposes sending Rockman and Blues into the past cyberworld. - Heat Manmoreless
    • Tesla, a Complicated Girl's Mind
      The net-police create search instructions for Neo WWW... Tesla's age was accidentally indicated in them. When Tesla finds out she becomes very enraged and prepares retaliation plans against the net-police. Meanwhile, a police sponsored robot battle convention is being held and Nenji has taken charge of fireworks production for the event. That day of the event, the new-type robot Thirty runs wild and causes panic in the hall. It is Tesla who is controlling Thirty. Netto and Nenji somehow try to stop Thirty, but... - Heat Manmoreless
    • The Safecracking Man
      System intrusion incidents are occuring in Ameroupe. Enzan and Blues go after the criminal Rat, a net-offender who was just discharged from jail, who is now causing trouble with Asteroid Drillman. Enzan takes on investigation of in intrustion method and finds out there was a person who damaged the bank system by the same means 20 years before the dawn of network society. Enzan visits the net-jail to seek a person who could be connected to Rat and is shocked to find out about a Navi named Colonel being concerned with an incident of those days. - Heat Manmoreless
    • Pink Punch Meiru
      Pink Punch Meiru
      Episode 28
      Netto gets tired from handling all the Asteroid incidents that have been occuring recently. While Dekao thinks he would like to help Netto, he visits Yuuichirou at the science bureau with the wish that he and Gutsman can be made to Cross Fuse. But, Dekao is discouraged from being unable. Meijin, who happened to be passing by, invites Dekao to his own laboratory and offers to have Dekao try Cross Fusing using his own research. But before the experiment can start an incident occures with the communications from Dinasour Land and Dekao and Meiru head to the spot. - Heat Manmoreless
    • Route-san's Close Call!
      Netto and Rockman meet with a female guide program, Route, in an automobile museum. Although Route was once developed to manage the auto pilot system of a car, it was determined that the use of such a system was unpractical and now she works as the role of a museum Navi. That night, the museum system is hijacked by Asteroid Brightman and throughout the city cars began acting on their own. Although Meijin too is unable to control his car, Netto requests aid from Route who was riding with them. - Heat Manmoreless
    • Icy Asteroid Castle
      The nations Sharo and Creamland work together to create a Cross Fusion research institute. Princess Pride inspects the land near the border incognito and meets with Laika there. Asteroid Airman intrudes that area and Laika and Pride face him with Searchman and Knightman, but Airman substantiates and begins to destroy the research institute. They cannot call for aid because of electronic jamming, and Laika and Pride are chased by R Airman through a snowy field. With both of them missing, Netto, who receives a communication, will desperately go after them, but... - Heat Manmoreless
    • Terrible Birthday Present
      Tesla's birthday is drawing near. Although the other Neo WWW members prepare a present for Tesla, it seems her mind is on something else. Tesla feels she should get her own birthday present herself, and begins to form a strategy. Thus incidents occur with the Asteroids of Neo WWW appearing in town practically everyday. However when Netto runs into these mysterious things and cross fuses, the Asteroids flee without doing anything. Netto and co. cannot grasp what Neo WWW is up to. What will occur on Tesla's birthday? - Heat Manmoreless
    • Narcy's Retirement
      Narcy's Retirement
      Episode 24
      Yaito produces Navi dress-up chips in a design contest. Somehow Narcy Hide shines in the grand prix with a pink bunny. Narcy professes he has washed his hands of evil deeds and taken on a life of art after resigning from Neo WWW. However, when Narcy goes to the award ceremony, it appears the contest qualification was restricted to only children, and he's driven out of the hall. The resentful Narcy uses Videoman to attach rabbit ears to Gabgom's game characters. Yaito asks Netto and Rockman to handle the situation, but...

      - Heat Manmoreless
    • Nihao! Net Hermit
      Nihao! Net Hermit
      Episode 23
      When Danpa, a panda and IPC's Animal Farm becomes sick, Netto goes to Choina to get some special medicine. There he meets up with Jasmine again and goes to see her grandfather, Cardamom. However, someone has being stealing the animals to get Cardamom's special medicines, and when they kidnap Dekao and a baby panda, Netto and Jasmine must now rescue their pal.moreless
    • Dekao, Curry Turnover
      The original WWW return to their curry shop, so Netto goes there to eat. There he finds Dekao! Dekao has given up his life as a Net Battler and wants to make curry. Meanwhile, Sunayama and Asteroid Desertman appear and cut off the gas in the shop and nearby areas, so Netto and Dekao go to investigate.moreless
    • Dr. Wilys Daughter
      Dr. Wilys Daughter
      Episode 21
      Misaki, the man who was a victim of Nebula's Dark Synchro Chips is still recovering at a hospital. In the net, Colonel and Rockman become engaged in a battle with Slur, however, she escapes and she awakens Asteroid Bomberman. Asteroid Bomberman attacks the hospital where Misaki is recovering, and he goes after Misaki. However, Misaki may end up with some unlikely help from the person who causes all his problems.moreless
    • Stormy Vacation
      Stormy Vacation
      Episode 20
      Tesla is enjoying a vacation on Resort Island, but when she wants to return to work, she can't because of a storm. Meanwhile, Netto and Yuuichiro come to nearby Taneka Island in order to help launch a communication satellite. After hearing about this, Tesla decides to take the satellite for help with Neo WWW's objectives.moreless
    • The Explosion that Carries Happiness
      Asteroid Napalmman appears and begins to cause havoc. AFtering being injured he becomes separated from hid operator and ends up in the hands of a fireworks lover named Nenji. Nenji nurses Napalmman back to help. Meanwhile, Netto and Rockman search for Asteroid Napalmman, but Nenji turns them away, leaving them confused as to what to do.moreless
    • Sword and Samurai
      Sword and Samurai
      Episode 18
      An incident has been continually occurring where swords and spears are being stolen from museums and art museums. The criminal is Asteroid Yamatoman. He appears in the real world and carries out his objective. Though Netto and Laika follow the incident, they do not know the true identity of the operator. Just at that time Laika's friend Iriya comes to Japan, Laika notices he is strangely in possession of many traditional Japanese arms and begins to suspect him.moreless
    • Dark Chip Again
      Dark Chip Again
      Episode 17
      Dark Chips suddenly begin popping up over the city disguised as normal Battle Chips. Without the entire Navi population at risk of this new Dark Chip threat, something must be done. However, with Dr. Regal defeated no one knows where to begin looking. Netto and Rockman join the search for the Dark Chips.moreless
    • Gravity Diet of Terror!
      Manabe decides to go on a diet. However, two criminals that she is after, Mac and Harry, come into possession of Asteroid Gravityman, and use him to manipulate Manabe's scale and cause her to think that she is extremely overweight as payback for her always chasing them. Meanwhile, Netto is doing so virus checking work on a submarine. Will he make it back to the city and stop Asteroid Gravityman?moreless
    • Icy Invention... de koff!?
      Net Navis are disappearing left and right, and Enzan and Raul begin a search in Ameroupe. In order to due this they conduct phony interviews, which angers an engineer named Ivan Coolisky, who goes to see Enzan. What connection does Ivan have to the missing Navis?
    • Bubble GoGoGo!
      Bubble GoGoGo!
      Episode 14
      With the other Darkloids gone, Bubbleman has become lonely. He goes to Neo WWW where he tells Tesla about a treasure that Shademan once searched for. Tesla is not interested though. Even more sad, Bubbleman convinces Aquaman and Iceman to come search for it with him. However, this worries everyone and soon a search party is sent after the Navis.moreless
    • Jasmine
      Episode 13
      A girl named Jasmine and her Nevi Medi come to Japan under the instruction of her instructor Cardamon. Cardamon tells Jasmine that she must find a certain medicinal herb so that she may become a good pharmacist. However, someone else wants to use Cardamon for their own pruposes and kidnaps Jasmine because of it. Now Netto must track her down and save her.moreless
    • Jawaii Curry and Tomahawk
      Netto goes to Jawaii for a vacation. There he is challenged to a curry match by a guy named Dingo. When they tie, they have a Net Battle, Rockman vs. Tomahawkman, which also results in a tie. THey decide to resolve the battle once and for all the next day. However, all of a sudden all of the island's curry is stolen, and the two frantically search for it.moreless
    • Concrete Jungle
      Concrete Jungle
      Episode 11
      Netto is visiting Hamari where he finds a mutual understanding with Meijin's obsession with animal food-toys. Meanwhile, Inukai of Neo WWW uses Asteroid Beastman to convert vehicles into savage animals. All of the transformed vehicles go on a rampage. Rockman goes to confront Asteroid Beastman, but when he gets into battle he finds himself surrounded by Asteroid Videoman, Asteroid Desertman, and Asteroid Flashman!moreless
    • Rhapsody in Pink
      Rhapsody in Pink
      Episode 10
      The film writer Narcy Hide is furious after a client has severely criticized his latest work. Slur appears and gives Asteroid Videoman to Narcy. Narcy begins to make pin paint balls rain down in the city. When Netto gets hit with one, he gets angry and goes to put a stop to Narcy and Asteroid Videoman.moreless
    • Revival! Neo WWW
      Revival! Neo WWW
      Episode 9
      President Gauss' daughter Tesla announces the establishment of the crime organization Neo World Three. Her first objective is to break her father out of jail, and so she recruits Inukai, Sunayama, and Saiko to help her. Netto and Rockman are helping out with security for the jail, and when Neo WWW attacks, Rockman is the only defense. Can he stop the Asteroid Navis?moreless
    • Calling on Colonel!
      Netto, Enzan, and Yuuicirou go to Ameroupe in order to investigate an explosion in the nearby desert. There they encounter a type of virus that was thought to have been extinct. While battling the tough viruses they are saved by a Navi named Colonel. The viruses then begin to appear in the real world and its up to Netto and Enzan's Cross Fusion to stop them.moreless
    • Navi Car Race!
      Navi Car Race!
      Episode 7
      IPC Corporation is going to hold a car race for Net Navis, and both Rockman and Blues are going to be going up against Saiko Rei's Team Shine. However, Saiko is having trouble getting his Navi to work properly, so Slur appears and presents him Asteroid Flashman. Using Asteroid Flashman, Saiko begins to eliminate the other racers, but he my have some trouble when it comes to Rockman and Bluesmoreless
    • Stone Panic!
      Stone Panic!
      Episode 6
      Slur appears and gives Asteroid Stoneman to a clumsy and dull secretary named Yui. Yui does not think much of Asteroid Stoneman. However, Asteroid Stoneman misinterprets some of her words and begins to create havoc, and it's up to Rockman and Netto to stop them.
    • Fly the Sky, Flirty Rascal!
      Netto and Rockman are investigating recent thefts when they stumble upom a pilot named Charlie. Believing him to the be the criminal, Netto interrogates him, which leads to a battle between Charlie's Navi Gyroman and Rockman. However, the battle is put on hold when Asteroid Desertman appears.
    • Salad Memorial Day?!
      Someone is making all of the vegetables from Netto's school disappear. This angry Netto since it means he can't have his favorite curry. Determined to find out what is going on, Netto stumbles across Mameo, a boy who hates vegetables and his NetNavi - Asteroid Plantman! When Mameo begins to make all vegetables disappear around Japan, Netto must take action!moreless
    • Threat of the Asteroid
      Enzan asks Netto to take part in a commercial for Safari Park. While on the set Netto becomes angry with a worker named Inukai who treats the animals poorly. Chaud also is upset about it, and cancels the shoot. That night Inukai's anger attracts Slur, who gives him Asteroid Beastman, a NetNavi just like the Darkloid Beastman, only with the powers of Duo's comet. Inukai then decides to use Asteroid Beastman for revenge.moreless
    • Earth Erasure
      Earth Erasure
      Episode 2
      Forte is ready to absorb Rockman's Ultimate Program. Blues arrives just in time, but Forte is too powerful for the two Navis. After using BluesSoul, Rockman gives them an opportunity to escape. At the Science Labs Netto and Enzan and briefed in on Duo and his mission. Suddenly, Duo begins his Erasure of the Earth by sending viruses to attack the entire planet. To make matters worse, Forte breaks into the labs and makes his way to the comet, but is stopped by a Navi called Slur.moreless
    • Duo
      Episode 1
      Yuuichirou, Meijin, Manabe, and Kifune discuss a comet that has been flying over Earth ever since Dr. Regal was defeated, afraid that the being Duo has returned to Earth to delete everyone. After dropping Yaito and Dekao off at the airport, Netto, Tohru, Meiru, Chisao, and Higure encounter a giant virus attacking the city....without a dimensional area. As the Science Labs race to geta dimensional area to the scene, Netto and Enzan head to a construction site to stop the virus.moreless
    • Program Of Light & Dark
      Netto & Rockman must stop the dreaded "Tadashi Hikari" program before it's too late!
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