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TV Tokyo (ended 2005)


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  • Stream is the continuation of Axess in which a navi duo resurrects evil navi's and gives them to others to see what they'll do. Lan then forms Team Synchro a group of people who can crossfuse to help out in the fight w/ Neowww,New nebula,Bass & Duo.

    I love everything about this series. I love the Duo and Asteroid navi plot, the theme song "Be somewhere"(my favorite song), the epic, weird and funny fights against neo world three, the forming of New Nebula, the movie, & the forming of the Cross Fusion members, I love everything about this series. This show was greatly under realized and i'm ticked the U.S.A won't air it. It's not fair. The reason I like this series of EXE is because it's based on my favorite Megaman games, BN3, BN4,& BN5 my all time favorite. All in all, I'm just a diehard fan of the EXE series and I'd be glad if anyone could tell me a decent site where I can watch the episodes or buy the DVD's for a good price. This show is awesome and when i get my levels up I'll start my own thread.
  • One of the best in the series!

    Out of the few episodes that I have seen of this series, Beast, Beast +, and the first two which aired in the US, I must say that this has got to be by far my favorite. The series focuses on the arrival of Duo's comet, which threatens to eradicate Earth. To combat this, Netto and his friends begin to fight the Asteroid Navis that Duo's associate, Slur, gives to people, more Darkloids, and Neo WWW. With this, more and more characters are given the ability to cross fuse and soon after attain the Crest of Duo, which enables them to see the comet. As the series nears its final episodes, the plot also throws in time traveling. One of the reasons why I love this particular version of the EXE series is that it has more characters fighting and saving the world rather than just having Netto and Rockman do it. Sure in the beginning the Net Saviors do most of the fighting, meaning Netto/Rockman and Enzan/Blues, but they start introducing characters left and right and the team of battlers that can use the Synchro chips expands. The characters used in this series come from Battle Network 3, 4, and 5. The Asteroid Navis may just be the older navis that were already introduced as darkloids, but the new twists on them more than compensate for the navi-recycling. It's a shame that it has not and most likely will not be dubbed into English, as this is my favorite series and I would love to watch it in its entirety.
  • The Best Anime Season Ever

    Rockman EXE Stream (in my oppinion) has delivered the best story ever... It combines both main elements of MBN 4 and 5 , adding some original anime stuff.. Planet Earth is on the verge of destruction when Duo wants to destroy it to dispose of all evil, thanks to his two probes, Regal and Yoriko, which is actually the source of it. But the usage of cross fusion intrigues Duo to give earth a chance, by giving the Crest of Duo to specific person... Meanwhile, his subordinate Slur goes aroubd the world, giving bad people Asteroid navis.. As more Asteroid navis are given, so are the Crests, finally forming the Cross Fusion Team, including our heroes Netto, Rockman, Enzan, Blues and many more, which all of them became the Cross Fusion Team.. Matters get worse when Regal returns with a new league of Darkloids... So its up to the Cross Fusion Team to stop these threats and save the world

    A movie was also released, which was ibteresting coz ot has connection wuth the series

    The Good- Very nice story, appearance of old enemies and heroes, Forte really shines this time

    The Bad- None, coz I love this series very very much