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Rockman EXE

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Based on the popular Battle Network Rockman EXE video-games for the Game Boy Advance, as well as the manga by CoroCoro Comics, is the story in a world where technology flourishes. Everyone is heavily dependent on technology, with computers being integrated into even the simplest of microwave ovens. Everyone carries around a portable computer called a PET (Personal Exploration Terminal), which contains their Net Navi... a warrior program used as an artificial companion and combatant against viruses! The anime follows an 11-year-old boy named Netto Hikari and this Net Navi Rockman as they they thwart net crime syndicates, such as the World Three (WWW) and Gospel! With the help of their friends and rivals, Netto and Rockman come out on top to protect the real and cyber worlds from criminals! The series was translated and made it's English debut as Megaman NT Warrior in May 2003. The Japanese version continued on as four more series titled Rockman EXE Axess, Rockman EXE Stream, Rockman EXE Beast, and Rockman EXE Beast.

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  • Rockman EXE Its The Year 200X and it is almost like living in a video game. Hikari Netto starts off with a crappy netnavi but all of a sudden the next day after instaling a new program (which he thought was nothing)turned out to be a personal navi Rockmanmoreless

    Rockman EXE is a tv show in Japan and i thought it was a great tv show i got addicted to the games... then the manga etc, and then i thought about the dubbed version and then thought i would give Rockman EXE a try and when i saw the first episode i was just totally addicted i could\'nt stop downloading them until i decided i would burn them to a DVD and i did they are just so cool i just dont like the Japanese Names they are sort of stupid but other than that that is a great showmoreless
  • There are some people out there who believe the show Megaman NT Warrior is really good. Have you watched the original, official, DECENT verison anyone!?

    Ok. Just to start with, for those who think this show is bad... what have you been watching!? Megaman NT Warrior?

    Because beleive me, Rockman.EXE is so much better than the english dub - considering it has so much more! Uncensored weapons, uncut footage, decent voice acting, and a brilliant soundtrack. Compared to most animes, Rockman.EXE is completely original. Instead of being about a group of characters going out to save the world every five minutes, it's about a kid and his best friend fighting hackers, while all the while trying to keep up their normal life. It's a great show. For those out there who don't like it... all I can advise you to do is go eat rocks.moreless
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