Rockman EXE

TV Tokyo (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Virus Busters!
      Virus Busters!
      Episode 31
      Yuuichirou becomes trapped in a Jawaii shopping mall during dimensional area research, causing viruses and net navis to appear in the real world! Netto and co. go in to save him, and begin battling the water-intolerant viruses with squirt guns.
    • Blues's Long Day
      Blues's Long Day
      Episode 30
      In order to gain a contract with Maeda, Enzan begins helping in the construction of a new PET style. Maeda's co-worker, however, steals the research for himself, and sicks his navi, Drillman, after Blues!
    • Chisao Comes to Town!
      Dekao's little brother Chisao, visiting from Ameroupe, is given a net navi by a strange man. The navi, imitating Gutsman and wielding the name Kutsman, comes at a price: Chisao must destroy World Three.
    • Commander Beef VS. Netto-kun!
      In this charming episode, Yaito sets up a tournament between Higure, Masa, and Commander Beef with Mariko's love as the prize.
    • Secret of the Ayanokouji House!
      A robotic vacuum malfunctions and sucks up everyone's PETs before vanishing into the depths of Yaito's mansion! Everyone gets ready to travel through the trap-filled dungeons and rescue their navis.
    • Moment of Collapse!
      Elecman and Magnetman do battle, and Elecman sacrifices his own life to help Rockman delete Magnetman. Gospel begins to consume the rest of the internet, but Rockman appears to battle the beast. When nothing works to defeat the beast, the Net Agents devise a plan, but will it, or anything allow them to defeat Gospel once and for all?moreless
    • Forte
      Episode 25
      Gospel's plan is slowly unfolding. Blues has been defeated, Freezeman and Heatman are locked in battle, the Gospel beast is slowly destroying the net, and all hope is gone. Although Netto and his friends manage to locate Rockman and save him with the help of World Three, Forte still makes off with something he obtained from Rockman. While traveling the net to find a way to defeat Gospel, Rockman and the other navis are attacked by Magnetman. Meanwhile, Forte decides to confront the Gospel Beast.moreless
    • Gospel
      Episode 24
      As Gospel continues to destroy the net, things heat up. Enzan leaves to heal his company, while Gospel sends Freezeman to capture Forte. However, Forte has his own plans and in he middle of battle, he capture Rockman and takes him away. Before Freezeman can chase him, Heatman shows up for revenge. Meanwhile Blues goes head to head with the Gospel beast.moreless
    • Cybernetic Monster!
      Gospel's ultimate plan begins as the Cybernetic Monster Gospel is unleashed upon Net City. Nothing is safe as the beast goes after everything and its ultimate goal is the destruction of the net. Meanwhile the mysterious navi Forte is watching the events unfold.
    • Net Mobile Grand Prix!
      Gabcom has invented a new form of net-based sports: net racing! A Grand Prix is going to be held, and everyone is going to participate, including Netto and his friends, World Three, and the Net Agents. Meanwhile the Cutman Brothers are back to get their revenge on Rockman once and for all!moreless
    • Dr. Wily's Inheritance!
      World Three receives a message from the deceased Dr. Wily, telling them about a chip containing his mater plan somewhere in the arctic mountains. World Three decides to go after it, but Rush tells Netto's group, and together with Gauss, it becomes three way race to get the chip.
    • Let's Go to the Moon!
      Commander Beef travels to the moon to solve a problem, but is trapped without air by Planetman! Rockman travels to the moon, in hopes to rescue him, but Planetman has other plans.
    • Knightman's Betrayal!
      When Knightman betrays Creamland, Princess Pride contacts Netto and asks for his help. The gang flies to Creamland to save Knightman, but once he is free, an even greater threat arrives in Creamland.
    • Take Me Out to the Ball Game!
      A new student moves to town after his pro baseball player father gets transferred. In order to make him feel welcome, everyone decides to play baseball to cheer him up.
    • Switching Jobs to Gospel!
      Madoi is sick of the boring life she has had ever since World Three was disbanded. When she receives a letter from a member of Gospel asking her to work for them, she jumps at the chance. Meanwhile, the Net Agents are planning to infiltrate Gauss' costume party in order to gain a lead on Gospel.moreless
    • The Dog Named Rush!
      One day Netto comes home and finds Rush in his living room! It turns out that the net is out of whack lately. Not only is Rush appearing in the real world, but a cat virus is going around turning navis into cat versions of themselves! Netto decides to get rid of the virus, but that maybe easier said then done.moreless
    • I'll Battle You!
      I'll Battle You!
      Episode 15
      While the gang is visiting Masa's new food stand some guy snatches their snacks! The guy's name is Aragoma Torakichi and he is a netbattler skilled with the knowledge of chess. He says that no one can beat him, and Netto and Meiru decide to prove him wrong.
    • Pretty Pretty Princess!
      A mysterious NetBattler arrives in town and beats Gutsman easily. However he flees before Netto gets a chance to battle. Netto pursues him, where he discovers that he is actually Princess Pride of Creamland, and that Freezeman has sent Shadowman after her NetNavi Knightman to delete his Anti-Virus Program.
    • Strangely Strong! Cutman Brothers!
      Following the deletion of their brother at the hands of Rockman, the Cutman Brothers are out for revenge! They trap Rockman in a origami Chinatown where he must face fake versions of his friends. To make matters worse, one wrong move and it's over in an instant.
    • Crimson Flash!
      Crimson Flash!
      Episode 12
      Although Netto and friends' invasion of Gospel's virus factory succeeded, there was a casualty. While trying to escape, Fireman was pursued by Freezeman and deleted. Now, Hinoken must choose his own destiny by deciding how to get revenge for Fireman, and who is this new mysterious navi Heatman?
    • Plan to Turn Densan City Antarctic!
      A heat wave is striking the city, but thankfully new portable penguin air conditioners are now available to relieve the heat anywhere and anytime. However, it turns out that the air conditioners are just a plan by Gospel to freeze the entire city!
    • 0 Seconds Before the Dam Breaks!
      Saroma takes Netto and his friends on a camping trip to the Okuden Forest. However, it turns out that she is also there on Net Agent business. A hacker has been causing mishaps, and his next target is the nearby dam. Meanwhile, Saroma and the kids run into Saroma's childhood friend Daisuke. They soon catch up and talk about the good old days. That night, Saroma wakes up and notices that Daisuke is gone. She then goes to investigate the dam.moreless
    • Electronic Money Mayhem!
      Higure has gone broke and must close his chip shop. He meets a man named Magnets Gauss who gives him an offer of a lifetime. That day, a navi named Magnetman hacks into the bank and switches around accounts, and the next day Higure is rich, while Yaito is now poor. Enzan's company is also beginning to lose money. Netto and the others decide to put a stop to this and find the source of the problem.moreless
    • Crush the Virus Factory!
      In one of the most bizarre events ever, it somehow begins raining in Net City, and swarms of virues have begun attacking the city. With the main access to the city cut off, Netto and the others access the city through Higure's secret connection. The navis go to invade the virus factory, but a new sinister net organization has arrived, and they are ready to ensure they conquer the net.moreless
    • Net City
      Net City
      Episode 7
      Netto returns from his world tour. Meiru comes over to his house and tells him that while he was gone, an internet city named Net City has been created. She has Roll take Rockman on a tour. The city has everything the real world does, but just for net navis! However, an evil plot is unfolding. Glide calls upon Netto and Meiru to hurry over to Yaito's house as she is in danger.moreless
    • A Splendid Curry Battle!
      Netto travels to Namaste as the final stop on his world tour. He is offered a curry tour where he will get to try almost 100 different kinds of curry, which is his favorite food. Meanwhile, Mahajarama has assembled the former World Three members in Namaste, He reveals his ultimate plan. He will make the ultimate curry while defeating Netto at the same time! World Three's PET are hooked up to a machine which will make curry. The better they work together, the better the curry. But will they be able to work together to make the ultimate curry and defeat Netto once and for all?moreless
    • Elec Mama's Energized Plan!
      With World Three now disbanded, Count Elec has lost all motivation in life and wanders around with no hope. He returns to his childhood home where he reunites with his mother. Meanwhile, Netto's tour bus breaks down in front of their house and he goes inside to make a phone call. However, it is all a trap by Count Elec's mom who lures Netto into a deadly rematch with Count Elec and Elecman.moreless
    • Trap of the Poison Snake Lady!
      Netto visits Brand City as the next stop on his world tour. At a nearby shop Rockman notices a purse that Netto's mom wants, and Netto wants to buy it, but it costs way to much. The shop owner then tells him about a secret underground contest where if you win you get whatever prize you want. Netto enters it, but the host, Ms. Millionaire and her navi Snakeman have plans for the unaware pair.moreless
    • Rockman Stolen!
      Rockman Stolen!
      Episode 3
      Netto's second stop on his world tour is the city of Ameroupe. When Enzan blows off a ceremony to celebrate his win of the N1 Grand Prix, Netto is put as his replacement. During the ceremony, a group of boys steal his PET. Netto begins a city wide search for Rockman. When he finally finds him, he encounters the "leader" of downtown, and his navi Thunderman, and is forced to battle with them.moreless
    • To Become an Idol!
      The island of Jawaii is holding a contest to see who can best impersonate the new insanely popular cyber idol Aki, and all of the girls are entering. However, the contest turns out to be a trap to kidnap all of the contestants!
    • Bizarre! Ghost Ship Mystery!
      Netto earns a free world trip because he came in second place in the N! Grand Prix, and the first stop is Jawaii. Yaito flies everyone else to the island. The vacation is going great until Masa and Tohru suddenly disappear. It turns out that they were taken aboard a ghost ship, and everyone heads to the ship to find them.moreless
  • Season 1