Rocko's Modern Life

Season 2 Episode 5

Boob Tubed / Commuted Sentence

Aired Unknown Nov 06, 1994 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Boob Tubed: Rocko buys a new entertainment system and Heffer gets sucked into it. Commuted Sentence: Rocko's car gets impounded and he has to rely on public transportation to get to work.

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  • Boob Tubed is an innovative episode about Rocko's need for a sensible new t.v.

    The episode starts out with Rocko, Filbert and Heffer in an electronics store checking out new gadgets. They look at a lot of t.v.s but Rocko ends up settling for the "Mr. Sensible" model t.v. Rocko goes to check out with the self check out but encounters a problem. His account is ultimately charged with the Hibatchi big screen t.v. that is way more expensive than the one he really wants. To initiate the introducton of a new t.v Heffer goes out and rents, litteraly, a truck full of movies. When they end up watching all of the movies Rocko says He is done for the night but Heffer comments that they still have over 100 channels of cable to watch. Rocko and Filbert end up falling asleep while Heffer gets sucked in to the tv and watches like a zombie. He scoots closer to the t.v. and ends up getting his brain sucked out. Rocko and Filbert wake up to find mindless Heffer sitting in front of the t.v. and they conclude that his brain has been sucked into the t.v. They mount an expedition through the t.v. and comes across the "control room" where a bug handles all of the requests for programming. He tells the pair that Heffers brain is in a pile of brains found inside the building. They find Heffer's brain and end up bringing it back to him. When they get back Rocko decides to throw out his new t.v. and they end up entertaining themselves with the impressions of Filbert.moreless
Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Rocko, Spunky, Rabbit

Charlie Adler

Charlie Adler

Ed Bighead, Bev Bighead, The Fatheads, Hippo Lady, Heffer's Father, Grandpa Wolfe, Mr. Dupette

Joe Murray

Joe Murray

Ralph Bighead

Mr. Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence

Filbert, Heffer's Mother

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Heffer Wolfe, Mr. Smitty, Peaches

Recurring Role

Linda Wallem

Linda Wallem

Dr. Hutchison, Virginia Wolfe, Winnifred Wolfe (1993-1996)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • The Spanish soap opera's line: "Maria, esta libros estan tardes... por la biblioteca." sends Rocko, Heffer and Filburt into tears (and is also heard again, when Really Really Big Man watches TV in Short Story), but whether this is sad or exciting is odd because it translates to "Maria, the book is overdue, I am going to the library" or "Maria, the book is late to the library" it seems hardly dramatic to most people, except for anyone who lives in O-Town.

    • In "Boob Tubed", after Rocko gets the entertainment system, he is charged $1 per month for the next 632 years. That's $7584.

    • In "Boob Tubed", while Heffer is surfing channels on the TV, on one of the channels you can hear a snippet of the show's theme music.

    • The beaver policeman does the math equation of 5 times 42 and gets 47,000 as the answer. That is not the correct answer to 5 X 42, which is actually 210.

    • Some of the videos seen that Heffer brings home include "Uncle Fred," "Butt Bingo," "Fight Me," "Cup Drinker," "Velcro Pal," "The Night We Met," "The Night We Met II," "A-B-C," and "My Favorite Steer."

    • When Heffer remembers what Filburt said, he thinks it wrong. Filburt said, "Don't STAND too close" but Heffer's thought says "Don't SIT too close."

  • QUOTES (10)

    • (Mr. Smitty shows Rocko a chart and points on a picture of a clock on the chart)
      Mr. Smitty: What is this, huh?
      Rocko: A clock.
      Mr. Smitty: And what does it tell us, hmm?
      Rocko: Time.
      Mr. Smitty: And how do we get a clock, hmm?
      Rocko: Go to a clock store.
      Mr. Smitty: AND?!
      Rocko: Buy one.
      Mr. Smitty: WITH WHAT?!
      Rocko: Money.
      Mr. Smitty: MONEY! Good. So, any MORON can see that time equals...WHAT, HUH?
      Rocko: Money?
      Mr. Smitty: I CAN'T HEAR YOU!
      Rocko: M-M-Money.
      Mr. Smitty: HMM?!
      Rocko: MONEY SIR! TIME IS MONEY!!!
      Mr. Smitty: I hope it won't be necessary to have this little chat again. JUST BE ON TIME!

    • (After Rocko makes his way to the Comic Shop, he drops to Mr. Smitty's feet panting)
      Rocko: Oh, good morning Mr. Smitty. Am I on time?
      Mr. Smitty: Actually, you are on time. (Rocko gives a relieved face) On be...FIRED!!!

    • Rocko: Do you think we shoulda left Heffer alone?
      Filburt: Where could he possibly go?
      (cut to a naked Heffer banging in to the front door and finally getting out)

    • Heffer: Okay, here goes! Let the TV party begin! (the TV starts up and blows Rocko, Heffer, and Filburt back towards the wall)
      Rocko: Ehh uhhh, Hef quick, the remote! (Heffer struggles to reach the remote and turns the TV off)
      Heffer: Oooohie! That was a hoot!

    • Rocko: I can't believe you got me into this mess. I wanted Mr. Sensible y'know. (referring to the TV model he picked out earlier)
      Heffer: Look at it this way Rocko, it's only a dollar a month for the next.. 632 years.

    • Heffer: Wow, look at all the buttons. Watch this. Eject.. close.. (says it 8 times)
      (electronic box fries and they all look at each other)
      Rocko: Hey look at that over there!
      (they talk over each other about the new thing they are looking at)
      Heffer: Ohhh, I think I'm gonna cry.

    • Cabbie: Read sign! No barfing!

    • Heffer: (his brain has been stolen by the television) Go to the petunia at once, Corncob! (drools) Makes a great meat substitute for undershorts.

    • (from "Boob Tubed")
      Guy in the TV: Reruns, reruns, don't people ever get tired of that junk?

    • Man: Maria, los libros estan tardes por la biblioteca.
      Maria: (sob)
      Rocko, Filburt & Heffer: (sob)

  • NOTES (0)