Rocko's Modern Life

Nickelodeon (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • No episodes have been added for this season of Rocko's Modern Life.
  • Season 4
    • 11/24/96
      Turkey Time: Rocko tries to protect the Thanksgiving Turkeys that have taken refuge at his house.

      Floundering Fathers: After Mr. Bighead, as Grand Marshall of the O-Town Founder's Day Parade, rejects Rocko's parade float entry, Mr. Bighead, Filburt and Heffer tell their versions of the founding of O-Town.
    • Put Out to Pasture: Heffer overdoses on Pasture Puffies (a snack food said to contain potentially harmful substances) and is rushed to the hospital. While he is in a coma, Rocko, Filburt, and the Bigheads reminisce about past experiences with the steer. Future Schlock: While exploring Rocko's old home, Filburt's sons, in the future now grown up, find a banana in the fridge. They go to their father, now aged, to explain the story behind the banana in the fridge. In flashbacks, we learn that Conglom-O had put Ed Bighead in charge of a experiment monkey. Rocko and Heffer found out, and tried to save the chimp.moreless
    • Hypno-Puppy Luv:
      Rocko thinks he's a dog after Heffer hypnotizes him.

      Driving Mrs. Wolfe:
      Virginia talks Rocko into teaching her how to drive.
    • 7/19/96
      Rocko is arrested after a game of Doorbell Ditch gets out of hand.

      Rug Birds:
      Filburt talks Rocko into going wig-snatching with him.
    • Heff in a Handbasket / Wallaby on Wheels
      Heff in a Handbasket: Heffer unknowingly trades his soul for an opportunity to be on a TV game show. Wallaby on Wheels: Rocko takes up roller-skating to impress a girl.
    • The High-Five of Doom:
      Rocko and Heffer think that Filburt is an alien who vaporizes Earthlings by high-fiving them. After reading his journal, Heffer is scared and tells Rocko. They soon get unsuspecting results.

      Fly Burgers:
      After Rocko gets Flecko the fly off his burgers, Flecko pretends to get hurt and decides to sue Rocko.moreless
    • 7/16/96
      Closet Clown: Ed Bighead has trouble accepting the fact that he enjoys being a clown. Seat to Stardom: Rocko and Heffer's friendship is strained when Rocko unwittingly finds fame as a high-fashion underwear model.
    • 7/15/96
      S.W.A.K.: Rocko tries to get a love letter back that was intended for his mail carrier. Magic Meatball: Ed Bighead earns a series of promotions by relying on a "Magic Meatball" (kind of like a "Magic 8-Ball") to make business decisions.
    • Mama's Boy / Feisty Geist
      Mama's Boy: Heffer moves out of his parent's place to prove he's capable of making it on his own. Feisty Geist: Heffer faces the wrath of a spirit that he wronged in a former life.
    • Wimp on the Barbie / Yarnbenders
      Wimp on the Barbie: Rocko prepares for a visit from his grade-school bully, Dingo.

      Yarnbenders: Rocko and Heffer read fairy tales, with a bit of improvisation, to Filburt to entertain him as he recovers from a cold.
    • 7/10/96
      Ed Good, Rocko Bad: Rocko and Mr. Bighead run against each other for the office of Dog Catcher. Teed Off: Heffer helps Mr. Bighead win a golf game that has been rigged in Mr. Dupette's favor.
    • Pranksters:
      It's April Fools' Day in O-Town and Heffer suspects that he is being targeted for revenge after his practical jokes get out of hand.

      From Here to Maternity:
      Rocko, Heffer and Filburt are arrested during a raid on an Easter Bunny ring (posing as a maternity group) while caring for Filburt and Dr. Hutchinson's egg.

    • With Friends Like These: Heffer and Filburt compete for Rocko's friendship after Rocko wins two tickets to a wrestling match. Sailing the Seven Zzzz's: Mr. Bighead, while sleepwalking, thinks he's a pirate and tries repeatedly to get a treasure map from Rocko.
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