Rocko's Modern Life

Season 3 Episode 8

Fortune Cookie / Dear John

Aired Unknown Dec 17, 1995 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • During one of the destruction sce es, the O-town part of the opening sequence for the show appears but it's mostly different. For starters, Rocko, Spunky, Earl and Heffer are missing from the scene. Also, Filburt is not grinning but just smiling. When Bev appears to put Ed's head back to the toaster, she looks at the left side of the screen when she's suppose to look at the toaster. Also, one of the Chameleon Brothers is mirrored to the right position instead of the left and both of the brothers have different goofy eyes instead of the same eye position, looking at the right side. Another error is that the theme song that plays is the beginning of the theme, it should have been towards the end of the chrous.

    • At first, the Canadian television beaver is referred to as Bob Bucky Taylor, but then he is just called Bucky Taylor.

    • In "Fortune Cookie", the man typing the fortunes is reading the one about bad luck out loud, and when he does he says "Bad luck and EXTREME misfortune will infest your pathetic soul for all eternity". When we see the fortune itself, they have left out the word 'extreme'. But that was only in the first fortune that Filburt read. The word "extreme" is included after the very first one he reads.

  • Quotes

    • Really Really Big Man: I'm suffering from... NIPPLE BLINDNESS!

    • Bob: And were back with our three contestants, Rocko . . .
      Rocko: Hi Bob.
      Bob: Nutsy McNutly . . .
      Nutsy: (makes annoying sounds)
      Bob: And our returning champion a big can of baked beans!

    • Bucky Taylor: Okay, where's my smacky hitty poundy thing there?

    • Really Really Big Man: All right. Just take it easy, fellow.
      Pigeon: (sitting on top of the statue of O-Town's founder) There's no talking me out of it, Big Man. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna drop the big one!
      Really Really Big Man: Just calm down and think about what you're doing here.
      Pigeon: Think about what? I'm a pigeon for corn's sake. I got nothin' else to live for!
      Really Really Big Man: Just gaze into my Nipples of the Future and see that you are wrong.
      Pigeon: (looks into Big Man's Nipples) Streisand tickets???!! Front row!

    • Announcer: Spoon! From the people who brought you Fork!

    • Game Show Host: How big is Really Really Big Man's kitchen?
      Rocko: Uhhh... really really.
      Game Show Host: Correct. We would've also accepted humongus.

    • Filburt: (with a full bag of fortune cookies) We're gonna do it right this time. Go ahead, Rocko. Pick.
      Rocko: Uh, gee, I don't know, Fil--
      Filburt: (furious) Just open a cookie!
      Rocko: (reading) You are an optimist at heart and in practice. Filburt: Heff?
      : (reading) Enjoy the lighter things in life. Deeper joys will follow.
      Filburt: (happy) And mine says, "Bad luck and extreme misfortune will infest your pathetic soul for all eternity."

    • Rocko: My living room, it's a bathroom. My closet is a bathroom. My basement is a bathroom! My ballroom is a bathroom!! EVEN MY BATHROOM IS A BATHROOM!!!!!!!!! Well, I guess that's okay.

    • Announcer: ITS A SPOON! But not just any Spoon, this spoon is made of steel. STAINLESS STEEL!

  • Notes

    • When Rocko and Heffer are rebuilding their kitchen, you can hear Heffer say the "First, remove outer housing plate screw" line from "Maniac Mechanic."

    • The third time out of many that the name "Ferb" is used on Rocko's Modern Life. (Here, Ferb is the name of the laughing hyena contractor.)

    • In "Dear John" when the guy looks at Rocko's destroyed kitchen his laugh sounds just like the laugh Ickis makes.

    • Signs of good luck portrayed: Four-leaf clovers, lucky rabbit's feet, and horseshoes.

    • Signs of bad luck humorously portrayed: Black cats following the victim around, mirrors breaking, walking under a ladder, opening an umbrella inside the house.

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