Rocko's Modern Life

Season 4 Episode 11

Hypno-Puppy Luv / Driving Mrs. Wolfe

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 1996 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

"Driving Mrs. Wolfe"

As the episode starts we see a crazed looking bull in a giant, spiked and armored vehicle. His tires are spinning as he accelerates toward a shiny red car. Who's in the car? Rocko and Heffer's mom, Virginia Wolfe. Rocko screams as the scene freezes. Another Rocko walks from the corner of the screen and asks how he got in to this situation. It all started a few days.....

Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe are sitting in a brand new red car. Heffer's dad talks about how great the car is. How fast it is, how nice it handles and how great it looks. Thing is, the car hasn't left the driveway. Mr. Wolfe doesn't want a single scratch on his new car. Later at the Wolfe's dinner table, the entire family is anxious to go for a ride in the new car. Mr. Wolfe turns them all down. Just to make sure his car is safe, Hef's dad puts the key on a display case, and then activates laser all around it. No one can drive his car now.

The next day Rocko pulls up to the Wolfe household to see if Heffer is home. After Mrs. Wolfe tells him Hef is out with the rest of the family, she asks him if he'll take her to the store. She tells Rocko she can't drive and Rocko offers to teach her. They go to an empty parking lot where Rocko has Virginia drive around some light poles. After she hits every one of them, she reverses in to all the ones behind her. Rocko gets some helmets for Mrs. Wolfe and himself. They head out on to the road where Rocko teaches Virginia how to Parallel Park and read road signs. The results of Parallel Parking do not go well, and the road signs are confusing, including a Cheese Crossing. After hitting the second fire hydrant and flooding the car, Mrs. Wolfe accidently stops on some railroad tracks just as the warning gates are lowered. At least they were wearing their seatbelts when a speeding train destroyed the car.

Rocko takes Virginia home right as his now-totaled car falls apart, bursts into flames and gets hit by a meteor. Virginia offers to drive him home in the new car. She unplugs Mr. Wolfe's laser contraption and takes the keys. They head on to the freeway. Mrs. Wolfe accidentally drives past Rocko's exit and turns on to the next exit, named Demolition Derby. They come down a ramp right in the center of a stadium filled with other demolition racers and a large crowd of people, including the rest of the Wolfe family. Mr. Wolfe is bragging the guy next to him about his new car. He even shows him some pictures of the car, which the guy sees in the middle of the arena. The other races see the car and all decide to go for the new, shiny car.

Mr. Wolfe sees his car in the middle of the arena and acts as if he were having a heart attack, even going as far as faking his own death. Mrs. Wolfe notices she is facing the wrong way and reverses away from a horde of oncoming cars. Mrs. Wolfe keeps narrowly missing a collision and certain doom for several minutes. The other demolition races end up running in to each other and the walls of the arena. All other cars have been destroyed, except The Thrasher. This is the car seen in the opening of the episode, which brings us to the same scene as the start of the episode. Both cars rev their engines until they both start accelerating at each other, then narrowly miss a head on collision. The Thrasher hits a hydrant in the middle of the arena and fills up with water. Virginia won the Demolition Derby!

Mr. Wolfe drives the family home and tells Virginia they'll get her license tomorrow. They rest of the family asks if they can drive and they get the same response as always, "NO!" Mr. Wolfe takes one more look at his shiny red car and shuts the garage door. After a few seconds, the vibrations of the garage door slamming causes all the paint buckets, tools and equipment on the shelves to come crashing down on to the car, completely destroying it.