Rocko's Modern Life

Season 3 Episode 7

I See London, I See France / The Fatlands

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 1995 on Nickelodeon
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I See London, I See France / The Fatlands
I See London, I See France: Rocko and Heffer go to France only to meet up with a crazed bus driver, miss all the important sights, eat Chokey Chicken, and fall in love.

The Fatlands: Spunky gains a great deal of weight, providing a new adventure for Bloaty and Squirmy, and a great deal of pain and nausea for Rocko's Modern Life fans.moreless

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  • Rocko and Heffer...go on a tour of Paris...with a tour group and one crazy bus-driver...rocko is looking forward to the tour, but quickly finds out that the tour has nothing to do with Paris...when..rocko finds out the true meaning of Paris "LOVE&quomoreless

    I simply love this episode....the characters were awesome as usual...I love the bus-driver he is so crazy...excellent...this episode just simply rocks! I also the part when Heffer is being chased by the bus-driver...that is also very funny...I found the very last scene funny too where Rocko is sad and they asked Rocko why he was sad..he said he'd lost the girl of his dreams..they responded..."She's at the Eiffel Tower...all chessy love stories end there." and finally the ending sequence too was funny...where Heffer and Rocko are sitting in the airplane looking at the pictures and the bus-driver is yelling at them to get back on the bus...and he falls to his knees and yells "NOOOOOO!" Hilarious....I just love this episode!moreless
Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Heffer Wolfe, Bloaty, the Bus Driver, Blood Brother 1, Sheriff, Various

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Rocko, Spunky, Squirmy, Blood Brother 2, Various

Linda Wallem

Linda Wallem

Dr. Hutchison, Claudette

Charlie Adler

Charlie Adler

Skunk, Frog, Bartender, Bosko Blood, Various

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The name of the newspaer in "Fatlands" is The Daily Parasite.

    • Rocko reads a Wogue Magazine on the flight. This is a parody of Vogue Magazine.

    • Reply to goof number 1. The UK is the only country in Europe where people drive on the left. In France, and other countries such as Germany, people drive on the right.

    • When Rocko sees that girl wallaby he chases, the steering wheel in her car is on the left. Rocko and Heffer are in Europe, Europeans drive on the left of the road and their steering wheels are on the right.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Rocko: I think you just missed the Eiffel Tower exit.
      (The Bus Driver quickly stops the bus and approaches Rocko)
      Bus Driver: (mockingly) We didn't get to see the Eiffel Tower! I think we just missed the Eiffel Tower! (angrily) What if everybody wanted to see whatever they wanted to, hmm? Hey everyone, number 11 wants to deviate from our pre-established route to take a big fat visit to the Eiffel Tower. (screaming) Would it be alright with you, your highness number 11, if we go ahead and continue along our original schedule?! Hmm?! Would that be okay?!
      (Rocko nods nervously)
      Bus Driver: (calmly) Okay! So, who here's hungry for a little authentic French cuisine?
      (everyone on the bus cheers)

    • Bus Driver: Ooh! Quick! Over there on your left! Man, that's gotta be the ugliest person I've ever seen.

    • (at Heffer after finding that Rocko has left his tour)
      Bus Driver: (screaming) No one leaves during my tour! Never! Come on, where is he?! (begins shaking Heffer) Talk, you piece of garbage! (slowly approaches the front of the bus and speaks normally) How can someone leave without thinking of the consequences? If word of this gets out, I'll be ruined! I've got a wife and two kids to think of, ya know? (shows a picture of a bowl of fruit as he begins to lose his composure again) What about them huh? Where does that leave them?! Why?!! WHY?!! (turns around to see Heffer escaping) What are you doing, number 13?! You're not planning to leave me, too, are you? (as Heffer finally gets himself out the bus window, the bus driver reaches his window and raises his voice) I haven't authorized you to exit this bus! Get back on this bus and we'll forget the whole thing! (Heffer runs away) NUMBER 13!

    • Heffer: (imitating Rocko during roll call) Uh... here, mate!

    • Poodle: Say, why ze sad face?
      Rocko: The girl of my dreams is somewhere in this city, but I just can't find her.
      Poodle: Aw, zees eez no problem. She's at ze Eiffel Tower.
      Rocko: Really?
      Poodle: Sure. All cheesy love stories end there.

    • Bloaty: I get up, go to work, go home, watch TV, and go to bed. Up. Work. Home. TV. Bed. Up. Work. Home TV. Bed.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The tilte "I See London, I See France" is based on the children's poem: "I see London, I see France/I see Mommy's underpants."


    • Title: The Fatlands

      The title is a parody of "Badlands," a term meaning dry, barren land. It's also a 1973 film by Terrence Malick.

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