Rocko's Modern Life

Season 1 Episode 4

Keeping Up With the Bigheads / Skid Marks

Aired Unknown Dec 05, 1993 on Nickelodeon
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Keeping Up With the Bigheads:
Ed Bighead wants to dispose of Rocko, so he tips off a home inspector of Rocko's messiness, so Rocko must clean up before the inspector comes.

Skid Marks:
When Rocko gets pulled over by the police because his gas cap is missing, his car gets into the pound and he has to go through driving school all over again, where Rocko is repeatedly warned not to have "the fat guy" as an instructor.


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  • Heffer helps Rocko fix up his house after Mr. Bighead tries to have the city condemn it.

    "Keeping Up With The Bigheads"

    The episode opens with a cover shot of "Groovy Homes and Gardens" showing the Bigheads lawn. We see Mr. Bighead in his front yard trimming the edges on one of his amazingly detailed hedges. He is wearing goggles that alert him of any insect activity. He finds a bug lounging on a leaf. He picks it up and drops it in to a box filled with thousands of bugs and insects of all shapes and sizes. The bug shouts up to Ed and swears vengeance.

    Mr. Bighead detects 2 more lazy leeches. It's Rocko and Heffer sitting on lawn chairs. Just then a weed from Rocko's yard slips in to Ed's and wraps around his flowers, choking them. Ed fights the weed with an axe but the weed beats him pretty bad. After Rocko and Heffer decide it's time to watch TV, they get a knock at their door. It's Mr. Bighead and he tell's Rocko that his nephew is coming at 6 to condemn his house.

    Rocko and Heffer see how bad his house has become so they tell Mr. Bighead that not only are they going to fix it up, but they are going to make it nicer then the Bigheads. Rocko and Hef start by finding some materials to use, with little luck. They mix several colors of paint together because they lack enough of one. It makes a greenish-brown. New color, breen. They start fixing the roof and then move on to the sides of the house. They get some Tar-O-Flux and try to patch up Rocko's driveway. All the while Ed is laughing at Rocko and Heffer's poor attempts at fixing the house.

    With 10 minutes left before the inspector arrives they take a look at the house. It looks the same and you might even say it looks worse. Not looking good for Rocko. After more taunting from Mr. Bighead they try to add some landscape. Heffer tells Rocko they need fertilizer. Heffer squats down in Rocko's yard and starts running and jumping all over the yard. They take a look at the yard, but one small flower sprouts up. Just as 6 o'clock arrives, they ground begins to shake violently as grass and flowers start leaping out of the ground. Heffer is tossed into the air and lands on a table, launching the breen in to the air which spills all over Rocko's house. The bucket keeps rolling and knocks over the box holding all the bugs and insects in Mr. Bighead's yard. The newly freed bugs shout "Move out" and eat everything in Ed's yard, even his fence and the walls of his house. The breen dries on Rocko's house and makes a new shiny coat of yellow.

    Ed's nephew shows up and sees Rocko's house, then turns and looks at Ed's house. He tells Ed to sign a piece of paper and then taunts Rocko and Heffer. Behind him, his house is slowly pulled away. Rocko tries to tell him but he laughs at Rocko, until he sees his wife being pulled away, along with the rest of his house. Ed runs down the road after his house. Rocko tells Hef that if they keep up the work on his house, they can keep it clean. Rocko shuts the door and all the paint peels on his house, the walls crack and his whole lawn dies.

    Favorite Quotes:

    Captured Bug: "Bighead, your oppressive regime will fall. We may be your prisoners now but one day we will have our chance to be free. To stand like free men in the cool breeze of freedom!"

    Ed Bighead: "Give up you tapeworms in the intestine of society."

    Ed Bighead: "Hahaha! Oh Stop, Stop, or I might wet myself. Hahaha!"

    *water running*

    Ed Bighead: "Ooops...."

    Heffer: "I'm a Fertilizer Failure..."moreless
  • Very fine episode.

    This was a very good episode. in the first segment, Mr.Bighead calls his nephew, who works for the city to come condemn Rocko's house. Rocko and Heffer have only a few hours to fix up the house. Heffer mixes several different paints, because they don't have enough of any one, and names it "breen". They end up fixing up the house just in time, and Mr.Bighead's house ends up getting condemned. In the next segment, someone steals Rocko's gas cap, so he has to go to traffic school and get a new one. After he goes through all the traffic school, the police have the culprit apologize and give Rocko his gas cap back. After Rocko get shis gas cap back, a boy says to his father "My teacher says every time someone gets a gas cap back, an angel gets its wings." "Well your teacher's full of snot."moreless
Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Heffer Wolfe, Bugs, Newscaster, Squirrel, German Cat Instructor, Chuck, Various

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Rocko, Spunky, Clown in Movie, Doctor, Leon, Beaver Policeman, Various

Linda Wallem

Linda Wallem

Old Lady in Car, Woman on PA System, Little Boy

Charlie Adler

Charlie Adler

Ed Bighead, Bev Bighead, Doctor, Father, Various

Mr. Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence

Filburt, Inspector, Driving Instructor, Various

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  • QUOTES (11)

    • Rocko: Hello, I need to get my picture taken for my license.
      Leon: Oh! You passed.
      Rocko: And I even got the fat guy!
      Leon: Who? That? (points at the elephant guy sobbing uncontrollably) Oh, that's not the fat guy...THAT's the fat guy!
      (Points outside to a group of students waiting for a driver test when a large pig in braces walks up and stands, letting his fat fall and roll over the group)

    • (about the paint mixed together in the cauldron)
      Rocko: It's sorta brown or green.
      Heffer: We'll call it breen.

    • Ed Bighead: Give up you tapeworms in the intestine of society!

    • German Cat Teacher: As far as I'm concern, you're all wild pigs!
      Wild Pig: I'm a wild pig!
      German Cat Teacher: Silence!

    • Filburt: These computer screens are radioactive, and the plate in my head is vibrating!

    • German Cat Teacher: You will take notes, in order zat you vill prepare yourself for your driver's test... (walks out and closes the door, but then reopens it) AND GOD HELP IF YOU GET THE FAT GUY!!! (slams the door)
      : SCHLAM! (spelled as it's written)

    • Instructor: That's not the fat guy, that's the fat guy!

    • That one dude in the DMV: Don't step on the white ones! HOT LAVA!....PINEAPPLES!

    • Heffer: You know what we need, Rocko, is some...FERTILIZER! You got the sports page?

    • Everybody in driving school (including clown in driver's instructional movie): Whatever you do, don't get the fat guy!

    • Child: Daddy! Daddy! Teacher says every time a gas cap is found an angel gets its wings!

  • NOTES (4)


    • Behind The Title: "Keeping Up With The Bigheads" is a parody of the saying "Keeping Up With The Jonse's in which people buy cars and things of that nature to impress the neighbors.

    • Red Concrete
      This is a reference to the infamous driving safety video, Red Asphalt, which is known for its extreme blood and gore. However, this was later toned down. Five volumes of Red Asphalt were produced between 1964 and 2006.

    • German Cat Teacher: Now, I know some traffic schools where the students are allowed to take their tests like intelligent human beings. WELL THAT'S NOT THE WAY WE DO THINGS HERE!
      The german-accented driving instructor cat scene in "Skid Marks" bears a striking resemblance to the "Hospital run by an RSM" sketch in Monty Python episode 26. In the Python sketch, a loud forceful "Sergeant Major" type doctor is seen dressing down a group of bandaged patients. At one point he says, "Now, I know some hospitals where you get the patients lying around in bed. Sleeping, resting recuperating, convalescing. WELL, THAT'S NOT THE WAY WE DO THINGS HERE, RIGHT!"

    • Child: Daddy! Teacher says every time a gas cap is found an angel gets its wings!

      This is a reference to the ending of It's a Wonderful Life (1946), in which George Bailey's son says "Look, daddy. Teacher says that every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings!"