Rocko's Modern Life

Season 1 Episode 2

Leap Frogs / Bedfellows

Aired Unknown Oct 31, 1993 on Nickelodeon
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Leap Frogs:
Feeling unwanted by her husband, Mrs. Bighead invites neighbor Rocko over to "fix a few things around the house." But little does our wallaby hero know of Mrs. Bighead's ulterior motives.

When Heffer is forced out of his parents' house, he decides to come and live with Rocko. Eventually, though, the two roommates' very different life start to conflict with each other.


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  • This episode is undeservingly underappreciated. There's nothing wrong with it! :idea:

    I don't get what Nickelodeon sees as such a big deal with this episode. All I saw is funny, hilarious cartoon antics and nothing else! So there are a few innuendo's in this episode, so what?! It's far less shocking than anything that "Ren and Stimpy" did in their show from seasons 3-5! :roll: I mean, I saw it when I was a kid and I didn't think anything of the episode when I was young! When it comes to getting what kids will get or not get, Nickelodeon really needs to do their homework better because they're Way off on their counts of what children will pick up. And even if this episode Really Was shocking when it first aired, it's certainly not shocking anymore with all of the adult cartoons running around. I mean, this cartoon is practically Tame when compared with other cartoon shows of today! In my opinion, Nickelodeon needs to get their act together and lift the ban off of the episode segment of "Leap Frogs" because they're is absolutely nothing wrong with it! Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
  • I classified this episode as "revealing" for a reason... if you know what I mean !

    This is one of the funniest and grossest episodes of Rocko's Modern Life. I wouldn't recommend this episode to little kids because of the "Innappropriate" stuff in the episode. Leap Frogs begins when Mrs. Bighead is mad that Mr. Bighead doesn't pay attention to her anymore. So she starts to have a crush on Rocko and starts to be a bit TOO friendly with him. Watch out Rocko ! Now in Bedfellows Heffer gets kicked out of his parents house because he's not pulling his weight around the house. So he goes to Rocko's house to stay with him. Soon Rocko gets mad that Heffer isn't doing any work around the house. Then after Rocko gets home from work one day He finds out Heffer is hosting a nudist party !!! Then, you see Mr. Bighead spying on Rocko and getting angry about the nudist party next door. Mrs. Bighead likes it, though *wink wink* ! Then later Heffer's dad comes over to bring Heffer back home. Heffer apoligizes to Rocko for taking advantage of him. Everything is back to normal now... or so you thought ! Late that night Rocko hears cheering and yelling next door and then he hears the words:

    Bev: All right time to party you animals !

    Ed: BEV ! What are all these nudists doing in our backyard?!

    Bev: Oh, shut up Ed and get your trousers off and join the party ! 'Cause we are gonna boggie 'till the sun comes up !moreless
  • Pretty good episode.

    I think it's funny how Bev wanted her husband so much. In a way, it was cute and funny. I think it was really funny when Heffer went to Rokos house to stay. I thought it was funny when Heffer saw pizza crust on the floor and said "Hey, leftover pizza crust!" then ate it. It didn't look pretty when Heffer started to take advantage of Roko, but it was funny, and that they both settled their differences, and were friends again.moreless
Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Rocko, Spunky

Charlie Adler

Charlie Adler

Ed Bighead, Bev Bighead, George Wolfe

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Heffer Wolfe, Various

Mr. Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence

TV Male Voice

Guest Star

Linda Wallem

Linda Wallem

Virginia Wolfe, TV Female Voice

Recurring Role

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    • (Rocko stands with a trash can on instead of clothes)
      Rocko: I want all you nudists outta here this instant! (cut to Rocko at his front door) And stay out! At least I have my dignity.

    • Heffer: Hey Rocko!
      Rocko: What have you done?
      Heffer: Pretty cool, huh? Gave all your dull old stuff to charity.
      Rocko: You...!
      Heffer: You can thank me over dinner. I made us my specialty.
      (Rocko and Heffer go to the kitchen)
      Heffer: Voila! The Heffer deluxe.
      Rocko: (takes a bite) Hef, this is bonza! What's in it?
      Heffer: Well, let's see, there's pickled banana shavings, gym socks, canned haggis, beetle bladder, real processed head cheese, salt peter, reconstituted corn sweat, the finest barley and hops. (Heffer's dish starts to crawl away so he stabs it) Hmm, now where was I, pot ash, sulfur, mono sodium glutamate, and vegetable catalidge as a binding agent.

    • (Heffer is about to lay down on Rocko's couch before he is interrupted)
      Couch: Now listen here, tanker touche. You can park your thunder cheeks in someone else's face because I deserve better than this! Sayonara butterball!

    • (Bev has fallen and gotten stuck in the blender. Two flies dressed like Vaudeville actors land near the buttons)
      Fat Fly: Hey, Mr. Fly! What's red and green and goes 100 miles an hour?
      Skinny Fly: I don't know, Mr. Fly. What's red and green and goes 100 miles an hour?
      (Fat Fly jumps on a button, causing the blender to start spinning Bev inside. When it stops, she's now a pair of eyeballs floating in a green liquid)
      Both Flies: YUK-YUK-YUK-YUK-YUK! (both dance off screen as curtain closes)

    • (Ed walks into his home. Rocko has no shirt on. Bev is handing him a bit of cash. She sees him, and plants a large smooch on him. Rocko steps back.)
      Rocko: Uh, er... Mr. Bighead! It's not what you think! I was just (points)... um, and she...
      (Rocko begins falling apart, like a Jenga game.)
      Ed: (angry) You saw my wife in her bath robe? (disturbed) Isn't it awful?

    • Ed: BEV! I can't believe it! Do you have what that weirdo next door is up to?
      Bev: Oh, shut up and mind your own business, Ed.
      Ed: But Bev, they're, well...NUDE!
      Bev: (hurrying to the window and looking through the binoculars) Oh, Ed, oh, you're right. Oh, yes, this is disgusting! Quick, Ed, get the telescope out of the whole closet.

    • Bev: (Rocko is screwing in a light bulb) Rocko, darling. Can I interrupt you for a moment, sweetheart? Um, there is a spider in the bathroom. Would you mind just shooing him out for me, dear?
      Rocko: Don't worry, Mrs. Bighead. I'll get rid of him.
      (Rocko opens the bathroom door. A rather large spider struggles on the toilet, holding a newspaper. The spider sees Rocko)
      Spider: (Yiddish accent) Hey! Vad is dis, a sideshow?

    • Heffer: Man, I this wild dream . . . electric eels were . . . biting my butt!

    • Heffer: Rocko, living here has allowed me to explore new facets of my personality. I am a nudest.

    • Ed: (after being hit by Cupid's arrow, singsongy) Oh, Beh-ev.
      Bev: Yes, Ed.
      Ed: (seriously) We're almost out of mouthwash.

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