Rocko's Modern Life

Season 4 Episode 12

Put Out to Pasture / Future Schlock

Aired Unknown Oct 10, 1996 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Put Out to Pasture: Heffer overdoses on Pasture Puffies (a snack food said to contain potentially harmful substances) and is rushed to the hospital. While he is in a coma, Rocko, Filburt, and the Bigheads reminisce about past experiences with the steer. Future Schlock: While exploring Rocko's old home, Filburt's sons, in the future now grown up, find a banana in the fridge. They go to their father, now aged, to explain the story behind the banana in the fridge. In flashbacks, we learn that Conglom-O had put Ed Bighead in charge of a experiment monkey. Rocko and Heffer found out, and tried to save the chimp.moreless

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  • Good episodes

    Put Out to Pasture : This was about Filburt's son finding a banana in Rockos old home.He goes to Filburt to try and find out why,then we find a flashback of what happeneds.This episode was funny and had good quotes.

    Future Schlock :This epsiode was good to.It the 1st one i saw as a kid cos i missed out the other ep.A good old space episode.I just dont remmber to much of it.It was a good old Filburt episode.moreless
  • While exploring Rocko's old home, Filburt's sons find a banana in the fridge. They go Filbert for answers. Flashbacks happen, explaining the mystery of the banana. It turns out Rocko and Heffer are lost in space, but in the ending they land and meet Filbemoreless

    This is one of the best episodes of Rocko's Modern Life. It shows what happens to Rocko and Heffer in the future. It also shows what becomes of Filbert, and his four kids. It is extremely funny, with many famous lines like:

    Filbert: "Rocko and Heffer were never seen again." (spaceship crashes outside) "Oh there they are!"

    Space Schlock is a pivotal episode in the Rocko's Modern Life series. I was able to see it when it first aired in 1996, and I was impressed. Rocko's Modern Life had never had a space episode, and this was just perfect. I thought they did a great job with all of Filberts kids, and old Filbert.

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Rocko, Spunky, Rabbit

Charlie Adler

Charlie Adler

Ed Bighead, Bev Bighead, The Fatheads, Hippo Lady, Heffer's Father, Grandpa Wolfe, Mr. Dupette

Joe Murray

Joe Murray

Ralph Bighead

Kevin Meaney

Kevin Meaney

Widow Hutchison (1996)

Mr. Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence

Filbert, Heffer's Mother

Mr. Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence

Gilburt, Shelburt

Guest Star

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Heffer Wolfe, Mr. Smitty, Peaches/Norburt

Recurring Role

Linda Wallem

Linda Wallem

Dr. Hutchison, Virginia Wolfe, Winnifred Wolfe (1993-1996)/Missy (the cat)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • This episode contains contradictions to the rest of the series and also within itself. Filbert claims the first time he met Heffer was when he was working as a sample distributor but then also met him for the first time in high school. Rocko is shown going to O-Town High, but it is known that Rocko finished school in Australia before he came to the U.S.

    • In the past, Ed Bighead has a nose; yet, he makes it obvious in Canned that toads don't have noses. Furthermore, why are we picking apart the goofs of an abstract, satiric cartoon?

    • In this episode Mr. Bighead says he had a human face, but in an earlier episode with a Mr. Bighead flashback he still has the face of a frog.

    • In Put to Pasture when the teacher looks at the light bulb projects, he stops at Rocko's group, and Heffer's shirt is off. However, he still has the H on his chest, suggesting that the shirt was mis-colored to match his skin tone. It is later corrected when the view changes.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • (An O-Town Action News special bulletin interrupts the Bunmaster program Heffer is watching, as he eats tons and tons of Pasture Puffies...)
      Fran the Newscaster: And now for another ridiculously plot-heavy O-Town special report. The Surgeon General has just released his latest findings. Eating too many Pasture Puffies can cause serious side effects, so be careful. Side effects include sudden loss of consciousness leading to coma. (chuckles) However you'd have to eat as much as a hundred bags in a single day for you to be in any serious danger. Now back to more Bunmaster.
      (Heffer belches and moans from his chair, and then collapses on the ground.)

    • Heffer: (About the light he's generating) Rocko! It's BEAUTIFUL!

    • (after Heffer eats all of Filburt's potato chips)
      Filburt: You full yet? You've eaten almost everything in the room! Oh wait a second, here's the potato chip bag! (stuffs the bag into Heffer's mouth) There might be a crumb in there! Yeah, you like that, huh, you like eatin' that?! Wait, wait. You didn't eat this yet! You wanna eat this, too?! (stuffs a motor into Heffer's mouth) How's that taste? C'mon, what else can we stuff in your fat mouth? Oh, here ya go. Since you ate the potato, you can eat the light bulb! (throws the light bulb into Heffer's mouth)

    • Filburt: (mumbles his plans about how to make use of his potato chips) I can put this one here, so I can forget this. And I'll have this one tomorrow for cartoons. And this one fo-- (notices that Heffer wants his potato chips) Oh no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! I'm not giving him nothin'! I got plans for these chips! You ate yours, fat boy! These babies are mine!

    • (a badly disguised Heffer starts eating Filburt's free samples)
      Filburt: How does it taste, friend? (Heffer continues to eat) I say, how does it taste, friend? (Heffer still eats) Okay pal, how 'bout saving some, huh? (Heffer walks away) The nerve of that guy! (a newly disguised Heffer shows up and starts eating again) Hello, ma'am. What do you think of our stuff? (Filburt takes off Heffer's disguise) You! I know your face, pal!
      Old Lady: Excuse me?
      Filburt: Oh no, ya don't! You're not gonna fool me, again!
      Old Lady: Huh?
      Manager: Filburt, what the heck are--
      Filburt: Oh no, ya don't!
      Manager: Are you crazy?!
      Filburt: Just back off!
      (Heffer then shows up unmasked and starts eating the rest of the samples. Filburt screams)

    • Customer: I'd like a free sample.
      Filburt: Hmm... I don't think so.
      Customer: But I don't under--
      Filburt: Just walk away!
      Customer: But--
      Filburt: I said get outta here!

    • Manager: Giving out free samples isn't all fun and frolic, y'know. It's got a dark side!
      Filburt: Like what?
      Manager: Like this! (takes out a drawing of Heffer)
      Filburt: Who's that?
      Manager: This is a parasite. He feeds off of free sample givers like yourself. He's a master of disguise.
      Filburt: Don't worry, boss. I've got an eye for creeps...

    • (Norburt and Gilburt look at an old picture of Rocko and the gang)
      Gilburt: (points at the picture of Heffer) Who's the big fat guy?
      Norburt: That's Uncle Heffer; the one you take after.

    • Filburt: Wait, how do I make everything all wiggly?
      Missy: The green one, daddy.
      Filburt: (presses button) When you were just babies... (everything becomes wiggly)

    • (the room begins shaking)
      Filburt's Daughter: What's happening?
      Filburt's Sons: Dad's reminiscing! (set up lawn chairs)

    • Shellburt: I have a question, oh, father.
      Filburt: Yes, Shellburt?
      Shellburt: Oh, father, Why would anybody put a banana in the refriger-izer?
      Filburt: A banana?! I haven't seen this in seventeen years. Oh, Rocko and uh, that fat guy.
      Shellburt, Gilburt and Norburt: Uncle Heffer.
      Filburt: Right, Uncle Heffer.

    • Filburt: What did I tell you two about coming here?
      Gilburt & Norburt: That we should stop by as often as possible.
      Filburt: Oh, yeah.

    • Norbert: Why do we wear these things on our shoulders?
      Filburt: Because it's the future!

    • Filburt: Free stuff! Stuff for free! Sample stuff for nothin'!

    • Heffer: (with a drop of liquid in his hand) I love the future. (drops another liquid and it becomes a hamburger) I love the future.

    • (after a rocket goes through Rocko's house and they go speeding up)
      Rocko: Well. So, Fil, what have you been up to these past seventeen years?
      Filburt: Are you kidding?
      Heffer: (singing) Nine hundred bazillion bottles of root beer on the wall/Nine hundred...
      (episode ends)

  • NOTES (2)