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  • One of the best Nicktoons ever made in my mind. Should be on Nickelodeon not on Nicktoons Network.

    I really liked this show. This is definetely one of the best Nicktoons ever made. This show is about Rocko, a kind, smart wallabee who lives with his dog, Spunky in O-Town. Rocko, along with his best friends Heffer, and Filbert have many adventures in every day life. The humor in this show is good. Most of the jokes are really funny. My favorite episode was the one when Rocko was teaching Mrs. Wollfe how to drive. I thought that episode was really hilarious! Isn't it coool how you can have a trainee driver compete in a demolission derby and win. That's really cool. The dialog in this show is awesome!! The funny moments with Rocko, and Heffer will keep you hooked on the series. The lines, and actions are child friendly, which is good. Overall, awesome show, great humor, awesome dialog, solid music, lovable characters. I just wish that this show is on Nickelodeon instead of Nicktoons Network. They rarely show it on NN. Rocko's Mern Life in my mind, should replace horrible shows like The Naked Brother's Band, and Tak. I miss this show alot!
  • This show was just simply AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When this show was a show,I thought it was gonna be horrible,and one of those shows where Nick just tries to make extra money,but one day there was nothing on so I decided to give Rocko a try,and after I watched it I simply fell in love with it. Pros Good Humor nice story line nice plot a talking wallaby how original The lessons in each episode Cons Animation Why does everything move? This show was a real childhood classic.I really recommend watching this show
  • One of the funniest cartoons ever

    This show was about a wallaby named Rocko, who emigrates to America from Austrailia, and has adventures with his friends Heffer the steer, and Filburt Turtle. Rocko also had neighbors named the Bigheads who didn't really like him at all (well, maybe just Ed, but still) and they're important to the show too. One of the things I really like about this show is all the adult jokes they were able to hide in it, like for example they're restaurant was called "Chokey Chicken" for most of the show's run (not going to explain the joke, go on wiki or something.) Overall, a very inventive, classic, and funny show, and a favorite of mine. 10/10 A+
  • I have never seen a cartoon better than this one.

    Rocko's Modern Life is the fourth Nicktoon. It premiered in 1993, and it sadly ended in 1996. The show follows an Austrailian wallaby named Rocko as he moved to the a strange American town, O-Town. There he meets his new best friends Heffer, and Filburt. This show contains some off-the-wall craziness, similar to the previous Nicktoon "The Ren & Stimpy Show", but the difference is "Rocko's Modern Life" is EVEN CRAZIER! And that's a good thing, because if it weren't for that this show wouldn't be near as funny as it is. I love Rocko's dog Spunky. He's just so stupid that he's cute. A lot of people who worked on this show later worked on the popular 1999 Nicktoon "SpongeBob SquarePants". A show that is good, but near as good as this one! The only cartoons that even come close to being as good as Rocko are "Ren & Stimpy", "The Tick", "Freakazoid!", "Animaniacs", "Ed, Edd, n' Eddy" and "The Angry Beavers". All of wich came out in the 90's! Man, I really miss those great cartoons. RML really, really, REALLY needs to be released on DVD. If it was I'd buy it in a second! Another thing this show was notable for was it's adult innuendos. Some people say the innuendo makes this show innapropriate for children. I disagree. I don't think any kid would pick up on any of those. I didn't even notice them until recently on YouTube. Overall, everyone should give this show a chance. It is hilarious, and one of the most enjoyable cartoons of all time. It shares the #1 Best Nicktoon spot with "The Ren & Stimpy Show".

    My Rating: 10 out of 10.
  • If there is one show that I am dying for on DVD...This is it.

    Nicktoons in the mid 90's ruled the roost of televion cartoons. Shows like Ren and Stimpy, Doug and Rocko's Modern Life stood out amongst all other cartoons airing (with the exception of shows like the Simpsons) and took hold in the market. Notably, Ren and Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life were kids shows, airing on a kids network...but were adult oriented some of the time. Watching the episodes now, there is a lot of stuff that I'm surprised could have aired on Nickelodeon without causing a huge fuss.
    Looking past this, however, the show had a wit about it that is uncompromised and genuine. Most of the staff went on to create the almost as amazing show, Spongebob Squarepants. Still, it doesn't fill the void left by Rocko.
    The characters in the show are all memorable in some way, despite how little air time they get, and the voice acting is fabulous. Tom Kenny as Heffer makes me laugh still...And Mr. Doug Lawrence as Filburt is pure genius.
    You can still catch this show on one of the Nicktoon channels every day, I TiVO it myself, but I see absolutely no reason why this is being kept from a DVD boxset release. It holds the title as one of, if not the, best Nicktoon ever.
  • Horrible crap

    This is an horrible crap, with poor drawings and not so much humor. I think SpongeBob SquarePants is a loooooooooot better than this terrible and famous cartoon. I don´t like to watch that poor animation, I recently saw an episode and I couldn´t stand it. It didn´t made me laugh a bit, I was not pleased to see this so called "classic", wich every American loved when kid. And in the place I live nobody liked it more than SpongeBob. And SpongeBob has less score because many persons think he is ga... and hates him, but no one hates Rocko. Disagree all you want I don´t care a bit! Because definitely is not good at all. I don´t like this thing.
  • It was an okay show. I barely remember it because the last time I saw an un-holiday episode was when I was 4 or 6. And I am currently 12.

    I witty show. I didn't get the jokes back then, but when I see it online from time to time, I sorta understand them. Why did the show go so soon? Well, Nick wanted shows that had more child-oriented humor. Rocko didn't have that kid humor, I admit. But it was nice and made you pay it your attention. Adults could laugh at it, while us kids were straining to gain meaning of the joke. But that was the fun of it all.

    When I first watched the show, I was like: "Okay. Rocko is a made-up thing called a wallaby and Heffer is a yellow thing." Silly, I know. But that was what I saw. And although I know the truth now, I still like to see it the way I first saw it.
  • Rocko rules!

    When this show first began i wasn't born yet, so i found out about this show when my family had Nicktoon's Network, i watched some episodes, and i laughed at some of them, this show is funny, also pretty good! Rocko's Moern Life is based on a world filled with animals that talk like they're humans! Rocko, the main character, is an Ausralian Wallaby that moved to America and then has a pet dog Spunky. In his new neighborhood, there are two guys that become friends with him, Heffa and some guy that looks like a turtle, i forget his name. There is also Dr. Hutchinson in some of the episodes. Another one of Nick's good classics in my opinion. It didn't last very long though, as it only ran for about three years, so it ended kind of fast. Now that it is canceled, Nicktoon's Network hopefully still shows great reruns of Rocko's Modern Life. I liked to watch Rocko! He is so cute!
  • The show featured a Wallabe as it's star character - for his friends - a turtle and a cow - neighbors were 2 big toads - How can you go wrong with a show like that?!

    I miss this program, it was such a funny show to watch - even my dad thought it was funny! Like I said you can't go wrong with characters such as a wallabe, cow, toads, a fly, and a turtle! Almost every episode had sexual inuendos that I never noticed until I just recently re-watched most of the episodes - Kinda like Spongebob, mostly every episode theres a hidden sexual reference in mostly every episode - which is probably a factor to why it was canceled. Rocko's Modern Life was a very funny show, only on for four seasons - definitely watch the episodes if you're bored! Gimme a message and I'll give you a website for all episodes.
  • Yet, another good Nicktoon Nick once had until they found this certain thing called....CRACK!

    I love Rocko's Modern Life! It was created by Joe Murray (and Stephen Hillenburg, I think). It was good for children and adults! My favorite episode was the one when Heffer had a near death experience by choking on a chicken bone, but why did they call Satan peaches? Doesn't even look like a peach. The episode, "Fishi'n Chumps" was my second favorite, and my third favorite was "Wacky Delli". I miss this show, I wish Joe Murray can surprise Nickelodeon and bring this show back, but I don't think he wants to. Did anyone know that Sponge Bob was based/totally ripped from this show? We can even compare the characters:
    Sponge Bob:He's like Rocko only childish
    Patrick:He's like Heffer
    Gary:He's Like Spunky
    Squidward:He's like the Bigheads
    Mr. Krabs:He's like Rocko's boss
    Sandy:She's like Filburt of Sheila
    Plankton: He's like the Bigheads too!
    The Flying Dutchman:He's like Peaches
    My Leg! Guy: He's like ????
    That's because Sponge Bob was also made by Mr. Hillenburg. But it never beats Rocko!
  • Well,people out there who don't like this show,your wrong.

    Okay,I think this show is fine to me.Rocko is cool of his look and Heffer is kind of cool how he looks too.It's a very classic show that's fine to me like Hey Arnold.The frog people were not very good characters of how they look.The theme song at the beginning of this show is fine.Everything is very fine to me.It's very better than those classic shows on Cartoon Network.It's kicking Johnny Bravo's butt and it's better than Hey Arnold.I give this show a B because not only it's not one of my favorite shows,it's fine to me of everything in this show.
  • This show is the best animated show ever!!!

    Rocko\'s modern life was such a comical, cool show to grow up to. I mean, it was in a great time slot, and it was so creative. Now, being fifteen, I like it even more. Now, being a teenager, you can pick up on the inside jokes put in by the writers. I never would have thought of the word \"balzac\" eight years ago, to be a dirty word. Also, the phrase \"Chokey Chicen\" which was of course heffer\'s favorite fast food, to me sounds so dirty every time I hear it. Rocko\'s modern life, basiacly, without even changing, morphed from a kid\'s show, to a ren and stimpy- type show, which I love none the less.
  • A great cartoon that helped mold my mind into the twisted twitching mass it is today...

    I love Rocko's Modern Life. The best part is of course the theme song done by the B-52's. That's just cool right away. Watching this as a young kid, I latched onto everything this show delivered, even the subtle bits of adult humor. It was one of those shows where as a kid, you began to realise when something had two meanings or if there was a hidden little joke in there you weren't supposed to understand, and that put you one step above your parents. There was a great cast of voices too. Rocko sounds so sweet and lovable but he's always screaming and no matter what it's funny. Even occasional guests had very memorable voices like the Hippo Lady, and that crazy jet guy. High pitched laughter and yelling really spoke to me back then... and it still does. Every show usually took a very bazaar turn, but that's what was so great about it. It was fairly accurately showing us what the real world was like in terms we'd understand through lots of screaming animals and various colors of stink-lined slime. I can remember every episode like I just finished watching it, due to the fact that i've probably seen each one several times while it still aired on Nickelodeon. I would also like to say that Mr. Bighead rocks. He always gets a bum wrap, but I know beneath that smelly old frog exterior is... is... well, a smelly old frog interior. Anyway, Nick would be smart to bust out some official SEASON style dvd's before this beauty of a show is lost forever in the bowels of time. Because I know you'll buy them... You'll be in line right after me.
  • Best show on nick

    Its the best show on nick to date. and those other crappy ones like Unfabulous danny phantom and All That. those shows suck! who ever thought of Rocko's modern life is a masterpiece and diserves to be in history. I im really mad when they cut it off like idiots. well atleast theres Camp Lazlo=)
  • Why did Nick. change, Why?

    I remember watching this as a kid with the other great Nicktoons-Ren and Stimpy, Rugrats, etc. I loved this show and am going to be getting that Nicktoons channel now, so I can watch the old episodes again. I completely missed the adult humor in the show, Chokey Chicken??!

    My favorite episode of all time is the one where they have to fly somewhere, and in the first class section of the plane there is a piano player, someone carving a ham, and it just looks like the inside of a mansion. Then when Rocko gets to the back of the plane, where he has to sit, its like a barn and there's chickens running around in the aisles. And he cuts his one peanut for dinner with a knife and fork!!! HHA!!! Anyone who flies Delta can relate.
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  • Rocko, a wallaby who just moved to America from Australia, is getting used to life in O-town. He goes through every day problems, but gets through them as the episodes progress. His best friends, Heffer and Filburt, along with his dog Spunky and the Big H


    This is probably one of my favorite Nicktoons of all time. It'll always be an old-favorite of mine. I'm glad that I can watch it on the Nicktoons Channel. Carlos Alazaraqi (last name might be misspelled) gives Rocko a great Aussie accent. Tom Kenny also does a good job for Heffer.

    (Has anyone noticed that Carlos does the voice for Spyro in the game "Spyro the Dragon" and Tom has done the voice in the other Spyro games?)

    The BigHeads are hilarious as Rocko's neighbors. Even better, the creator, Joe Murray, has a few cameos including Ralph Bighead.
  • let's face it people it was the best show ever!!!

    Rocko was a great show and I think that it should be back on the air because it has so many loyal fans all these years.And i know until this day that Rocko keeps getting fan letters everyday delivered to Nick so they should at least respond to us fans.
  • It was the best Nicktoon alive, but was canceled way before its time.

    What can I say? This show is funny without a doubt. It's offbeat and insane but lovable. You have to laugh when Filbert says I'm nauseous or whenever Rocko freaks out in a situation [i.e.: scream] It was a little edgy for its time but so is everything else, I can't believe the bad treatment Nick gave it by canceling it and then showing the same episodes on Nicktoons and banning some classics [Leapfrogs] as well. Camp Lazlo on Cartoon Network just isn't funny at all. Joe Murray should just focus on trying to get his Australian wallaby back on the air. [Some of Rocko's charm had rubbed off unto Spongebob Squarepants and that's why I watch that show.] Oh... and I love BOTH of the theme songs the show has.
  • One of the best

    This show is one of the best shows in nickelodean.When I was little this show was one of my favorites and always used to watch it.The characters,plot and the episodes of this show are great.This is why this show is rated very high.I wish this show was back on nickelodean and new episodes of it.
  • i love rocko's modern life

    i would love if yall would bring shows out on dvds b/c rocko's modern world was always makin us laugh and cuttin up in the livin room..and no matter what some people say its somewhat vulgar..i think not..i mean i hope yall will listen to us and put it on dvd or bring it back full time on tv.
  • One of the funnist satire shows I ever seen. Why it was cancelled is beyond me. I think it was still a great show to the end.

    I really loved watching the show a lot. The humor was all crazy and about anyone can get it. The humor was not even corny at all for a kids show. I do not think thre was any reason to kick it off air. Heck it is even better than most Nicktoon shows on air(That is why I hardly ever watch Nick anymore, there are not really any more good shows on). I truly wish that this show does get reaired.
  • Funny, yet sad

    Everything happening bad to Rocko was funny yet sad at the same time. Heffer was such a cow (but really a steer) and he would only think about food. He was about as adicted to food as heroin. I loved that show. Funny and sad, what genre is it? Nobody Knows.
  • Forget all of that new stuff after Danny Phantom, bring back the classics!

    I do not know why on Earth this show kicked the bucket. This show was one of my favorites when I was a little kid. At least we can all look forward to Rocko's baby brother Lazlo. If I could bring back any amount of shows this would be one of them.
  • Unwhittingly funny.

    When this show first came on 12 years ago, I was immediately hooked on it. Every Sunday I always looked forward to watching it. Heffer Wolfe was my favorite character because he was so goofy. Filbert was not as funny. Rocko was sometimes boring but he was more interesting when something goes awry. The Bigheads were strange. Mr. Bighead was grumpy and Mrs. Bighead was misplaced. My favorite episodes are "Ding Dong Ditch" and the one when Heffer and Filbert taught Rocko to be a savage bloodthirsty beast. Oh and lets not forget "Wedgie Boy". That was another favorite of mine.
  • Rocko's Modern Life dominates in Old-School shows, and brings life to the New-School shows.

    Rocko's Modern Life is simply put amazing. It's a great show wether your a kid or an adult, I loved it as a kid, and I've been hooked on it since, well, right now. Rocko's Modern Life consists of 3 main characters, or 4. Rocko, the kanagroo like character who is normally nice, unless you'd get on his bad side.

    Then there is Heffer, a big, lovable, yellow steer. He's fairly big, and he doesn't have much knowledge, and one passion that could stay with him fore-ever if eating, he loves eating with a desire.

    Then Filburt, the genius, or the smartest of the 3-4. Filburt is a turtle with weird glasses & pants. He's normally quiet, or doesn't speak as the others do.

    Then Spunky, Rocko's pet, Rocko loves Spunky with his life, but Spunky isn't that smart, he's a white dog with black spots on him, and barks usually through the show. He eats garbage, and loves eating/biting the neighbor's hedges.

    The sums up the characters of the show, & the show was created in 93 & ended in 96. I seemed to lose hope once it was gone, but soon in 04-05, I learned about the new Nicktoons channel, filled with Rocko's Modern Life, then here we go, I find the old-school show that I loved with a passion, and I get hooked into it again. It's a show that you really can't stick off, it's so funny, & awesome, it was great for it's time. It has made some great shows, or not so great shows. So people were inspired by this show. But then came SpongBob SquarePants, more for the kiddies, that blew up in Rocko's face, and made it a hit. But Rocko's Modern life is still on top, it's just awesome. It's something that you will always remember, whether you don't watch it or you still do. It's inspired much & has created entertainment for thw whole world, my point is that Rocko's Modern Life is awesome. It's just great, you can't go wrong with this show, if you have Comcast, Find the Nicktoons channel, and find when it's on, you'll love it for sure. It's simply "Old-School."
  • Cartoon that follows a wallabee and a heffer and their hilarious lives!

    This show was one of the best toons Nickelodeon ever made. It's right up there with Ren and Stimpy! It combines a perfect amount of wit and humor laced with some acidic twisted sense, but on a level where children and adults alike think it's absolutely fabulous! I'd reccomend it to anyone who likes the Simpsons or Futurama!
  • P-E-R-F-E-C-T

    The best serie I ever saw. . . really funny, and sometimes crazy comedy. Each episode is better then the other; everyday I placed the alarm on my watch for ring at the time that this show was showing up on Tv.

    One of my favorite ones, i advice everyone for watch it, if you dont love it, at least you will like enough to see many times a day.
  • Favorite show of all time.

    This show is one of the best cartoons in history. I mean I loved the animation. I still sing the "Recycle song" er whatever it's called. They totally need to bring this show back, because it is sick and wrong that they took this great cartoon off Nickelodeon. I mean if Joe Murray (The creator of Rocko.) hadn't told Stephen Hillenburg (the creator of SpongeBob) that his aquatic comic book would make a cool cartoon then there would be no SpongeBob meaning Nick would die because no one would watch their channel. They should bring this show back as a thank you for SpongeBob(WHO ROCKS!!) Bottom Line Rocko ruled!!
  • The oddball adventures of a wallaby, a cow and a turtle that really added up to one of the greatest cartoons ever.

    Mixing up classic cartoon antics with hidden adult jokes gives you something along the lines of Rocko's Modern Life. Joe Murray's brilliant brainchild really made its way into a big part of my childhood, among other classic cartoons. The thing is, this is a cartoon you would have remembered as a child pretty well. It's ALSO a cartoon that you may come back to as an older person and catch some jokes you never previously got. It's timeless.

    The show's premise doesn't sound strange for a cartoon at all. It stars a timid Australian wallaby named Rocko trying to make it in the crazy town of "O-Town". Helping him along are his two best friends, Heffer the steer and Filbert the turtle among the other crazy citizens of the town. There's also Mr. and Mrs. Bighead, Mr. Bighead being the mean and nasty next door neighbor who despises Rocko and his friends, and Mrs. Bighead... the desperate housewife. The show never takes itself too seriously and that's what makes is to funny sometimes.

    Its four-season run was pretty long nonetheless, and I applaud Nickelodeon for not canceling the show earlier. I would have loved for it to have gone longer too, but 4 seasons were great.

    It winds down as being one of my personal favorite shows in the end, both back in the day and now when I'm older and can fully appreciate all of it.
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