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  • Come on!!! This show rocks

    I must say with all the crud thats been passed off as cartoon shows these days, you got to love this one. I grew up watching this. It is one of the best cartoons. I miss the old shows, they were great. Mr. Bighead was one of my favorites. All of these episodes are full of laughter. And as Rocko would say: "Garbage day is a very dangerous day."
  • I have some ideas fo renewal.

    It's been 9 years since it went off the air. Just now, I had seen a rerun on the Nicktoons channel (digital cable), and I had thought to myself "This was a pure classic. Let's bring it back on the air!" I think now's the time for the return of this classic.
  • Alltime favorite

    This show is my alltime favorite cartoon and I do apreaciate that Nick occasionally puts the show on the air. I believe the last time they put the show on was October 30th, 2002 I believe. It was a Halloween episode because the holiday was coming. Hope they start to air the show more.
  • Easily the best nicktoon ever mad!! I wish they start making them again or at least put them on season dvds.

    I just got digital cable and i am finally able to watch this again on the Nicktoons channel, and you know what? Its just as good as i remember it being. The characters are classic, rocco is the normal person, Heffer is the party animal cow, and Philbert is the nerdy turtle, and they all come together to make some of the funniest stuff i have seen in a cartoon.

    The show is a must see, i would really like Nick to put it on DVD because i would pick it up in a second.
  • The life of a Dingo and his friends. (animation).

    I miss this show, as kid i always watched it. It was a great little kids show and even adults would watch it. It was funny all the time. Rocco is a hilarious dingo. This show is missed by so many and should be brought back. Hopefullu it will be brought back.
  • One of the many classic shows when nickelodeon was in its prime.

    This is what a cartoon should be it is funny and may be a little random at time dosen't resort to being plain stupid. This is what nickelodeon cartoons should be and watching this show about a Walabys life brings back good times of when nickelodoen was full on great shows like this.
  • Halarious!!

    This show was so good. I wish they never took it off the air. Why did they have to do that?! It was so cool and modern.....My parents even liked this show. Please put it back on. Rocko's modern life ROCKOS MODERN LIFE!! Its funny its cool its rocko!!please put it back on.
  • Keeps me laughing non-stop! It should still be on the air.

    The plots in this show are funny, but creative. This show should've stayed on the air much longer. I like it how Rocko had moved from Australia and lives in the United States. These writers should be proud. Anybody who dislikes this show doesn't know good TV. I can still remember the episodes and how much I laughed. When this first came out I was always trying to rush the commercials. I wouldn't leave my spot because this is so good. Nickelodeon should've kept this.
  • Come Back ROCKO!!

    When this show first came out I was only a toddler and it became my favorite cartoon as a child. Then, Nick took it off of the air and I can only watch it on "specialty" channels. That stinks. This show has quality sroylines and really cool characters and if they brought it back it would once again be a huge success. I LOVE ROCKO!!
  • Rocko Rocks!! This show changed Nickelodeon!

    I Love this show! This is definetly my favorite show that ever appeared on Nickelodeon! I loved every episode!

    This show appeared in 1993 but I didn't actualy start to watch it untill around 1995. I was hooked ever since! It would be absolutely awesome to see it back on Nickelodeon! Every episode of Rocko's modern life was so funny!

  • This show is one of my all-time favorites. I think that it was pure genius and I love all the characters.

    Rocko's Modern Life, one of many shows that portrays the lifestyle of the 1990's through animation, is a classic in my opinion. Joe Murray, the show creator is pure genius. It's extremley unfortunate that the show only lasted 4 seasons and 52 episodes. The show was quite comical at the surface,but it also included alot of hidden adult humor. For example, when Rocko and Heffer go to the carnival, Heffer rides a cock and Rocko rides a beaver in front of him. Also, the local fast food favorite, Chokey Chicken was named after a slang term for masturbation (In the fourth season, after Joe Murray left, it was changed to Chewy Chicken). This show is very funny and I highly reccomed it. If you're lucky enough to get it, you can now watch Rocko's Modern Life on Nicktoons TV.
  • Classic show

    This was always a great show.One of my personal favorites.I wish they would bring back Rocko to Nick and make a few new episodes plenty of people love the show.And it would send their ratings sky high,right through the roof.Rocko will always be a classical Nick classic.Bring back Rocko\'s modern Life to Nick.
  • Great awesome show.

    This show was absoulutly brilliant, the best show of all time, and by far Nicks best show along with Spongebob. Way better than the crap Nick plays now like Avatar and Danny Phantom, bring it back! Heffer was the best character he was so funny, I want this show back!
  • Brilliant.

    This show is truly one of the best. I am certainly a fan of Classic Nickelodeon shows, and I would consider “Rocko” to be one of the best in the genre. The show’s combination of subtle, underlying humor, with blatant, laugh out loud jokes, leads to an unrivaled balance in quality.
  • First nick show that I saw and I loved every minute of the show!

    Rocko's Modern Life is one of the GREATEST shows I have ever watched on television!

    The show got cancelled too early as it was quite underappreciated. Although the quality of the episodes from Season 2 to Season 4 went down the drain, I really liked the series.

    This show was created by Joe Murray who is working on his new show, Camp Lazlo which is on CN. But, not even Spongebob Squarepants can beat the quality of this classic nicktoon. Although you can feel sorry for Rocko sometimes, I loved that wallaby.

    I hope Nick brings it back as its an awesome show and its the only show that I gave a 10 so far!
  • One of the best cartoons of all time...

    This cartoon has to be my most favorite cartoon. I watched this show from beginning to end and loved every minute of it. I was so sad to see this show go, but at least I know that Rocko's Modern Life wasn't ended by Nickelodeon, but by the creator because of personal reasons, which is completely understandable.

    Just like Spongebob the creator left, but unlike Rocko, Nickelodeon keep working on Spongebob without the creator, its a shame they couldn't do the same for Rocko, but I believe it was for the best because nobody could do Rocko's Modern Life better then the creator himself.

    I will never forget Rocko and having the Nicktoons channel I even still get to see it. I think its great that the creator is now back in business and now has a new cartoon on Cartoon Network which is similar to Rocko's Modern Life. Its a shame though he couldn't come back and finish Rocko, but knowing Nickelodeon who knows if he could have came back. But for all the Rocko fans out there all hope is not lost because now we can enjoy a new cartoon the creator has thought of and who knows it might even be as good as Rocko.
  • A longtime favorite of mine

    Rocko's Modern Life, When I was younger I would get a whole bunch of snacks and just lay on the couch watching T.V. until rocko came on.

    It was a great show, although it did have a few inappropiate things.. Like rocko's boss who always had a cigar in his mouth..

    I have seen every episode, and I love all of them. This is a show that can't be missed. It may be 12 years old.. but it still pulls out all of it's tricks.

    Although I liked this show, I also disliked it too. but at least it kept me entertained.. until ren and stimpy came on.. so I hope it does the same for you.
  • This show was possibly one of the best shows ever on T.V

    Rocko's Modern Life is a cartoon that aired from 1994-1997 on Nickalodeon. It is about a wallaby from Austrailia that deals with problems in his everday modern life in O-Town, along with his friend Hefer, the steer, and Filbert, the turtle. O-Town also has many other characters that contribute to Rocko's modern problems.
  • Verry good show it was ruined by nick and should come back on the air

    Rocko's modern life is a very good show and it is a classic. i like how they have the wity style that you don't see anymore. Rocko is a austalian animal who has a friend named Heffer who is really funny. This show only lasted 3 years but it should have lasted alot longer. rugrats is another show that is about this age but should have been kicked off the air in 1991 should not even last one season it is vert dull to me and is so much worse then rocko's modern life. This is where nick takes good shows and kills them and takes off all the good shows but they keep the crap, wild thornberrys, catdog, rugrats, extera......

    To rap this up rocko is a very creative character who has this cool Australian accent and should be still on the air
  • As far as I know it... This is, definitely, one of the best shows Nick has ever made!

    This is one of the first few shows I've seen in Nickelodeon (South East Asia). By the way, this Nickelodeon first aired in our country in 2003.

    Let's settle this review first with my timeline...

    2003; First seen this show (I was at 4th grade that time), I actually thought that; Heffer was the main character in this show, Rocko was a girl (I thought he was wearing a skirt!) and that he's a dog (but his tail really intrigued me, that's not a dog's tail), this show first aired in 1990!

    But after I saw the intro, I found out that Rocko is a kangaroo (close enough!), but later then I found he's really a wallaby. And then he became my faved cartoon character for 3 or 4 years.

    2007; The time Nickelodeon showed the "Nick Classics" segment. Great! The show went back, but that didn't make Rocko my faved catoon character again, since the segment only aired for a few weeks and the show airs at 10:30 pm (but after this segment was gone, it airs at 5:00 am)!

    Now I found out Heffer is a steer, and Rocko has an Australian accent (I didn't remember that he had that back then)!

    2009; Recent (I'm in 1st year college. Isn't it awkward to see that I'm still watching cartoons?). So my first reaction was; "They replaced Heathcliff's time schedule to this show! Ha!" Guess what? Rocko became my favorite cartoon charcter again! Yeah, I really missed him.

    Now, I'm understanding the show better than before. I found out; the show has adult themes in it (I didn't get them before), the show first aired at 1993 instead of 1990, the episode "Trash-O-Madness" was the very first episode of the series (no wonder the animation and charcter design was way different than the rest of the episodes), the show only had 52 episodes (I was expecting at least a hundred), that this show was well-known in America, Filburt is a hypochondriac, and the rest that I found out are from wiki and other research sites.

    Isn't it weird that I feel pity for Rocko? I mean come on, he's usually unlucky and gets hurt (mostly from season 1). What did he even do wrong?! Well, at least he's luckier at the later seasons. By the way, I just discovered last week that I can draw Rocko, Heffer and Filburt without any source to copy at (I can draw Filburt the best)!

    So enough of bragging. My review is turning more of a blog! This show is about a wallaby that moved from Australia to the U.S.A. and his life (and problems) that he has to deal with. Tagging along with him is Heffer, a gluttonous steer, and Filburt, a hypochondriac turtle (I'm nauseous! I'm nauseous!), they sometimes make troubles even worse. The antagonist (most of the time) is Rocko's neighbor, Mr. Bighead, who is desperate to make Rocko's life miserable, which backfires. So much for that one...
    The story is close to being unpredictable, that's what makes it good!

    This show is related to Spongebob Squarepants, despite Stephen Hillenburg being in the RML crew. But the story is different, and it's not a ripoff. Spongebob can't be the equivalent of Rocko, because (besides being a main character) Spongebob is really playful and can be annoying at some points, he's a people person, and he usually tends to act weird especially with Patrick. Patrick can be an equivalent of Heffer, since they're both gluttons and they're mentally impaired (Patrick doesn't even have a brain).
    By the way, don't you even think that Spongebob would not exist or be a lame show if RML wasn't made? Stephen Hillenburg would probably not have an experience in making a cartoon!

    On last thing, Rocko wouldn't be awesome if he doesn't have "rock" in his name. Get it? As in "rock on".

    I gave it a 9.6 because it's a great show, but some episodes are just lame; otherwise, I'll give a 10!
  • I think I speak for a lot of people when I say this show needs to be brought back, it's not too old, and I think it would fit in with the "modern" world.

    Rocko's Modern Life is a really great show. Unlike most other Nicktoons, It's actually funny. One of the main reasons I love this show, is because of the Suggestive Innuendos and the Double Entendres, these are other things that separate it from other NickToons. Like most basically every other NickToon, it hasn't officially been released on DVD, However there are a few petitions to have it released. For now, all we can do is hope (and wait until 'Camp Lazlo' is hopefully destroyed).

    However. For once, I can actually see why Nickelodeon cancelled this show (was it cancelled or did it just end?)
    Although basically 100% of the 'rude' stuff slips right past younger viewers, it's level of rudeness and it's suggestive double entendres just aren't very suitable for kids. The immaturity and gross humour is excellent in this show; it works and is executed extremely well and adds to its overall brilliance. This show is EVERYTHING a cartoon should be.
  • strongly lovable show

    i really wish i was born a little bit earlier so i couid enjoy all this show had to offer i meen im a little kid about about to go to middle school this year and im posting in forums like a critic and this show is making me feel like true jackson vp (jk) but it does really make me feel appreciated so much im almost full to burst.i mean im going back to school in style and in i really got nothing else to say but im going to wrap this up see you later me former glackshnorver.
  • rocko...

    this show rocks! RML should've ran longer than 3 years. i miss this show soo much:(
    the jokes in the show were superb! Rocko was so cute. i luv all the characters in the show(Heffer is so funnyxD) & Philbert is awsome=] i'm really thankful that i was born during the golden age of Nick(1989).RML rox! RML rox! RMLrox! RML rox! RML rox! RML rox! RML rox! RML rox! RML rox! RML rox! RML rox! RML rox! RML rox! RML rox! RML rox! RML rox! RML rox! RML rox! RML rox! RML rox! RML rox! RML rox! RML rox! i hate all the new nick shows now.
  • This classic Nicktoon, one of the original 5 Nicktoons, revolves around a wallaby named Rocko, his best friend Heffer, his neighbors the Bigheads, and other characters such as Filburt, Mr. Smitty, Really Really Big Man, and Chuck and Leon.

    This was easily my favorite show when I was growing up, and now if I watch an episode of Rocko (which is unfortunately rare), it is just as funny, especially since I now understand the double entendres and the clever jokes. Perhaps the worst part about this is that a DVD set has not yet been released, which I wonder why nobody has done so, for I believe the sales of such a set would be very profitable. Some of my favorite episodes include Wacky Delly, Trash-O-Madness, I Have No Son, Gutter Balls, The High Five of Doom, Sailing the 7 Zzz's, and Fortune Cookie.
  • about a wallaby named rocko that moves to the united states and makes new friends

    I love this show I can remember when I was younger when they put it on but for some reason they took it off I wish they would bring it back and maybe even make new episodes I just like the way it was drawn and put together some very good humor and episodes heffer I thought was especially funny when he used to make rocko mad or somthing and the dog was funny to this has to be one off the best shows ever aired on nick shold be brought back as soon as possible many people would be happy
  • I don't care who you are, but if you like classic Nicktoons, you HAVE to like this show.

    This is easily a Classic Nicktoon, no contest. This has to also be one of Nick's greatest shows EVER. It was a simple story with a simple plot, but this show seemed to pull anything off. The characters were unforgetable and the stories were (like I said) simple, but extremely enjoyable. This show was very "cartoonish" and comedic. I used to watch this all the time and the theme song is really catchy. I think this show is rather underappreciated though. I mean it has an excellent rating but not many people recall it's greatness. But, all in all, I think Rocko's Modern Life is living it up in classic cartoon heaven. I miss you. 80/100.
  • A classic, funny, old-school Nicktoon that should have aired longer than it did.

    This show was a large part of my childhood back in the mid 1990's. During the hot days of summer, I'd come inside the house from playing outside just to watch this show. I soon became a fan right after the first season. This show (and several others) are what made Nickelodeon such a great channel for kids. Sure, there were mature-themed gags here and there that captured Nick's attention, but kids usually didn't understand them. I was sad the day I found out Joe Murray was not producing anymore episodes. Maybe someday Nickelodeon will eventually listen to us Rocko fans and begin manufacturing DVDs. But until then, all we can do is hope and remember the nostalgic charm it gave us.
  • Ah, Rocko, another great Nick show that was fun to watch.

    Rocko's Modern Life WAs a show about a wallaby named Rocko who lives a hard going life in the US. His friends, Heffer and Filburt, will often help him with his problems, or at least try to. Perhaps this show isn't quite for everyone as you do have to sometimes feel sorry for Rocko, but I am able to appreciate it for it's wacky, zany humour. It also notably contains quite a bit of sexual innuendo, which was not uncommon for some children's cartoons around the time. Just look at Ren and Stimpy. XD so I guess that concludes my review of Rocko. Another great Nick show that was fun to watch.
  • It's about a wallby named Rocko

    Rocko's Modern Life is one of the best cartoons on Nickolodeon, if not the best. The show is very funny and it has a lot of great plots in it. One thing I don't like is the show is still not on DVD. Is it that hard to put it on DVD. It was one of Nickolodeon's best catoons. And i think Nickolodeon should have renewed the show for a few more seasons. But Joe Murray wanted to be with his family more. And I don't blame him. Murray is now working on Camp Lazlo. The person who plays Rocko plays the also the main character in Camp Lazlo. Rocko's Modern Life is a great show and Camp Lazlo. But I like Rocko's Modern Life more.
  • Another great cartoon starring a very loving walabi and his clumsy friends.

    Another great show I watched on Nickelodeon. The characters are so incredible, we have Rocko who you would think is a dog but in reality is a wallaby (something like a kangaroo but smaller): Rocko is a great person, never hurting anyone and always willing to help his friends and whoever comes in his way with a problem. He is also very relaxed and easygoing. His best friend, Hefner, is a cow with serious personality issues who is always causing trouble in Rocko's life. He is clumsy but never means harm. What i love abut this show is that the stories are so original and the art is very detailed and unique.
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