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  • A wallaby, cow, and turtle walk into a comic book shop... What more is there to say?

    A great show way ahead of its time. There was nothing ever wrong with the show, just the network! Nickelodeon seems to have a tendency to cancel long running, great shows and replacing them one hit wonders such as iCarly, Avatar, and Zoey 101. You'll never see Rocko, Heffer, or Filbert pregnant at 16.
    Rocko's Modern Life was horribly under appreciated and too advanced for its time. But watching those shows now make me realize that it pains you to no that they'll never make a new episode again. Mr. and Mrs. Bighead, Heffer, the Chameleon Brothers, and Spunky. They set the bar high for cartoons in the mid 90's. A bar that a shriveling network has never lived up to since. It pains me that the show will never com back, but it makes me feel better that other people are taking the initiative to compile their own Rocko DVD sets for us fans to watch such as or Sure, they may not be official sets, but at least someone is standing up for the fans and saying "I Love Rocko, and I will not wait for Nickelodeon to air another rerun when they feel necessary!" VIVA LA ROCKO!!!
  • Rocko is a wallaby who has emmigrated to America from Australia. He lives in O Town and tries to get through life but, of course, comes across a multitude of dilemmas and misadventures he must get through.

    Rocko's Modern life came out at a great time in Animated cartoons. The early 90's birthed Ren and Stimpy, Beavis and Butthead, Batman: Animated series, and many more. This was a time when it seemed sick humor was at its greatest, and also when it seemed cartoons were the only entertainment to fulfill our needs. When it seemed like people were taking chances at cartoons that were outside the box. Depraved, neurotic, sick, funny, and even sometimes smart. Making you think, and enjoy at the same time. Unlike the cartoons now that are all the same, because they're all made by the same company. The stupidity was its best asset; the characters were classic, and it even made a comment about society; the capitalism, Conglom-o being the fat cats, and even one hilarious episode dealing with Recycling. Even though Rocko didn't last long, people still remember it as one of the best. I know I LOVE it!
  • Why did they name him Rocko?

    I think Rocko is one of the awsomeist shows ever! Why I rated it 9.5 is because the too adult humor. Rocko was the 4th nicktoon on nick. :) And Nicktoons Network canceled it for Spongebob! How good of show is Spongebob? His two friends Heffer and Flibert are sometimes nude(Heffer)and a nerd(Flibert). Rocko's pet dog is the normal aniamal that can't talk. ;) His two next door neighbors are Ed and Bev bighead, with a son voiced by the creator who created the Fatheads. >) And a slug and two comelons. Put them all togther and it makes Rocko's modren life.
  • Great classic!

    This show was one of my favorite classics from nick. It's funny, interesting and very...........cartoony! I wish that the show ran longer so I could enjoy more episodes of it. All of the characters are great and add good interest to the show! Like I said, it is also very cartoony, I mean, many silly and unrealistic things happen and thay always end up being pretty funny. So as you can see, this show is one of the reasons why I agree with the rumers going around about how nick has been showing increasing less interesting shows and now showing many shows that are less apealing.
  • In the words of the notorious Heffer: "This show was a hoot! Too bad dumb-ass Nick had to cancel it!"

    This show is a pure classic. No exceptions. It was one of Nick's first shows. It's probably Nick's best show next to Ren and Stimpy.

    Scale time!

    Humour: 10.0.
    I found myself laughing like a hyena while watching this show. 52 episodes of great plots!

    Animation: 8.0.
    Nice animation for an old show. The models look good, and some of the Animations crack me up.

    Overall: 10.0.
    Yet another classic replaced by cheap crap Nick thought of while they were high and monks were raping them. Rocko will always remain one of my favorites, just like Ren and Stimpy. "SPUNKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! SPUNKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" Ah, such awesomeness that theme song is...
  • Whoever thought of Rocko the kangaroo? Well, the fans. Rocko is COOL!

    Rocko's Modern Life appeared on Nickelodeon in 1993 and ended in Thanksgiving 1996. Shame it ended. I want it back, now. The reason why is because of 5 things:
    1. I want new episodes.
    2. Joe Murray, evgen if you're making new episodes for Camp Lazlo on cartoon network, you can make a crossover special.
    3. You can ask Nick to bring it back.
    4. Well, to remark this, I would like to say, Continue.
    5. No comment here.

    Even if you say it sucked, I think it rocked. Everyone loves Rocko, including me.

    Even if he had a modern life, he had a great show for Nickelodeon.
  • I think this show is pretty good.

    I enjoy this show. It had some funny episodes like Wacky Delly and Power Trip, it was a good show. In 96' Nick said more episodes were coming, but it never happened, RML was Canceled, Nick should have confirmed it, c'mon... V_V So i enjoy this show, you can still see it on Nicktoon Netowrk, if you get Digital Cable or Sattleite. ^_^ So another good nick show for the book. sorry i dont have anyhting else to say. g o i i k k k k k k k j h h gg f f f f f f
  • Far and away ahead of its time...

    This show was so funny and far thinking... Really something that Nick should've kept... One of my favorites from childhood that's great to watch as an adult.

    Sexual references such as the Chokey Chicken often got past censors, which gave this show that added edge. Voiced and created by a core of animators and actors who would go on to do shows like Spongebob, this came around during the Nicktoon heyday of shows headed up by the uber-popular Rugrats.

    Rocko was definately an advanced look at how to do gross out humor. On top of that, the humor was often witty and could be farcical. The show made references to movies its audience hadn't likely seen such as "The Shining"...

    Basically, the show was the most clever and truly funny on TV, but we were robbed of its genius by overzealous censors and a huge misunderstanding.
  • I favorite Nicktoons

    I really liked RML a lot because this was one of my other favorite Nickelodeon cartoons that I liked. At first when I saw the series on Slime Time Live in 2000, I thought it was pretty interesting and funny, other people thought it first at was a little crazy but then it became popular for a while and really liked the show! I thought Jim Cummings did a great job at doing the voice of Crappy Jack & The FatHeads and so did Tom Kenny doing the voice of Heffer in this show about two a wally in the USA next door to 2 frogs, Bigheads. Every time when Rocko is out he always get a job he always cet bulled by he's boss! Or sometimes when they are out Ed Bighead tries to offer Rocko something or make them famous. I really like this show even though most of my friends don't like it. This show premiered on Nickelodeon back in the 90's.

    User Rating: 10/10

    BOTTOM LINE: Another Nicktoon Fav Of Mine!
  • Why did it have to go =(

    I love Rocko hes like the awsome charater!! and I remember I used to watch this show all the time when I was little Ive always used to sit in front of the tv with my mountain dew and chips I would watch it for hours and hours and hours! I never ever ever missed a ep of Rocko's Modern Life Spunkie was a awsome charater also he was awsome lol Rocko is just mosty my most fav charater of all time and I still love this show even if it is chancled But thats why they have youtube so I can watch it when ever I want It makes me happy.
  • I like the show.

    This show is amazing!nothing can beat rockos modern life.It is one of the best cartoons out there.I loved it.Untill stupid nickelodeon cancelled This nice show.It has great humor and Is fun to watch when bored.lets see how it goes.hw the color looks like 10/10 the colors look great.I guess.humor.It's funny so you should mabye you should like it.I like the show so much It is way better than those other shows I guess.I wish It was not cancelled becuase it was so good and one of the best shows on nick next to Invader zim and spongebob squarepants.overall rating 10/10
  • I love ROCKO.

    One of Nicks best older shows. It is a kids show with tons of adult humor. I watched this when it first came on and loved it as a child. Now years later when they show reruns on Nicktoons Network I can watch it and enjoy it as a teenager. So it has a lot of replay value. They only thing is not a lot of people know about Rocko and his modern life. So in my opinion if more people would have watched it, they maybe, just maybe we could have more Rocko, but too late now. So a very good show worth watching.
  • Read my review on Doug

    I pretty much have the same things to say about this show as I do on my review on Doug, so if it is not to out of your way, would you please go read it? Or, I guess I could just sum it up for you in one sentence. Yeah, how about that, since I'm a nice guy n all. So pretty much I just said how the show was a classic, one of the first shows and how it totally beats the new shows that are on Nickelodeon right now, whichis pretty much exactly how I feel about this show. I'd also like to add another thing. Most of the humor and plot and story lines for this show are copied and attempted to be remade from This Show because they knew how great the show was. That is instant proof that Rocko's Modern Life is a classic.
  • A Timeless Classic from what Nick Once Was

    Rocko's Modern Life is a timeless classic. Its one of the real Nick cartoons. Not these stupid new things we have. It shows the face of the old Nick where everything was good, unlike today where the only good shows are Ned's Declassified(My Personal Favorite as you can probably tell from other reviews), The Fairly Odd Parents, and Jimmy Neutron. SpongeBob has just gotten horrible. Anyway, back to the review. Its whole, its funny, and just plain stupid(in a good way). I mean who can't remember Wacky Deli?? There were a lot of great moments in the show with Heifer, Rocko, Philbert. It was all so great. There was always a good story, no boring episodes. Its actually really hard to explain how good this show is when i haven't seen it in so long. I used to think Nicktoon's Network was gonna be the Boomerang of Nick but it just went down the crap hole in all of about one year. They show less of the old shows now,aside from marathons and late night/early morning things AND worst of all show original programing. Original programming?? They AREN'T NICKTOONS!! We need more shows like Rocko's. Its shows like this that can keep us entertained for years to come.
  • Hilarious childhood classic which holds up perfectly after 15 years.

    Turn the page, wash your hands.

    This show defined a year or two of my childhood. It is a gem of the early nineties and is among the best shows ever made during the golden age of Nickelodeon (much better than the nonsense they broadcast these days) including such greats as Ren & Stimpy, Salute Your Shorts, Clarissa Explains It All, Hey Dude, Roundhouse, Wild 'N Crazy Kids, Nick Arcade, et al.. I absolutely love the entire run of the series and it deserves to be made into a proper DVD set (I know I'd first in line for this one).
  • I used to watch this show everyday when I was little.

    This show rocks!! It was one of the shows that was part of my childhood. Even today, I watch it sometimes. Me and my counsins used to get toget, just to watch Rocko! This show is so funny, and stupid at the same time!! And I like how Hef and Filbert make fun of Rocko beause he's Austrailian xDDD. My favorite episode would have to be the one where Hef chokes on that chicken rib or bone or wahterver, then he dies and goes to heck!! xD Their humor is so funny, yet sometimes a bit longer humor, which I like. Good show, still a good show. I wish they would make new episodes still.
  • This added on to the Golden age of television

    This show was definitely off the wall. I cannot remember the last time I saw this funny TV show, but hey, it was one of my favorites indefinitely. The little blue turtle dude (I’m sorry I forget his name) that was always so self insecure always going "I’m noxious, I’m noxious" was one of my favorites. Heffer to Rocko was like Patrick star to Sponge bob. Heffer is just not as torpid or slow as Patrick. Rocko is very humble and is not always as assertive as he should be. That’s also the reason he left his native continent Australia, because of the truculent behavior of a dingo called Dingo. Rocko also has a pet dog that is really barren and silly though Rocko cares lots for this dog. Rocko is about the only mild mannered individual in the whole city of O-town. He then finds himself standing up for the things that are most important, and goes beyond political boundaries. I know, it sound pretty deep for an off the wall cartoon but that's what makes it so worth while
  • I can't find words to describe how much I love Rocko's Modern Life!

    Rocko is the best show ever. I have never laughed so hard in my entire life. I always thought that the characters were so full of personality that it felt like I had met them before. Rocko is that nice guy that everybody knows that will do anything for you even if he really doesn't want to because he's just too nice. Heffer is that annoying friend we all have that will trash your house and won't help you clean it up, but is so much fun you can't throw him out. Filburt is that weird nerd that you know and nobody really understands him because he's so pchycotic and hypochondriac. And plus it's the funniest show in the world. It's funny for anyone, if you're a kid, or in college, or an adult. It's especially funny when you're older because you find all of this peverse stuff that the writers would hide in there.

    It is a great show that I have yet to find a flaw in. The only flaw that I can really find is that it has yet to get a DVD box set. Come on Nickelodeon! Send the old school fans some love!
  • Rocko's Modern Life was a great show for Nickelodeon, it helped make Spongebob Squarepants.

    This show was pure genious. Rocko was the predesessor for Spongebob and Lazlo. Here are my rankings:


    The humor for this show was so good with the adult humor and didn't use butt jokes either.


    I loved the animation for this show, it was so original and unique. Very good.


    The characters were so funny. My favories were Heffer and Rocko. They're probrobly yours too. I didn't hate any of the characters either.

    Theme song-10

    This theme song was great, I liked the 1st one better, but I also liked the 2nd one too.


    This show was awesome. I wish they had this on dvd, i'd buy that. END OF REVIEW
  • One of the most imaginative and societally-aware shows of the 90’s era.

    This show is almost boundless to me yet feels so unfinished, it has so much creativity and imagination for every episode known as Joe Murray’s classic masterpiece. The episodes are very unique to themselves always about something different, it’s hard to understand how Joe pulled this one off but I must hand to him he was truly inspired to make a show like this. The show is also quite progressive and you don’t exactly know what will happen next and often hilarious either it being a crazy instance or just a random spoken line. In general the show is about the everyday hassles of living in a modern world (when “you” aren’t even exposed to real society yet) that even you might have and it sure is good to watch an episode after a bad day it lightens you up. The show is also bounded around heaven and hell, the secret workings of companies, psychedelic imaginations that actually come to life, politics, ****** innuendos, irony, hidden messages and many more making it a cult classic as the second show by Nick being for kids as well as adults. We always wonder why the show ended so suddenly it sure wasn’t past it’s time which many think that’s the reason for Nickelodeon canceling it, even though it was still in it’s humble beginnings and had a lot more to offer. That statement is incorrect though, Joe Murray needed to pursue personal obligations so he put the show on hiatus but was later cancelled by nickelodeon, for him not responding that the show would continue at any time. He wrote various books after and later on made a nice show called Camp Lazlo with some of the same actors that is on Cartoon Network. Rocko’s Modern Life was basically part of the life of Nickelodeon and when it was cancelled Nick went slowly on the decline and wasn’t ground breaking anymore. It gives very fond memories of old and shouldn’t be forgotten, many now want an official DVD if Nickelodeon is willing to support one of its own shows. I loved it as a kid I remember it being on at 5-530pm eastern and I never missed an episode and I still appreciate it now and maybe even more now since I understand it better. It relates to my life in a lot of ways and I’m sure it does to a lot of other people too now, so it’s going to be stuck with me forever I’m afraid and I won’t mind that at all.
  • Great show.

    The show always puts a smile on my face. Until they canceled it. I don't know why. It's a great show. It's very funny and is kid - friendly as well. Perhaps there are some episodes on youtube. Anyway, this show is one of Nickelodeon's classic shows that they canceled for an unknown reason. The show gives you a good laugh, and of course the animation wasn't great! It was an old cartoon, for crying out loud! But it more than makes up for that with an interesting plot. Unique characters and funny lines.
  • One of nick`s best shows.

    This show is my favorite nick shows. I wish it was still on Tv. I like it because it has many oddites and many great characters. The show is about Rocko, a waliby and his many friends like Heffer, the bigheads, and many more. I like the show because of the funny humor and more. The show is well written and has great episodes. it is also known as a cult show. Many adults also like the show. I use to watch this show before it was cancled. Though the show is not on regular Tv, It is still on the channel "Nicktoons network" where I try to see it. Rocko`s modern life will always be my favorite.

    This show is so halarious! This show is one of the best ever made, and is humorous for both adults and kids. This show needs to be brought back. All of the great humor in this show makes it equally or more funny than Family Guy. I can not believe that Nick messed up yet again by taking this show off the air. Even if it is cancelled, they should atleast air the show once a week or something. Now the only place you can view the show is on a spin off channel that most people dont get called "Nicktoons", and even then it is rarely on. All I have to say is if you see that this show is on, WATCH IT! You dont know what you are missing!
  • A show made for adults and kids

    This is a good old show that came out in 1993,it lasted untill 1996 with 4 seasons.It is about Rocko and his friends Heffer (steer) and Filburt (turtle)Spunky (Rockos pet dog) living in a town called O-town trying to cope with normal life things.This show did have a lot of adult humor,some got cut out,but its what made it funny.It still shows re-runs on nicktoons tv at late hours but that lest it shows.Plots were diffrent in each episode and they where every funny.Its a shame it only went for 52 episodes.

    Anyway its one for Nicks bext old tv shows.
  • This was a very good cartoon.

    Rocko's Modern Life is the story of Rocko who is a wallaby, born and raised in the sunburned land Down Under, Australia. A few years ago, he left the comfort of his native continent and came to live in the United States(Because of a bully named Dingo). Since then, he's managed to pick up an assortment of oddball, but well-meaning, friends including: gluttonous Heffer Wolfe (actually a Steer, who, at a young age, was adopted by a family of wolves), faithful (but none-too-bright) pet pooch named Spunky, and paranoid hypochondriac Filbert(That's really how they spell it on the show) (a turtle with a personal philosophy: "Turn the page, wash your hands, turn the page, wash your hands"). Other characters include The Bigheads (Rocko's irritable next-door neighbors), Dr. Paula Hutchison (an always smiling doctor-of-all-trades, and love interest of Filbert), and two slippery characters known as The Chameleon Brothers (Chame and Leon). These folks live in a bizarre district known as O-Town, which is actually under the industrial monopoly of a huge corporation called Conglom-O (their slogan is We Own You).
  • Loved this show since I was a kid

    This show came on in 1993, when I was 4 or 5. Since that day, me and my older sister and my family loved it! We sometimes watch this show on NN, and still laugh hysterically. It really beats the disgusting new garbage on TV these days
    My favorite episodes are Wacky Deli, Closet Clown, and Fortune Kooky. I have many more favorites, mostly from the 1995-1996 era of the show.
  • it's okay it's not that good in my opinion

    it is good and funny and crazy in the same, it was a little before my time but i've seen the reruns and some of the episodes i'm not to crazy about but it's a good show kinda i'll watch it when it comes on, I wouldn't exactly call it my favorite but i like.
  • One of Nick's best old school!

    I don't remember much about Rocko's Modren Life, but I do know that this was one of the classic shows in the 90's. It had the signature slap-sick cartoon comedy know only to Nickolodeon. It had funny characters that anyone could enjoy. The sad thing is that Nick has lost its formula for its good shows over the years, and what you get is cartoons like "All Grown Up" and "Spongebob", cliche teen shows like "Zoey 101", and "Unfabulous" and shows like "Mr. Meaty"...........that are just disturbing. I'm surprised Rocko only lasted for three years, when I was growning up watching the show, I thought it was forever.
  • Cricky! You'll go down under with this kangaroo kicking good time of a show!

    It's about Rocko, a wallaby from Australia moving to O-Town, USA! He gets friends which consist of acow, Heffer, and a turtle, Filbert. This show, made by Joe Murray is a classic in my opinon. I love it. The animation was good, it was funny, and random at times. Sound was good and the plots were all original about. With such clever lines and needy eventful adventures, I beleive this show, anyone could like. Thee is some gross things, but not exceedly cartoon grossness. Some fowl humor for little youngins, but truly a great show. Sadly it was cancelled after many successful episodes. As of this moment when I wrote this, you can watch the show still on Nicktoons Network.
  • There are a lot of things in this show that I didn't understand a little guy, but understand now!

    Rocko's Modern Life was my favorite show as a kid. So many pointless episodes. I did find the show a little disgusting because of the gore. But that didn't disturb me more than Ren & Stimpy! Anyway, like I said before, there have been a lot of things that I didn't quite understand when I saw it when I was a kid. I watched one just recently. About the one when he was trying to find a new job. And, I realized in one of his jobs, he was a phone sex operator! At least I think! But the show was pretty funny because all the character weren't all that bright. And all the perverted things they put in it. Rocko's Modern Life was a great show, and I wish they wouldn't have stopped making episodes. Every time when it's on, of course I tend to watch it!
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