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  • Awesomeness

    Great show
  • Best Kangaroo ever

    This is the best show ever in my life on Nickelodeon

    I Will Love it Forever and ever and ever
  • One of the best Nicktoons ever. Stephen Hillenburg (creator of SpongeBob) should be sued for ripping this show off

    Rocko is one of Nickelodeon's best original shows ever created and it really deserved alot more seasons. It appeals to both children and adults with alot of hilarious subversive humor that actually works. Too bad Nickelodeon doesn't make shows like this anymore and SpongeBob is just a cheap ripoff of this show, yeah it was good for a time but now its pure crap and its time for them to bring this show back.
  • Rocko Monder Life Rocks!

    One of My favroite Nick Show got canned for no reason beacause it's werid yet CatDog is re-runing itself Why?

    beacsue they want childern to watch bullies alway win well for one thing CatDog is more "Tak & the Power of Juju" than "Veggietales" slick if soul less

    but Rocko will alway be Nick's verson of Veggietales beacause Ed Big Head never overdose the villian thing like Rancid Rabbit so Nick, I ask you to Bring it Back beause Link TV got an E-Mail saying that Rocko should air on May on Link TV Rock will always be loved by millions, Bring it Back.

    I think it's kind of stupid that the 90's Are All That would replace this show for that dumb CatDog show. CatDog is TeenNick's version of Johnny Test. (hate CatDog now?)
  • Top Shows (of the 90s)

    Various ep (96-00)
  • best show on nick

    This show is amazing. Nick is really struggling now, with 'rocket monkeys' and 'hearts and farts'. Nicks glory days were obviously the 1900s. The shows like ren and stimpy, angry beavers, and rockos modern life, it was the best kids station. But with constant Spongebob, teen shows, and Nick studio 10, it sucks. Nick should bring these shows back.
  • Classic

    Title says it all
  • Nickelodeon is trying to cover this show up.

    They never put this show in their Nick Rewind segments, or even put it on demand. Other shows, such as Catdog, Angry Beavers, Rugrats, and even Ren and Stimpy are always on demand or on the nick rewind. This will not do. They need to reshow this gem so the next generation can know what an awesome cartoon this was, and still is.
  • Awsome Show

    This show was awsome. I love Rocko's Modern Life. I wish it was never cancelled.
  • Amazing. Period.

    I can't really explain the awesomeness of this show into words, all I can say is Rocko's Modern Life is one of the greatest cartoons from the 90s. Why they ended it? I have no idea. All I can say is that the show was clever and funny and it was really entertaining. Sure, it did show some elements unsuitable for children, but hey, it seems like every show did that back in the day. The creator of this went on to create what again? Camp Lazlo? Yeah...Definately didn't live up to this masterpiece.
  • The Golden 90s

    For me, the 90s were the golden age of cartoons but maybe because that's when I grew up? I think it's more than that. This was around the time cartoons more commonly started integrating some more adult content. I'm fully aware that The Flintstones was THE first animated series directed towards adults, but at the time, it was still considered a tame show. Then my point leads to The Simpsons which was an IDEAL 90s animated series. The Simpsons catered to adults in a more vigor way, however, children might have a hard time getting into it.

    However, this all might've triggered a new wave of cartoon influence that also eventually leaked into the channels directed towards children. Nickelodeon in this case, Cartoon Network... not so much. There's still one element I want to talk about still so I'll come back to this.

    THE 90s Nick show according to the general is Ren & Stimpy. Ren & Stimpy combines a retrospective level of animation and physics associated with Looney Toons even and fuses with occasional adult content. I've watched a lot of cartoons back then, including Ren & Stimpy and the subject here; Rocko's Modern Life. Enjoy them both, but at the time I was also oblivious to the adult content while obviously not pushing through the PG line, yet, my attention remains captured because these shows are about appealing to children and adults alike which was an issue finally addressed. Because you have the anthropomorphic characters fashioned through animation/physics of a 40s/50s revival type of style and pairs it with occasional references that the "adults" would understand.

    When these shows' respective series have ended, yes I did move on, until around mid 2000s I remember catching a Rocko's Modern Life episode late at night on a Nick channel and it was heart-warming, brought back memories. Nostalgia effect probably, but because I have aged a little more, I now understand more things about these two shows than I previously haven't.

    But now the history lesson is out of the way I want to settle the score in which of those two shows I actually like more. Rocko likely derived from Ren & Stimpy which sparked a little accusation of parasitism (I don't care about this. Influence is natural and I do believe in exceeding over your peers). Animation fluency and physics from both shows are good and you'll always get an element of laugh-ability from either. Ren & Stimpy however did last longer.

    But now here is why I prefer Rocko's Modern Life. It has all of the contents I've previously described, yet it still manages to be warm and homey where as Ren & Stimpy might get a little carried away. I have a far bigger connection to the characters as well. Rocko himself is a mild-mannered down to Earth wallaby, friendly, not looking for attention, but nevertheless situations that dart at him brings the most out of his character, including timidness, sadness and irritation. Rocko is probably my favorite cartoon character ever created. Heffer the steer is a mooch (in a good way) and sort of like a frat boy buddy to Rocko. Filburt is a finicky and oftentimes bi-polar turtle.

    The setting is like everyday life of young adulthood (love, finance, community, etc) with realistic elements and some fantasy ones mixed together and it oftentimes parodies/satires some of the objects on the show to real life.

    All together, there are so many elements in this show, elements that would even seem to contrast with each other... but it doesn't. Childish, adult, warm, punishing, friendly, aggressive. All of it is there. I just wish the show didn't stop at 4 seasons, because I can't get enough of it.

    I'm not discrediting Ren & Stimpy by any means. It's still my second favorite animated series ever.
  • One of my favourites ever since I was a child!

    This show has to be one of the best cartoons that have ever aired.

    I remember always watching this show with my dad when I was younger, it was something that COULD NOT be missed.

    The humor was so good, and the art style very appealing.

    Forever a classic.
  • I can see why everyone loves this show....

    It's good i like Rocko's Modern Life it's a series about a wallabee and a steer(also known as a Cow no not the cow as in swearing a Moo cow) and a turtle together they have crazy yet funny adventures in O-Town also in the show is two toads one a grumpy toad two a nice gentle toad classic and funny show unlike some shows today like Robotboy and My Gym Partner is a Monkey period and this was actually good so i rate it a 10 please put brand new episodes on TV Joe Murray.
  • "I'm nauseous, I'm nauseous!!

    I can't say that I don' only miss this show, but I absolutely love this show. It definitely deserves the term "classic." Rocko's Modern Life is basically a guilty pleasure of mine since I used to watch this show in my early childhood as well. It's so realistic on how they write about a character who has the life like any other existing person on the planet. Living on your own, paying for bills, having your own responsibility, etc... All throughout this series that has a realistic feel, the writers take advantage of their ability and make use on what ideas that are already given, to still make it seem cartoony like any typical animation series. This is overall a very cute, fun, silly and heartwarming show but the reason why I gave it a 9.1 and not a 10 is because there are of course a few flaws and episodes that aren't exactly my taste, but still very tasteful overall.
  • This show is perfect! Literally I can not name single flaw. The jokes are funny, cleverand said at the right time, the charachters are colorful and bright. I remember as a kid having a huge crush on Rocko lol. His personality was definitly the best!


    Rocko's modern life was definitly one of the best shows of the 90s. This was a time when shows were so good on television, you could not decide which one to watch. I always chose Nick though because of mainly Dough and Rocko. The music was great, the characthers were HILARIOUS and now I notice the the show was cleverly written to hide some adult jokes in as well. The show was EXTREMELY watchable and it is defintily a show to watch if youw want to get a great laugh, or understand the meaning of friendship, people, or life in general.

    I HIGHLY reccomend Rocko, Doug, and Angry Beavers! Hands down the best shows on Nickelodeon!

  • A perfect 90s Nicktoon


    Rocko's Modern Life is the story of a wallaby, born and raised in the sunburned land Down Under, Australia. A few years ago, he left the comfort of his native continent and came to live in the United States (because of a bully named Dingo). Since then, he's managed to pick up an assortment of oddball, but well-meaning, friends including a gluttonous Heffer Wolfe (actually a Steer who was adopted by a family of wolves), a faithful pet pooch named Spunky, and a paranoid hypochondriac turtle named Filbert with a personal philosophy. "Turn the page, wash your hands, turn the page, wash your hands." I think Rocko's Modern Times is the best show on Nick during the 90s. I think all the characters are likeable. The best characters for me are Rocko and Heffer. Most of the episodes are enjoyable. I only hate like 3 episodes in this show. I liked that there are some of the crew that used to work on this show before SpongeBob. The voice acting were great. Overall, this show is amazing and I'm glad I get to record some of the episodes that were recently aired on TeenNick. 10/10

  • No Nicktoon will ever beat this one

    Old Nicktoons like Rugrats and Invader Zim were great and creative,but they are nothing compared to this show. Rocko's Modern Life is about a wallaby named Rocko who goes through modern life with his friends Spunky,his pet dog,Heffer,a cow and Gilbert,a turtle. Originally,I rated this a 6,however,I never saw much of this show,and now,I love it. Rocko is the main character of the show,and is not stupid,Heffer is his friend,who I think is hilrailous,the neighbors (Forgot their names) are hilrailous,everyone is funny on this show. Also,this show does something different from every Nicktoon:hell references. I'm not kidding,this was on a Nicktoon. In the first episode I saw with a hell reference,Heffer went on a game show where he needed to get 1 point after 665 to win,and ended up in hell,or "you know what" and in another episode,Rocko was at a carnival and a game had "Hell" in the title. but sadly,this ended after 3 years,which sucks because this was their best Nicktoon. Nick,cancel iCarly,Fanboy and Chum Chum and Spongebob and bring this back. Joe Murray,bring this back. Overall,a great Nicktoon and is their best one ever created
  • Such a great cartoon

    This along with Hey Arnold! Rugrats Invader Zim and The Angry Beavers are my favorite Nicktoons. This show is about A Wallaby named Rocko who moved from Australlia to the United States. He Lives in the O-Town. He makes some friends like Heffer and Filbert. Rocko has a Kangaroo Tail. He Also Has A dog called Spunky. People usally call Heffer a Big fat Cow. I'm glad this still comes on Nicktoons But 1. It's on too early in the Morning. It's Also Only on Wednesdays. My Favorite Character is Rocko. Characters 10/10 Perfect Characters

    Humor 10/10 Amazing Funny Humor

    StoryLine 9/10 Awesome Story

    Overall This Is A Great Cartoon
  • Rockos Modern Life!

    I remember when I first saw this show. It wasn't on Nick, but it was on Nicktoons. It was a great show, really funny and it kinda seemed like Looney Tunes. they have great characters(Rocko the wallaby, Heffer the Steer, Fillburt the Turtle, Mr. and Mrs. Bighead) I think this show was Steve Hillenburg's inspiration for Spongebob. He was in charge for the whole 4th season once Joe Murray left. Just like the way Paul Tibbit took over Spongebob when Steve Hillenburg left. Rockos modern Life is a great show with great episodes(Road Rash, Canned, Zanzibar, Trash O Matic, Fortune cookie, Wacky delly) I highly reccomend this show to Spongebob fans and Ren and Stimpy fans, but nobody under 7, because there's mild gross humor.
  • One of the best Nicktoons ever made in my mind. Should be on Nickelodeon not on Nicktoons Network.

    I really liked this show. This is definetely one of the best Nicktoons ever made. This show is about Rocko, a kind, smart wallabee who lives with his dog, Spunky in O-Town. Rocko, along with his best friends Heffer, and Filbert have many adventures in every day life. The humor in this show is good. Most of the jokes are really funny. My favorite episode was the one when Rocko was teaching Mrs. Wollfe how to drive. I thought that episode was really hilarious! Isn't it coool how you can have a trainee driver compete in a demolission derby and win. That's really cool. The dialog in this show is awesome!! The funny moments with Rocko, and Heffer will keep you hooked on the series. The lines, and actions are child friendly, which is good. Overall, awesome show, great humor, awesome dialog, solid music, lovable characters. I just wish that this show is on Nickelodeon instead of Nicktoons Network. They rarely show it on NN. Rocko's Mern Life in my mind, should replace horrible shows like The Naked Brother's Band, and Tak. I miss this show alot!
  • This show was just simply AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When this show was a show,I thought it was gonna be horrible,and one of those shows where Nick just tries to make extra money,but one day there was nothing on so I decided to give Rocko a try,and after I watched it I simply fell in love with it. Pros Good Humor nice story line nice plot a talking wallaby how original The lessons in each episode Cons Animation Why does everything move? This show was a real childhood classic.I really recommend watching this show
  • One of the funniest cartoons ever

    This show was about a wallaby named Rocko, who emigrates to America from Austrailia, and has adventures with his friends Heffer the steer, and Filburt Turtle. Rocko also had neighbors named the Bigheads who didn't really like him at all (well, maybe just Ed, but still) and they're important to the show too. One of the things I really like about this show is all the adult jokes they were able to hide in it, like for example they're restaurant was called "Chokey Chicken" for most of the show's run (not going to explain the joke, go on wiki or something.) Overall, a very inventive, classic, and funny show, and a favorite of mine. 10/10 A+
  • I have never seen a cartoon better than this one.

    Rocko's Modern Life is the fourth Nicktoon. It premiered in 1993, and it sadly ended in 1996. The show follows an Austrailian wallaby named Rocko as he moved to the a strange American town, O-Town. There he meets his new best friends Heffer, and Filburt. This show contains some off-the-wall craziness, similar to the previous Nicktoon "The Ren & Stimpy Show", but the difference is "Rocko's Modern Life" is EVEN CRAZIER! And that's a good thing, because if it weren't for that this show wouldn't be near as funny as it is. I love Rocko's dog Spunky. He's just so stupid that he's cute. A lot of people who worked on this show later worked on the popular 1999 Nicktoon "SpongeBob SquarePants". A show that is good, but near as good as this one! The only cartoons that even come close to being as good as Rocko are "Ren & Stimpy", "The Tick", "Freakazoid!", "Animaniacs", "Ed, Edd, n' Eddy" and "The Angry Beavers". All of wich came out in the 90's! Man, I really miss those great cartoons. RML really, really, REALLY needs to be released on DVD. If it was I'd buy it in a second! Another thing this show was notable for was it's adult innuendos. Some people say the innuendo makes this show innapropriate for children. I disagree. I don't think any kid would pick up on any of those. I didn't even notice them until recently on YouTube. Overall, everyone should give this show a chance. It is hilarious, and one of the most enjoyable cartoons of all time. It shares the #1 Best Nicktoon spot with "The Ren & Stimpy Show".

    My Rating: 10 out of 10.
  • Yet, another good Nicktoon Nick once had until they found this certain thing called....CRACK!

    I love Rocko's Modern Life! It was created by Joe Murray (and Stephen Hillenburg, I think). It was good for children and adults! My favorite episode was the one when Heffer had a near death experience by choking on a chicken bone, but why did they call Satan peaches? Doesn't even look like a peach. The episode, "Fishi'n Chumps" was my second favorite, and my third favorite was "Wacky Delli". I miss this show, I wish Joe Murray can surprise Nickelodeon and bring this show back, but I don't think he wants to. Did anyone know that Sponge Bob was based/totally ripped from this show? We can even compare the characters:
    Sponge Bob:He's like Rocko only childish
    Patrick:He's like Heffer
    Gary:He's Like Spunky
    Squidward:He's like the Bigheads
    Mr. Krabs:He's like Rocko's boss
    Sandy:She's like Filburt of Sheila
    Plankton: He's like the Bigheads too!
    The Flying Dutchman:He's like Peaches
    My Leg! Guy: He's like ????
    That's because Sponge Bob was also made by Mr. Hillenburg. But it never beats Rocko!
  • A great cartoon that helped mold my mind into the twisted twitching mass it is today...

    I love Rocko's Modern Life. The best part is of course the theme song done by the B-52's. That's just cool right away. Watching this as a young kid, I latched onto everything this show delivered, even the subtle bits of adult humor. It was one of those shows where as a kid, you began to realise when something had two meanings or if there was a hidden little joke in there you weren't supposed to understand, and that put you one step above your parents. There was a great cast of voices too. Rocko sounds so sweet and lovable but he's always screaming and no matter what it's funny. Even occasional guests had very memorable voices like the Hippo Lady, and that crazy jet guy. High pitched laughter and yelling really spoke to me back then... and it still does. Every show usually took a very bazaar turn, but that's what was so great about it. It was fairly accurately showing us what the real world was like in terms we'd understand through lots of screaming animals and various colors of stink-lined slime. I can remember every episode like I just finished watching it, due to the fact that i've probably seen each one several times while it still aired on Nickelodeon. I would also like to say that Mr. Bighead rocks. He always gets a bum wrap, but I know beneath that smelly old frog exterior is... is... well, a smelly old frog interior. Anyway, Nick would be smart to bust out some official SEASON style dvd's before this beauty of a show is lost forever in the bowels of time. Because I know you'll buy them... You'll be in line right after me.
  • Best show on nick

    Its the best show on nick to date. and those other crappy ones like Unfabulous danny phantom and All That. those shows suck! who ever thought of Rocko's modern life is a masterpiece and diserves to be in history. I im really mad when they cut it off like idiots. well atleast theres Camp Lazlo=)
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  • let's face it people it was the best show ever!!!

    Rocko was a great show and I think that it should be back on the air because it has so many loyal fans all these years.And i know until this day that Rocko keeps getting fan letters everyday delivered to Nick so they should at least respond to us fans.
  • i love rocko's modern life

    i would love if yall would bring shows out on dvds b/c rocko's modern world was always makin us laugh and cuttin up in the livin room..and no matter what some people say its somewhat vulgar..i think not..i mean i hope yall will listen to us and put it on dvd or bring it back full time on tv.
  • One of the funnist satire shows I ever seen. Why it was cancelled is beyond me. I think it was still a great show to the end.

    I really loved watching the show a lot. The humor was all crazy and about anyone can get it. The humor was not even corny at all for a kids show. I do not think thre was any reason to kick it off air. Heck it is even better than most Nicktoon shows on air(That is why I hardly ever watch Nick anymore, there are not really any more good shows on). I truly wish that this show does get reaired.
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