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  • Nasty but funny

    I like this show alot cause it gives me everything i want to see its very good and something i like to watch this show has good and bad point about it but its ultimatly good entertainment for me and my friends and family it i think its a good show with informative and insightful situations that people can relate to in there own way , This is a show that i caould watch without flipping the station to find what else is on , i recommend anyone to atleast watch it once to see if they like it like i do
  • Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Without Rocko, Nick is nothing. Possibly one of the cartoons to ever appear on TV. But why? Oh, I'll show you... (Spoiler Free)

    I was young when I first saw Rocko in '96. It was the first cartoon I was ever obsessed with. However, I didn't get to see it much, thanks to my dad's hatred of even the smallest hints of adult humor in a kid's cartoon. But when dad went to work, my mom would let me watch my Rocko video on loop (and it even contained the infamous "milking scene!"). And I would shut up for the rest of the day.

    And you know what?

    I still love it.

    This show as too many qualities for me to list, it's just pure brilliance. It was overlooked by Nick and ended before what I think was its time. It's a sad though, the channel went downhill when Rocko was cancelled. When I first got Nicktoons TV, I was overjoyed - Rockjo was never played at all anymore, and now I had 2 episodes a day. My fandom grew even larger.

    I have seen almost every episode, and I never get tired of this series. And you know what? I don't think I ever will.
  • When I was a kid, I was in love with this show. The whole show itself is hilarious. They should certainly show re-runs.

    I think that the show was great, every episode was entertaining. I loved the show and I never forgot it, I saw a couple of re-runs a couple years back and I think even for a cartoon it is "adult-ish". This wacky out of this world classic should be seen by every kid in America, I know they would like it.

  • Love this show

    Best show on nick ever. Every character is perfect this show is great i still love it. I love every single episode. Hefer, Philbert, Mr and Mrs Big head, rocko are all so great. If u dont love this show i honestly feel there is something wrong with you. Gottta love it

    This is a good show. I might have given away too much in the summary, but the other thing you need to know is that there\\\\\\\'s a adopted cow named Heffer Wolfe and a turtle named Filbur. Thier angrey nieghboors are called Ed and Bev bighead.. Rocko works at a comic book store called Kind-of-a-lot of comics. Go watch it now!!!
  • Oh man, I loved this show.

    This show was hilarious. This show was like a diary of the exploits of a rather shy and friendly wallaby named Rocko, only in painful detail as to everything that could possibly go wrong in one's life. Each episode went through a certain event in Rocko's life, and in each story, Rocko suffered so much before finally accomplishing what he had set out to do.

    Rocko had a pet dog named Spunky that was dumb as dirt, as well as two friends, Philbert the nerdy turtle, and Heffer the steer. Philbert usually came to Rocko with a problem, asking for help, but Heffer, with his chronic eating, would cause so much trouble that I don't know why Rocko bothered keeping him around.

    This show was so great because of the torture that Rocko was put through for the sake of his friends, or sometimes, simply because he was too nice a guy to complain. But I believe that it was because of all this that the show was cancelled. I'd like to think I wasn't just some mentally unbalanced child for liking this show, but I really did enjoy the slapstick taken to new extremes, and I hope I'm not the only one. If there were any justice on this earth, this show would still be on the air well into it's umpteenth season.
  • Rocko, a wallaby, moves to America from Australia, where he encounters crazy things every day with his friends Heffer the steer and Filburt the turtle.

    As a kid, I loved this show, but I didn't realize it's perfection until I grew up. There is a lot of humor hidden in with the the rest of the obvious jokes. Seriously, you can watch an episode 20 times, and each time hear/see/realize a new joke that you hadn't before. The characters are goofy and the plots are zany; all you need for an awesome cartoon. There's too much to be said about this show, so I'll cut to the chase. "Rocko's Modern Life" was a perfect blend of hilarious antics and light social commentary. I guess you could call it stupidity with substance, but I'd just call it a masterpiece.
  • This show could lick current cartoons easy if the animator brought it back

    This show is what made Tom Kenny and Carlos Alazraqui great. It starred a wallaby named Rocko, as he went through many misadventures. This is another reason that Nickelodeon has started downhill, because they cancelled this gem of a show. Please bring this brilliant, funny, and original show back, before the current cartoons get boring.
  • They need to bring this show back in syndication as soon as possible. What a crime that you can't see it anywhere anymore. This was such a great show, one of my few nickelodeon favorites.

    They need to bring this show back in syndication as soon as possible. What a crime that you can't see it anywhere anymore. This was such a great show, one of my few nickelodeon favorites.

    The best part of the show, hands down, was Rocko's accent. If I ever met a man who talked like Rocko, I'd marry him immediately on those grounds alone, you know what I mean. Oh yeah, and it was a funny show, too. =)
  • This show dealt with some real-life issues on a more wholesome and animated level--a precursor to family guy.

    This show was awesome. It was cutely animated--and in the 90's when it was on Nickelodeon it was somethin' my father and I shared every day. "Oh, it's Rocko time!" This show affected a lot of lives.. >.> And now that it's gone we can't have rocko time anymore? bummer.
  • This show is about, well, Rocko's Modern Life! And you know what the people should do, BBRRIINNGG IITT BBAACCKK!!

    Rocko's Modern Life; quite possibly the best show that had ever been on Nickelodeon. The show had great story lines, great voices, great characters, great atmosphere, and it was an absolute joy to watch. This show I believe was cut from Nickelodeons line-up due to some stupid complaining parents, who said that this show was too, quote: 'inappropriate for our children.'Tom Kenny, voice of Heffer, has gone on to do Spongebob in Spongebob Squarepants, ( Did you know that? ) But I am not too sure that he is in the teams newest show, Camp Lazlo on cartoon network, which is a great show, but doesn't match this show.

    Please for all fans reading this, or if any creators or anybody that was involved with the show, help bring it back, I would be extremely thankful!

    -Alex (A huge fan.)
  • Before there was a Spongebob, there was a Rocko.

    I grew up watching a lot of classic cartoons, Rugrats, Doug, and Spider-man are a few. One of my favorites however was Rocko's Modern Life.

    RML was one of the funniest cartoons at it's time. It was one of the first Nick Toons to attempt gut-busting humor, and it suceeded. Unlike shows like Ren and Stimpy, RML managed to produce great humor, without being too demented.

    All the characters were extremely funny. RML had one of the most unique cast of characters in a cartoon series. My favorite character was of course Heffer. The voice acting was also great. The voices were done extremely well.

    The stories were of course funny. The episodes would go normal until something weird happens. The episode get's better as it goes along.

    The best part about this show is it comes on Nick Toon TV. If you have satellite or Digital cable, you can watch this show every day.
  • While I don't think Rocko's Modern Life lives quite up to the hype surrounding it, it's still a very good show.

    While it is still not on par with some of the great prime time adult cartoons like "The Simpsons", "Futurama", or "South Park" or other stuff of today like "Spongebob Squarepants", there are still a lot of things to like about RML. The show has this sense of absurdity (mostly things that go around in the background, or double entendres) that appeals to audiences. The characters are likable, they're not the deepest but they can slightly relate to people in real life (if they were animals and comical). Rocko is a nice, somewhat timid guy, Heffer can be really funny, a little obnoxious (but not in a way where it gets annoying), Filbert is funny just to LOOK at (and the fights between him and Heffer are fun to watch). The show often has random surprises, like background characters who go insane for no reason, references to production on the show ("Which is funnier, bananas or cheese?") and sometimes adult jokes. The voice acting is excellent, with Carlos Alazraqui (AKA James Garcia from Reno 911) as Rocko, with a shrill Austrailian-accented wallaby who can go mad whenever he has to. The ever-so-wonderful Tom Kenny as Heffer, as overdramatic and deep fat guy voice. Kenny also provides the voices of pretty much every other voice in the show (seriously!), but a lot of them sound very different, which is nice. Mr. Lawrence, also one of the writers, plays Filbert as a neurotic nerdy turtle (note that Lawrence also wears glasses). Charlie Bighead is able to play both Ed AND Bev Bighead. He is very talented at playing the two off each other and it really does seem like two different characters are talking to each other. Linda Wallem, in her only voice over role to date, plays most of the female characters, including Dr. Hutchinson, and is able to do perky, maternal, or husky characters. On a side note, Wallem is one of the creators of "That 70's Show." Rocko's Modern Life is definitely worth a look.
  • the best show ever created

    i want it back. it was underappreciated and should of lasted more than two years. it is my favorite show. Why did Nick screw it up. i don't know. but between the great animation and funny jokes and awsome characters it didn't get its chance to shine. sigh.
  • Controversial overtones mixed with childish gags keep even the oldest fans coming back to O-Town.

    Rocko's Modern Life is a classic among the other great shows of the early Nicktoon era. It leaked genius from every pore in its body. From the names of the characters and settings (Kind of a Lot of Comics, Really Really Big Man, Captain Compost Heap...) to the adult overtones (Chokey Chicken, No-Tell Motel...) the show entertains all ages of human and wallaby.

    One thing about the show that is so entertaining is the originality of many of its jokes. It has comic genius that none others could match at the time and has not been matched since. It seemed every episode had classic moments that keep you laughing nearly 10 years after its hay-day. "But wait just a gosh darned minute...who took all those pictures?!" and the R-E-C-Y-C-L-E song remain classics among comedic television sketches.

    Rocko was also the master of his time in getting things past the censors. The most famous example of this being the resturant, the Chokey Chicken, later renamed the Chewy Chicken. The No-Tell Motel scene and the milking machine scenes still keep adults laughing along with their children, cleverly targeting all ages of people with all kinds of tastes in animation. Truely a classic.
  • A Walby, Steer, and turtle live in Otown.

    This was one of the great cartoons I allways watched it. The best episode was when Rocko had no food and had to go to the supermaket befor the big sale ran out and when he got in the car to leave all the food fell out. This show would have made a good cartoon movie.
  • Why did they take such a good show off the air?

    This show was one of my childhood favorites and I don\\\'t understand why it is replaced with so many other lame shows these days. Heffer the steer is hilarious, funnier than most any other character out there. Rocko\\\'s Modern Life is a classic and it should be viewed every once in a while.

    Maybe an old show like this and any others should be combined together for an hour, like the Cartoon Cartoons show on Cartoon Network.
  • Best cartoon ever.

    Rocko's Modern Life is a true classic and the funniest cartoon ever created. No cartoon can even compare to Rocko's Modern Life. Every episode was hilarious. It had some of the funniest jokes of any show, and I'm not just talking about cartoons. They should never have pulled the greatest cartoon ever off the air.
  • i love this shooooowww!!!!!!!

    i miss this show! it is one of my favorates, why couldn't ni9ck show rocko's modern life forever and ever? if i were the creator of rocko's modern life, then i let it show for the rest of eternity! eh, but what can i do? oh, well i guess it had to go...
  • This show is about a wallaby, Rocko, and Philber, and Heff, his two friends, with his dog Spunky.

    I love the show, yet it like never comes on!!!! I have Nick2 and other channels such as that but to the other people who like the show that's just not fair at all!!!! It's a cool show, the characters are pretty cool, I personaly like Rocko, but that's just my opinion, though anyways, the show rocks!!!!
  • A great Nicktoon classic!

    This was such a great show! It was one of the classic five Nicktoons which (to me) are:

    Rocko's Modern Life (duh)
    Aaah! Real Monsters
    Ren and Stimpy

    The cast of this show included:

    Rocko - The nervously shy wallaby star of the show

    Heffer - The overweight steer that was a son to a pack of wolves

    Philbert - The uptight turtle friend of Rocko and Heffer

    Spunky - Rocko's disgusting pet dog (I named a dog after him once)

    The Bigheads - Rocko's neighbors; Mr. Bighead was a bastard frog who was always out to get Rocko; Mrs. Bighead was his sexual deviant housewife

    This fell into the category of Saturday or Sunday morning television when I was a little kid (which is where I derived my classic five). Of these five shows I would have to say that Rocko was my most favorite. It had a unique cast of characters and far out storylines.

    Some of the most memorable episodes were the Spring Cleaning episode (R-E-C-Y-C-L-E, RECYCLE!), the episode where everything at the grocery store was 99.9% off, and the episode when Philbert wins Mr. Lucky.
  • One of the best cartoons ever! Joe Murray is a genius

    This show was just so cartoony and strange sometimes with its humor thats what made it great. The surreal life of an australian wullaby and his friends in a town called "o-town" full of funny characters and funny antics. I use to love this show when i was younger, and it will always remain a childhood favorite for kids who use to watch it and maybe even sort of a guilty pleasure for adults to enjoy. This show had so many gags and whatever funny things the writers came up you just had to laugh at, the main characters that supported rocko were so funny and special in their own ways. I just dont know, there was just something special about this cartoon, the plots, the characters, even the whole simple story of rocko's life was what made me charmed by the show. If Nick does bring it back, then they'll get a lot of fans and viewers back as well!
  • Rocko's Modern Life had almost everything you'd want in a show, and it is truly one of the more renowned Nickelodeon cartoons ever.

    Rocko's Modern Life was a great show. In fact, it had a little bit of everything, and this alone allowed both kids and adults alike to appreciate this marvel of a cartoon.

    It had the childish humor for kids. But it also had something few other cartoons dared to include: some adult humor. I don't mean just more complex humor than the standard kiddie joke; I'm talking things that some parents would not dare discuss with their children! For example, in one episode, Rocko wakes up with the flu and heads off to the hospital, only to find himself in the office of a rather insane doctor who actually "grabs" him and prompts him to cough!

    Anybody could watch this show and instantly fall in love with it, and that's probably why whenever it's brought up even today, you'll see many thinking back to the good times they had with that wallaby.
  • It makes me feel retarded. COOL!

    "Rocko's Modern Life" is about Rocko, an austrailian baby kangaroo, living in the wacky town of O-town. It takes me back to my childhood when I watch it. It's very funny to watch when your with kids or not. It's a retarded comedy cartoon show that was made for the fun of it. I wish they would bring it back so I can watch it one last time.
  • Rocko's Modern Life is a great cartoon show and should put back on Nickelodeon.

    Rocko's Modern Life is a great cartoon show and should be put back on Nickelodeon. It was really fuuny and it gave me something good to watch. Heffer did many stupid things on the show that made me laugh. And it's ironic how he is raised by wolves. Who thought of that?
  • Only this show could accomplish as much as it did with entertainment.

    Rocko's Modern Life enjoyed the life of Rocko the wallabe and his adventures and daily life. Although he unwittingly got into mischief occasionally and had anger problems at time he had a heart of platinum with everyone with good intentions. Usually his problems were caused by his best friends Heffer, a steer adopted by wolves, and Filbert, a turtle who married a cat eventually. If you never watched Rocko's Modern Life you missed out on cartoons. Even though Rugrats and Ahh!!! Real Monsters were on television, you never got the full of effect of cartoons and entertainment and enjoyment if this Australian wallabe was not apart of your home.
  • A very good cartoon and the second best on Nick after Ren & Stimpy.

    Very few cartoons from my childhood...however recently I came upon some Nick cartoons that I used to be a huge fan of Ren & Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life....both of which I still find to be very entertaining...though Ren & Stimpy more so....anyway seeing many other cartoons of my past they just seem embarrasing when you see them now. The characters prove to be entertaining enough...particularly the Bigheads animation....well that's not important when something is's a shame it only got 3 seasons.
  • I wish O-Town was a real place...

    "Rocko's Modern Life" was an early work of Joe Murray, which is something I never noticed years before. Now that I have seen some episodes, I have to say that the show is freakin' hillarious! O-Town is a kind of goofy looking, yet a crazy and great place to be! Almost anything there is alive! From the garbage truck to a toaster! The good things about this show is that is funny and very creative plotlines. Moreover, the mature humor included made it more funny but Nick editing them killed some parts of the show. Moreover, it was disturbing some parts of the show like Really Really Big Man let's others view the future with his nipple?! Creepy and disturbing but yet, hillarious! Bring back Rocko!
  • I miss Rocko...

    I miss Rocko's Modern to Ren and Stimpy, it had to be one of the best cartoons on Nick at the time. Compared to today's cartoons, it had a lot more humor.

    That's right: It was actually funny. And most of the cartoons on Nick now don't even make sense (save the Fairly Oddparents and a couple others).

    I think I still have my Spunky toy somewhere....

    This is one of those golden cartoons that should go back on TV. If not, at least do like they did with Ren and Stimpy and put it on DVD or something...because it is well missed.
  • Rocko's Modern Life is IMO one of the greatest cartoon shows ever!

    I think the thing that makes Rocko's Modern Life so addictive is the fact that the show has a dark sense of witty humor that is rarely seen in cartoons today. It had a crude art style, a derranged story, and charecters that really didn't look right together for instance a steer and a wallabe, and a turtle.

    Along with that I think the fact that Rocko's house will literally explode or be trashed one moment, but then it will be fine maybe 5 mins later. Its little things like that, that make the show so great. Theres no need to worry about the things that suck in life, its basically just having fun with its surroundings and creating a living breathing world without worry or despair. Overall its one of the most enjoyable cartoons of the last decade, and its sad it didn't last as long as it should have. Long Live Rocko and his Friends!
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