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  • Horrible crap

    This is an horrible crap, with poor drawings and not so much humor. I think SpongeBob SquarePants is a loooooooooot better than this terrible and famous cartoon. I don´t like to watch that poor animation, I recently saw an episode and I couldn´t stand it. It didn´t made me laugh a bit, I was not pleased to see this so called "classic", wich every American loved when kid. And in the place I live nobody liked it more than SpongeBob. And SpongeBob has less score because many persons think he is ga... and hates him, but no one hates Rocko. Disagree all you want I don´t care a bit! Because definitely is not good at all. I don´t like this thing.
  • I do not like this show. Sorry.

    I seriously don't know why people like this show. It's just another show about an animal and his life. Well, Spongebob's that too but that's sea creatures. I'm talking about land creatures acting like humans who just try to live their normal life. Other examples of this are the Angry Beavers, the Ren and Stimpy Show, and others. Anyway, I just don't enjoy the characters except for Rocko, which I actually feel sorry for because he's constantly trying to do something but one of his friends just always messes it up for him. And the plots for the show are just wierd and random, and I don't know, it's just not entertaining to me. So that's all I have to say.
  • Well,people out there who don't like this show,your wrong.

    Okay,I think this show is fine to me.Rocko is cool of his look and Heffer is kind of cool how he looks too.It's a very classic show that's fine to me like Hey Arnold.The frog people were not very good characters of how they look.The theme song at the beginning of this show is fine.Everything is very fine to me.It's very better than those classic shows on Cartoon Network.It's kicking Johnny Bravo's butt and it's better than Hey Arnold.I give this show a B because not only it's not one of my favorite shows,it's fine to me of everything in this show.
  • It was an okay show. I barely remember it because the last time I saw an un-holiday episode was when I was 4 or 6. And I am currently 12.

    I witty show. I didn't get the jokes back then, but when I see it online from time to time, I sorta understand them. Why did the show go so soon? Well, Nick wanted shows that had more child-oriented humor. Rocko didn't have that kid humor, I admit. But it was nice and made you pay it your attention. Adults could laugh at it, while us kids were straining to gain meaning of the joke. But that was the fun of it all.

    When I first watched the show, I was like: "Okay. Rocko is a made-up thing called a wallaby and Heffer is a yellow thing." Silly, I know. But that was what I saw. And although I know the truth now, I still like to see it the way I first saw it.
  • it's okay it's not that good in my opinion

    it is good and funny and crazy in the same, it was a little before my time but i've seen the reruns and some of the episodes i'm not to crazy about but it's a good show kinda i'll watch it when it comes on, I wouldn't exactly call it my favorite but i like.
  • While I don't think Rocko's Modern Life lives quite up to the hype surrounding it, it's still a very good show.

    While it is still not on par with some of the great prime time adult cartoons like "The Simpsons", "Futurama", or "South Park" or other stuff of today like "Spongebob Squarepants", there are still a lot of things to like about RML. The show has this sense of absurdity (mostly things that go around in the background, or double entendres) that appeals to audiences. The characters are likable, they're not the deepest but they can slightly relate to people in real life (if they were animals and comical). Rocko is a nice, somewhat timid guy, Heffer can be really funny, a little obnoxious (but not in a way where it gets annoying), Filbert is funny just to LOOK at (and the fights between him and Heffer are fun to watch). The show often has random surprises, like background characters who go insane for no reason, references to production on the show ("Which is funnier, bananas or cheese?") and sometimes adult jokes. The voice acting is excellent, with Carlos Alazraqui (AKA James Garcia from Reno 911) as Rocko, with a shrill Austrailian-accented wallaby who can go mad whenever he has to. The ever-so-wonderful Tom Kenny as Heffer, as overdramatic and deep fat guy voice. Kenny also provides the voices of pretty much every other voice in the show (seriously!), but a lot of them sound very different, which is nice. Mr. Lawrence, also one of the writers, plays Filbert as a neurotic nerdy turtle (note that Lawrence also wears glasses). Charlie Bighead is able to play both Ed AND Bev Bighead. He is very talented at playing the two off each other and it really does seem like two different characters are talking to each other. Linda Wallem, in her only voice over role to date, plays most of the female characters, including Dr. Hutchinson, and is able to do perky, maternal, or husky characters. On a side note, Wallem is one of the creators of "That 70's Show." Rocko's Modern Life is definitely worth a look.
  • Good show, but I prefer spongebob.

    This show was a pretty cool show. I didn't exactly grew up with it, but when I first watched it when I was 10, I really liked it. The show has really nice and fluid animation and the slapstick is pretty good too. But sometimes, the show can get reeeeeeeeealy wierd. Like in one episode, mr bighead imagined a meatball coming to life and then they went out on a date or something. And in another episode, rocko's teeth came to life, grew extra large and started acting like gozilla. Ooooookaaay? Also I can't beleive how many sexual innuendos this show got away with! If any modern cartoon was like this show, it would probably piss of a million soccermoms. But overall, really cool, but also really weird show. But I like spongebob better.
  • Oh man, I loved this show.

    This show was hilarious. This show was like a diary of the exploits of a rather shy and friendly wallaby named Rocko, only in painful detail as to everything that could possibly go wrong in one's life. Each episode went through a certain event in Rocko's life, and in each story, Rocko suffered so much before finally accomplishing what he had set out to do.

    Rocko had a pet dog named Spunky that was dumb as dirt, as well as two friends, Philbert the nerdy turtle, and Heffer the steer. Philbert usually came to Rocko with a problem, asking for help, but Heffer, with his chronic eating, would cause so much trouble that I don't know why Rocko bothered keeping him around.

    This show was so great because of the torture that Rocko was put through for the sake of his friends, or sometimes, simply because he was too nice a guy to complain. But I believe that it was because of all this that the show was cancelled. I'd like to think I wasn't just some mentally unbalanced child for liking this show, but I really did enjoy the slapstick taken to new extremes, and I hope I'm not the only one. If there were any justice on this earth, this show would still be on the air well into it's umpteenth season.
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  • This was one of my favorite shows growing up. It was funny, creative and entertaining as well.

    Rocko's Modern Life to say the least had a very interesting cast of characters, from the mild mannered wallaby Rocko, the gluttonous steer Heffer, to the egotistical turtle Filbert. The thing I loved most about these 3 is when Heffer and Filburt would argue and fight. There's just something downright hilarious about them getting each other's faces and brawling. XD. Another thing I loved about this show was the Bigheads, especially Ed. He was just such a loudmouth jerk that you loved to see him getting his just comeuppance. Bev was another I kinda liked, although I thought she was too flirtatious with other men while married.

    I even enjoyed the character Dr. Hutchison. Although, I do wonder why she married Filburt. Kinda of a bizarre pairing I have to admit.

    Anyway, this show was one of the better ones from the 90's.
  • i love this shooooowww!!!!!!!

    i miss this show! it is one of my favorates, why couldn't ni9ck show rocko's modern life forever and ever? if i were the creator of rocko's modern life, then i let it show for the rest of eternity! eh, but what can i do? oh, well i guess it had to go...
  • Preety creative if ya ask me.

    I watch it every morning before school and it's preety creative and funny, too. It's about a wallaby who lived in Australia and now lives the rest of his life in the U.S with his dog, Spunky and his sloppy neighbor, Heffer. Together, these two face, well, modern life. Joe Murray is quite the genius when it comes to creativity & comedy.
  • This show is a really great show. The adult jokes are really funny, and it's just so awesome that they can get away with it!


    Rocko is definitely my favorite character. He's just so cute and sweet! He has one FUNKY Hawaiian t shirt on, he's really friendly and I lust love his voice. Also, his name is Rocko, Rocko rocks! He likes rainbows, and he's a guy. I just gotta admire that. But he's not gay just cause' he likes rainbows and has a shirt with purple triangles. I think it's adorable that he likes rainbows! But it's just so disappointing that all the bad stuff happens to him, I mean he doesn't deserve it. He never did anything wrong- this is just like how on a Futurama episode, Fry was trying to bring his dog Seymour back to life, but the dog never did come back to life. That's just annoying the audience, cause' I'm pretty sure everybody wanted the dog to come back to life, just like how all the Rocko fans probably get annoyed that bad stuff happens to him. And Melba should date him. I feel so sad when Melba rejects him. Poor thing! Anybody would be lucky to even be his acquaintance. He's a great guy.

    Okay, this review about Rocko's Modern Life has turned into a review about Rocko -_-

    My second favorite is Filburt, I like the fact he has glasses. I'm just a sucker for glasses.

    His dog Spunky is pretty cool I guess, pretty FUNKY name!

    I just wish there were more episodes than just 52, this show is just great!

  • I don't care who you are, but if you like classic Nicktoons, you HAVE to like this show.

    This is easily a Classic Nicktoon, no contest. This has to also be one of Nick's greatest shows EVER. It was a simple story with a simple plot, but this show seemed to pull anything off. The characters were unforgetable and the stories were (like I said) simple, but extremely enjoyable. This show was very "cartoonish" and comedic. I used to watch this all the time and the theme song is really catchy. I think this show is rather underappreciated though. I mean it has an excellent rating but not many people recall it's greatness. But, all in all, I think Rocko's Modern Life is living it up in classic cartoon heaven. I miss you. 80/100.
  • I think this show is pretty good.

    I enjoy this show. It had some funny episodes like Wacky Delly and Power Trip, it was a good show. In 96' Nick said more episodes were coming, but it never happened, RML was Canceled, Nick should have confirmed it, c'mon... V_V So i enjoy this show, you can still see it on Nicktoon Netowrk, if you get Digital Cable or Sattleite. ^_^ So another good nick show for the book. sorry i dont have anyhting else to say. g o i i k k k k k k k j h h gg f f f f f f
  • This s*** is crack, one of the best wacky shows that nickelodeon has to offer.

    This cartoon alone will shut and bring down all Cartoon network wacky shows. Period. This was my favorite show on nickelodeon. nothing ,not even spongebob, can top this show. the brilliance of this show can\'t be explained in words at all. So many crap shows (Uh, Coconut Fred) try to copy this show and ruin it\'s good name. Please put some good show back in the air and end all of this crap s***.
  • a sensitive wallaby, an overeating dimwitted steer, and an "odd" turtle. great television!

    i loved rocko, it was one of my favorite shows growing up.
    it was a little corny so times but it was a well put together show with great actors like Tom Kenny. what could be better than a wallaby, his pet named spunky living in a modern world where a self-conscious turtle and an eccentric cat are a couple or a steer raised by a pack of wolves. two toad nieghbors next door, the husband a perfectionist (and part time pirate) oh and what the hell was rockos boss anyway? oh well i still loved this show and it's a shame i it ended!
  • Rocko was part of Nickelodeon's golden era.

    I miss this show when this Rocko was cancelled,
    Nickelodeon stopped showing good shows more and more. Rocko's modern Life is about a wallaby born and raised in Australia. Rocko came to America because he was biend bullied by a guy named Dingo. Since Rocko made his move he got a job at a comic store and made some wierd friends.
    Heffer is Rocko's best friend, he's a steer, he's a fat, dirty slob. Filburt is a nerdy, neurotic turtle, he's also one of Rocko's friends. Spunky is Rocko's dog, he's not the brightest of dog's, he's dumb enough to drink his on saliva. Ed and Bev Bighead are Rocko's nieghbors, Bev is pretty nice to Rocko and Ed just does'nt like Rocko. I miss Rocko, most of Nick's good cartoon's are gone, it's a real good show.
  • This added on to the Golden age of television

    This show was definitely off the wall. I cannot remember the last time I saw this funny TV show, but hey, it was one of my favorites indefinitely. The little blue turtle dude (I’m sorry I forget his name) that was always so self insecure always going "I’m noxious, I’m noxious" was one of my favorites. Heffer to Rocko was like Patrick star to Sponge bob. Heffer is just not as torpid or slow as Patrick. Rocko is very humble and is not always as assertive as he should be. That’s also the reason he left his native continent Australia, because of the truculent behavior of a dingo called Dingo. Rocko also has a pet dog that is really barren and silly though Rocko cares lots for this dog. Rocko is about the only mild mannered individual in the whole city of O-town. He then finds himself standing up for the things that are most important, and goes beyond political boundaries. I know, it sound pretty deep for an off the wall cartoon but that's what makes it so worth while
  • A very good cartoon and the second best on Nick after Ren & Stimpy.

    Very few cartoons from my childhood...however recently I came upon some Nick cartoons that I used to be a huge fan of Ren & Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life....both of which I still find to be very entertaining...though Ren & Stimpy more so....anyway seeing many other cartoons of my past they just seem embarrasing when you see them now. The characters prove to be entertaining enough...particularly the Bigheads animation....well that's not important when something is's a shame it only got 3 seasons.
  • Great show.

    The show always puts a smile on my face. Until they canceled it. I don't know why. It's a great show. It's very funny and is kid - friendly as well. Perhaps there are some episodes on youtube. Anyway, this show is one of Nickelodeon's classic shows that they canceled for an unknown reason. The show gives you a good laugh, and of course the animation wasn't great! It was an old cartoon, for crying out loud! But it more than makes up for that with an interesting plot. Unique characters and funny lines.
  • This was a very good cartoon.

    Rocko's Modern Life is the story of Rocko who is a wallaby, born and raised in the sunburned land Down Under, Australia. A few years ago, he left the comfort of his native continent and came to live in the United States(Because of a bully named Dingo). Since then, he's managed to pick up an assortment of oddball, but well-meaning, friends including: gluttonous Heffer Wolfe (actually a Steer, who, at a young age, was adopted by a family of wolves), faithful (but none-too-bright) pet pooch named Spunky, and paranoid hypochondriac Filbert(That's really how they spell it on the show) (a turtle with a personal philosophy: "Turn the page, wash your hands, turn the page, wash your hands"). Other characters include The Bigheads (Rocko's irritable next-door neighbors), Dr. Paula Hutchison (an always smiling doctor-of-all-trades, and love interest of Filbert), and two slippery characters known as The Chameleon Brothers (Chame and Leon). These folks live in a bizarre district known as O-Town, which is actually under the industrial monopoly of a huge corporation called Conglom-O (their slogan is We Own You).
  • Oh Rocko how you filled that empty void in my life

    RML was one of those shows that was great but yet stupid. When I say that I mean it in a good way, like a Bob Sagat hosting AMV way. It was part of those shows in the mid 90's that made you proud to be an American, it was part of the X-Men, Spiderman, Power Rangers, and Goosebumps. Now a days kids have Spongebob.....LAME! We need to bring back the originality this show brought. It was far ahead of its time and pushed the envelope its own little way in its time. Somebody please bring this back so we can enjoy the good ole times.
  • about a wallaby named rocko that moves to the united states and makes new friends

    I love this show I can remember when I was younger when they put it on but for some reason they took it off I wish they would bring it back and maybe even make new episodes I just like the way it was drawn and put together some very good humor and episodes heffer I thought was especially funny when he used to make rocko mad or somthing and the dog was funny to this has to be one off the best shows ever aired on nick shold be brought back as soon as possible many people would be happy
  • Ah, Rocko, another great Nick show that was fun to watch.

    Rocko's Modern Life WAs a show about a wallaby named Rocko who lives a hard going life in the US. His friends, Heffer and Filburt, will often help him with his problems, or at least try to. Perhaps this show isn't quite for everyone as you do have to sometimes feel sorry for Rocko, but I am able to appreciate it for it's wacky, zany humour. It also notably contains quite a bit of sexual innuendo, which was not uncommon for some children's cartoons around the time. Just look at Ren and Stimpy. XD so I guess that concludes my review of Rocko. Another great Nick show that was fun to watch.
  • It's about a wallby named Rocko

    Rocko's Modern Life is one of the best cartoons on Nickolodeon, if not the best. The show is very funny and it has a lot of great plots in it. One thing I don't like is the show is still not on DVD. Is it that hard to put it on DVD. It was one of Nickolodeon's best catoons. And i think Nickolodeon should have renewed the show for a few more seasons. But Joe Murray wanted to be with his family more. And I don't blame him. Murray is now working on Camp Lazlo. The person who plays Rocko plays the also the main character in Camp Lazlo. Rocko's Modern Life is a great show and Camp Lazlo. But I like Rocko's Modern Life more.
  • Another great cartoon starring a very loving walabi and his clumsy friends.

    Another great show I watched on Nickelodeon. The characters are so incredible, we have Rocko who you would think is a dog but in reality is a wallaby (something like a kangaroo but smaller): Rocko is a great person, never hurting anyone and always willing to help his friends and whoever comes in his way with a problem. He is also very relaxed and easygoing. His best friend, Hefner, is a cow with serious personality issues who is always causing trouble in Rocko's life. He is clumsy but never means harm. What i love abut this show is that the stories are so original and the art is very detailed and unique.
  • Whoever thought of Rocko the kangaroo? Well, the fans. Rocko is COOL!

    Rocko's Modern Life appeared on Nickelodeon in 1993 and ended in Thanksgiving 1996. Shame it ended. I want it back, now. The reason why is because of 5 things:
    1. I want new episodes.
    2. Joe Murray, evgen if you're making new episodes for Camp Lazlo on cartoon network, you can make a crossover special.
    3. You can ask Nick to bring it back.
    4. Well, to remark this, I would like to say, Continue.
    5. No comment here.

    Even if you say it sucked, I think it rocked. Everyone loves Rocko, including me.

    Even if he had a modern life, he had a great show for Nickelodeon.
  • This show was about Rocko a wallaby with his pal a cow named Hef and the turtle (which I can't remember his name). Well this show is about their whacky adventures.

    I used to love this show when it was on it used to make me laugh for reasons that I don't know why. The way the plot always went was always a litte off tune with the rest of the shows. That is why I gave this a 9. I wish there were more shows like this on tv because there is only so many times you can watch Spongebob.
  • Rocko's Modern Life is IMO one of the greatest cartoon shows ever!

    I think the thing that makes Rocko's Modern Life so addictive is the fact that the show has a dark sense of witty humor that is rarely seen in cartoons today. It had a crude art style, a derranged story, and charecters that really didn't look right together for instance a steer and a wallabe, and a turtle.

    Along with that I think the fact that Rocko's house will literally explode or be trashed one moment, but then it will be fine maybe 5 mins later. Its little things like that, that make the show so great. Theres no need to worry about the things that suck in life, its basically just having fun with its surroundings and creating a living breathing world without worry or despair. Overall its one of the most enjoyable cartoons of the last decade, and its sad it didn't last as long as it should have. Long Live Rocko and his Friends!
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