Rocko's Modern Life

Nickelodeon (ended 1996)





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  • This show is a really great show. The adult jokes are really funny, and it's just so awesome that they can get away with it!


    Rocko is definitely my favorite character. He's just so cute and sweet! He has one FUNKY Hawaiian t shirt on, he's really friendly and I lust love his voice. Also, his name is Rocko, Rocko rocks! He likes rainbows, and he's a guy. I just gotta admire that. But he's not gay just cause' he likes rainbows and has a shirt with purple triangles. I think it's adorable that he likes rainbows! But it's just so disappointing that all the bad stuff happens to him, I mean he doesn't deserve it. He never did anything wrong- this is just like how on a Futurama episode, Fry was trying to bring his dog Seymour back to life, but the dog never did come back to life. That's just annoying the audience, cause' I'm pretty sure everybody wanted the dog to come back to life, just like how all the Rocko fans probably get annoyed that bad stuff happens to him. And Melba should date him. I feel so sad when Melba rejects him. Poor thing! Anybody would be lucky to even be his acquaintance. He's a great guy.

    Okay, this review about Rocko's Modern Life has turned into a review about Rocko -_-

    My second favorite is Filburt, I like the fact he has glasses. I'm just a sucker for glasses.

    His dog Spunky is pretty cool I guess, pretty FUNKY name!

    I just wish there were more episodes than just 52, this show is just great!