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Rocko's Modern Life

Season 1 Episode 11

Rocko's Happy Sack / Flu-In-U-Enza

Aired Unknown Oct 10, 1993 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary


Rocko's Happy Sack:
Rocko tries to make it to the local supermarket in time for a massive 99%-off sale.

Rocko becomes sick with the flu, and if he doesn't get better soon, he'll miss the chance to go to the big WWWWF wrestling show.

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  • Rocko's Happy Sack- Rocko is completely out of food and cash but discoveries the grocery store is having a 99% off sale until noon. Flu-in-uenza- Rocko wants to watch the WWWWF game but comes down with the flu so tries to find a way to beat the illness.moreless

    Rocko's Happy Sack is a great episode, my absolute favorite, it is very funny; the flu episode is a twisted funny but definately good.

    although the only reason I am typing this is to say that this quote is not even close to being correct-

    Rocko: (snaps as his total changes when the sale ends) You CHEAP little rotter! Do you have any idea what I've been through today? I was nearly run over by a car, made to drag around a gimp shopping cart, had me head set on fire, I was attacked by lobsters, beaten by a very LARGE woman and I still made the twelve o'clock deadline! So if you don't change that total back to a dollar fifty, I will do something not nice!!!!!

    "You cheap little rotter! I've been run over by a car, made to drag around a gimp shopping cart, threatened by your gestapo security guards, had me head set on fire, I was attacked by wild lobsters, beaten by a very large woman, had me dog wrapped in plastic, nearly starved to death, and I still beat the 12:00 deadline! So if you don't change that total back to $1.50, I will do something not nice" is the correct quote, this website needs to do better research apparently.moreless
  • Rocko's Happy Sack / Flu-In-U-Enza

    Great Episode! One of the best Rocko episodes I have seen. Not the best, but it's there. Poor Rocko having to go through so much in both segments. Rocko comes down with the flu and these three food shaped items that are known as the up-chucks, try to "help" Rocko get better, so he could go see the WWWWF, but they do more harm than good. Next episode, Rocko has to shop for food at a grocery store that is one sale. Turns out that grocery day really is a dangerous day as Rocko gets bitten by lobsters, beat up by an enormous hippo and much, much more. What I find strange is that in this episode and Skid Marks, Filburt and Rocko engage in conversation like they've either never met or they're just not excited to see each other. But, it was a pretty good episode.moreless
  • Rocko has tickets to the W.W.W.W.F. Wrestling Main Event, but he catches the flu the day before the match. He goes to the doctors office only to get medicine that makes him worse. Thankfully, he gets help from The Enchanted Upchucks.moreless


    The episode opens up with Rocko laying in bed. He is proudly holding up 2 tickets that say: The W.W.W.W.W.F. Wrestling Main Event. He tells Spunky the day after tomorrow is the big day. The tickets are for the best seats in the house. He says goodnight to Spunky and turns off his lamp.

    Rocko wakes up the next morning with a red nose and snot running down it. He goes in to the bathroom but can't stop his nose from running. He calls Heffer who takes him to the doctor. While in the waiting room, they see all kinds of interesting people. The bird next to Rocko starts coughing and eventually coughs up his heart. More worried then ever, Rocko asks the nurse if he can see the doctor. The Nurse tells him he has to fill out some papers before he can see the doctor. She hands a pile of papers taller then he is.

    After the nurse starts hitting on Heffer, Rocko finds himself in Dr. Bendova's office. He hears all kinds of noises like a Chainsaw going off and someone screaming. He looks around the office and sees lots of interesting tools and devices. Eventually the doctor comes in. After the doctor does all kinds of tests on Rocko, he tells the doctor he needs some medicine. The doctor gives him a prescription and sends him on his way.

    After Rocko leaves the doctors office, the nurse comes running through and sees the doctor. She yells: "Hey, I thought I strapped you to the bed." and carries him off....

    Back home Rocko takes out the pills from the bottle. The pill he pulls out is almost bigger then his head. He puts it in his mouth and forces it down. He looks at the pill bottle and reads a label on the back: WARNING! Not To Be Taken Orally. Pretty soon everything in the room is swirling and spinning. He slowly makes his to the bathroom and hurls in the toilet. While Rocko is laying on the floor a half-eaten hot dog, half-eaten pizza and a piece of cheese jump out of the toilet. They tell Rocko they are "The Enchanted Upchucks". They introduce themselves as Wretch, Hurl and Spew. They tell him they are here to nurse him back to health.

    They take Rocko to the kitchen and make him some tea. They start making their Toe Jam Tea, but Rocko falls over on the floor. They decide he needs a heavy dose of Vitamin C and Iron. So they put a funnel in his mouth and start rolling oranges off the table in to the funnel, then a watermelon. The comes the iron, a iron for your clothes. After it smashes Rocko's head, they figure he needs Ice for his head. They put a block of ice on his head. Wretch, Hurl and Spew then start putting a bunch of pepper, tobasco sauce, cayenne peppers and chili sauce in a bowl. They put a drop of it on Rocko's tongue and it instantly melts the block of ice of his head and he spits out fire, burning his chair.

    Rocko get's up and starts chasing The Enchanted Upchucks until he realizes that he can smell again. He feels great! He thanks the Upchucks as they hop back in to the toilet. The next morning Rocko wakes up bright and early only to find Spunky caught his flu. Heffer stops in to check on Rocko. He tells Hef he is going to stay home and take care of Spunky. He hands the tickets over to Heffer. Rocko and Spunky watch the event from home on the TV. The match starts and the ring announcer introduces the first wrestler. It's Dr. Bendova! The nurse, who Heffer brought with him, sees the doctor and jumps in the ring. She grabs him and starts tossing him around. "I got 20 on the nurse" Rocko hears as he sees The Enchanted Upchucks also watching the event.

    Favorite Quotes:

    "I thought I strapped you to the bed!"

    "Cough please."


    "Ok, again."



Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Heffer Wolfe, Dr. Bendova, Various

Recurring Role

Linda Wallem

Linda Wallem

Female cow nurse/Nurse, Various

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • An anti-smoking reference is seen in the hospital waiting room: sitting next to Rocko is an older bird guy smoking a cigarette and coughing (despite a visible "No Smoking" sign), and then he hacks so hard he coughs his heart out of his body, and drops dead.

    • Flu-in-U-enza: When we first see Rocko in the doctor's office, the eye chart reads " I AM A PRISONER IN THE CRAZY DOC'S BROOM CLOSET"

    • "Rocko's Happy Sack" is the 2nd time he meets up with the Hippo Lady and is sent flying after a "HOW DARE YOU!"

    • In "Flu-In-U-Enza" Rocko's tickets for the Main Event say W.W.W.W.W.F. (5 W's) but through the entire episode it's refered to as the W.W.W.W.F. (4 W's)

    • (From Flu-in-U-enza)
      When the pizza, hotdog, and cheese wedge are mixing the hot sauce they mix it with a metal spoon. When the stirrer takes the spoon out the bottom part is melted off. Then they take a eye dropper and put some of the hot sauce in it. Point being is if the sauce made was so hot how come it didn't just melt right through the plastic dropper?

    • In Rockos Happy Sack:
      After The red guys head bursts for about until the rest of the show it sounds like a regular Shopping cart dispite that in the begining due to its 2 missing wheels it made a screaching sound when moved.

    • The end credits erroneously credit Linda Wallem performing Virginia Wolfe, although she does not appear in these episodes. It could be referring to the large nurse she voices in "Flu-In-U-Enza."

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Nurse: (To Dr. Bendova two different times) I thought I strapped you to the bed!!!

    • Dr. Bendova: (Placing his hand below the screen to Rocko) Cough. (Rocko coughs) Mmhmm... (returns hand) again? (returns hand) again? (Rocko coughs slowly, getting irritated. The hand returns again) And again? (Rocko snorts angrily) Okay, good... good.

    • (Packing up the trunk with their groceries)
      Rocko (To Spunky): Now let's go home and eat.
      (Rocko drives off, but the exiting speed bump knocks his trunk open, spilling all of his groceries out of the car without his noticing)

    • Rocko: (snaps as his total changes when the sale ends) You CHEAP little rotter! I have been run over by a car, made to drag around a gimp shopping cart, threatened by your Gestapo security guards, had me head set on fire, I was attacked by wild lobsters, beaten by a very LARGE woman, had me dog wrapped in plastic, nearly starve to death and I still made the twelve o'clock deadline! So if you don't change that total back to a dollar fifty, I WILL DO SOMETHING NOT NICE!!!!!
      Filburt: (shocked, nervous) That'll be one dollar and fifty cents, please...

    • (Rocko forces his flu pill down his throat, then reads the bottle)
      Rocko: (reading) Warning: Not to be taken... orally...

    • Rocko: (realizing Spunky was wrapped in a meat package, about to be sold) Dog meat! Ugh! Sir! Haven't you heard that dog meat can cause you to be, uh... irregular?
      Customer: I'll take my chances...
      Rocko: But dog meat is known to contain traces of DVT, PCBs, MSGs, CDCs and BBDs!
      Customer: I like PCBs.
      Rocko: But sir, don't you know that when dogs are hunted by the evil meat companies, thousands of innocent dolphins get accidentally caught in their nets! It's horrible.
      Customer: Pheh! Sea mammals, who needs them? This country would be a whole lot better without them. In fact, we out of take all the sea mammals, put them in a big boat, send it out across the ocean, and sink it half way.
      (An ape and a manatee behind him come into view, the manatee is sobbing)
      Ape: Hey buddy! My WIFE'S a sea mammal! (Ape grabs the customer and beats him off screen)

    • Rocko: (rubbing his eyes) I'm sick! I'm sick! I'm sick!
      Retch: I'm Retch!
      Hurl: I'm Hurl!
      Spew: I'm Spew! We're here to nurse you back to life.

    • Filburt: Price check on . . . frog butter.
      Store Announcer: Hey, is frog butter in dairy or hygiene?

    • Rocko: Heffer, thanks for taking me to the doctor.
      Heffer: I wouldn't miss it for the world. These waiting rooms are real freak shows.

    • Rocko: You know, Spunky, sometimes, grocery day can be a very dangerous day.

  • NOTES (1)


    • In the segment Rocko's Happy Sack, the depressed butcher from Brooklyn who laments his bachelorhood is a parody of Ernest Borgnine's character in the 1955 film Marty. The butcher is modeled partially on Borgnine's physical likeness, and his lines of dialogue are nearly direct quotes from the film. ("I'm a just fat little pig. A fat ugly, ugly butcher from Brooklyn. I'll never get married. So, I'll go to the Stardust Ballroom and you know what I'll get? Heartache. Heartache.")

    • Vocal: The Wild World of Wacky Wrestling Federation (WWWWF)

      WWWWF is a spoof of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).