Rocko's Modern Life

Season 3 Episode 10

Wacky Delly

Aired Unknown Jan 21, 1996 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Wacky Delly Part A: Mr. and Mrs. Bighead's son, Ralph, is a famous animator. When he decides he wants to be let out of his contract, he lets Rocko, Heffer, and Filburt be in charge of his new series. Wacky Delly Part B: Wacky Deli enjoys continued success despite Ralph's attempts to sabotage it.moreless

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  • Chad wiggins ruined it stupid spongebob show about Cornelius and squirrel spongebob squarepants episode

    Chad wiggins is acting crazy looney tune like Ralph bighead imitating stupid wacky delly shows from rocko's modern life episode rocko is wacko what about Cornelius Raibon squirrel wear decepticon CR Logo t-shirt helmet air-hole ooze canister from teenage mutant ninja turtles 2 the secret of ooze with no pants human Cornelius got mutated turn into squirrel naked sandy cheeks naked squirrel girl with flower on head like lulubelle from Disney's bongo bear and lulubelle Cornelius Raibon squirrel got eaten by sandy cheeks Cornelius Raibon going inside sandy cheeks body zero the kamikaze squirrel got spongebob animated style and princess sally got spongebob animated style zero the kamikaze squirrel as chad wiggins princess sally as Linda Barry female staff menber I send to some drawings to Stephen hillenburg Cornelius Raibon squirrel and sandy cheek Raibon created by Marshall Lynn smith II and Stephen hillenburg thank you very much . Spongebob squarepants episode Cornelius and squirrel zero the kamikaze squirrel from sunsoft 1994 spongebob squarepants last seasons episodes spongebob get cancelled just like wacky delly get cancelledmoreless
  • Perfect episode but it's too overrated.

    First of all this is a great episode, one of my favorite episodes out of every nicktoon if I had to make a top 5 episodes list with my 5 favorite episodes out of every nicktoon and then choose the 5 best episodes from that list this episode would make the top 5 list it's one of the best nicktoons episodes ever!!! The only real problem with this episode is that it's so overrated. Sometimes it's hard to watch it cause people make such a big deal about this episode but other than that amazing episode that i'd recommend to anybody who hasn't seen Rocko's Modern Life or is just looking for something to make them laugh cause this episode is full of laughs!!!moreless
  • What an amazing episode

    This episode was awesome. In it, Ralph Bighead, the Bighead's son, wants out his contract after making the final episode of his show "The Fatheads", however his contract calls for another series or at least a pilot episode for it. So Ralph asks Rocko, Heffer, and Filbert to help them make the show, about deli meats. I will not lie, this episode had me laughing the whole time. With gags like " 1,579 simple steps to making an animated cartoon", to Heffer and Filbert's argument over 2 characters, but of course the best had to be how the auidence called episodes which just focused on mayo, or complete black "genius", just flawless. Overall, absolutly excellent, if your not watching this your really missing out on a gem here. 10/10 A+moreless
  • An influence for my show, and a Gem among all Rocko fans!

    I must say that this is without a doubt the best episode of Rocko's Modern Life ever! Seriously, I didn't expect it to be the most popular over almost everyone though! My cartoon, The Kris Show, got most of it's influence from this episode right here (along with the Spongebob episode, Krusty Towers). Ed Bighead's son Ralph is apparently a famous animator for a show called The Fatheads and is forced to write a pilot for a new show. He seeks the help of Rocko and his friends to create Wacky Delly, a show about deli meats, which he expects to fail but ends up being an instant success.

    Overall, there's not much to go into depth. This episode just rocks!moreless
  • "Wacky Delly" is an absolutely GEM!

    "Las botanas locas" (en español, sería) es uno de los mejores episodios de Rocko (lo que ya es mucho decir).

    Las risas no solo que no faltan, sino ABUNDAN, un gag tras otro, en un episodio plagado de humor absurdo y tremenda manera desquiciada de hacer comentario social, como la gente cede a la programación mas retardada posible y desprecia lo que tiene objetivo artístico. Cuando muestran el primer episodio de "Wacky Delly"!!!, tendría que reconocerse como un momento clave en la comedia bizarra, junto con la escena del frasco de mayonesa!.

    Después, el resto del cap también es una risa constante, cuando Heffer y Filbert peleaban y Rocko se desquiciaba, todas las escenas que mostraban el "making of" de wacky delly eran un cago de risa.

    En fin, este episodio no es para sos fan de Rocko y no lo viste, te estas perdiendo de algo.moreless
Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Heffer Wolfe/Sal-Ami, Executive 1, Fran the Newscaster, Various

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Rocko/Betty Bologna, Spunky, Executive 2, Various

Charlie Adler

Charlie Adler

Ed Bighead, Bev Bighead, The Fatheads, Various

Mr. Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence

Filbert/Mr. Cheese, Various

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • As an April Fools' Day prank, on April 1, 2013 at 12 AM EST, the Teennick cable channel announced showing an unaired episode of Rocko's Modern Life as part of their The '90s are All That block. However, they actually showed the mayonnaise from this episode and held on it for the entire half hour (complete with elevator music.) Before the mayonnaise shot, the Wacky Delly title card (with Heffer singing) was also utilized to make it more similar to the actual episode.

    • During the old-fashioned universal countdown leader at the beginning of the "Wacky Deli" pilot, after the "2" flashes and the screen goes blank, the beeping sound is heard a second after the "2" disappears. In real life, similar countdown leaders are supposed to have the beep sound right as the "2" flashes on screen.
      Additionally, unlike other episodes featuring countdown leaders before old movies being played (which are animated like the rest of the show), this one features stock footage of a real universal countdown leader.

    • During the storyboard sequence, Rocko uses a crummy falsetto voice doing Betty Bologna. But however in the actual cartoon, he uses a totally different falsetto voice!

    • When Heffer, Rocko, and Filbert animate Wacky Delly, they draw using top pegs. When Rocko shoots them on the camera, and later when they are played back as dailies for the network execs, they are clearly done on bottom pegs. These sequences were probably done by two different animators, one of whom positioned the pegs on the wrong side in a quiet act of rebellion (artists get very accustomed to the Warner (top) or Disney (bottom) style, but the artists on a particular show must all work in the same direction to smooth out the workflow).

  • QUOTES (15)

    • (Ralph enters the room and grabs the film canister and eats it)
      Rocko: Oh, R.B., we were just talking about you. After you're finish eating that Fatheads episode. Would like to see this week's Wacky Delly?
      (Ralph spits out whatever is left of the film canister violently)
      Ralph: CAN'T YOU SEE THAT I HATE THIS SHOW AND I'VE BEEN TRYING TO SABOTAGE IT SINCE DAY ONE?! But you keep messing me up! I want to get out of this business and make REAL art!
      Rocko: Gee, R.B., I think you've got it all wrong. You've been afforded a great opportunity here. Running your very own animation series and everybody loves it, it's your art. Instead of fleeing from your situation, you should be embracing it. You should be trying to make this show the best darn show it can possibly be. You should be the best Ralph Bighead you can be!

    • Ralph: (to Rocko) Here's your budget. (hands him $20) Try not to spend the whole thing.

    • (while editing the show)
      Heffer: Why don't we put in that down shot?
      Filburt: Let's not and say we did...

    • Filburt: "Stupid"? "Stupid"?! Is that what you think?
      Heffer: The cheese monologue is stupid, Filburt! Looong and stupid!
      Filburt: Oh yeah? Well you know the salami chase sequence? You know what I think of that? (takes the salami chase sequence footage and pours it out of its canister maniacally) Theeere! Yeaaah!
      Heffer: Oh, yeah! Well you know the big cheese climax ending? (grabs its according film canister, shows it to Filburt with a smile on his face, and mercilessly throws it out the window)

    • (10 years later)
      Ralph: Oh my gosh! Let this not be another delirious illusion. Can it be? Can it be that I finally finished my life's master work? (pull back to reveal a mountain in the shape of a bowl of fruit) BEHOLD! MY MASTERPIECE IS COMPLETE!!! (in tears) I'm so happy!
      Local Yokel: Heeeeeey, not bad, but have you seen of "Wacky Delly"? (Ralph's expression quickly changes) The first season, that is, before that new guy ruined it.

    • (The reaction to the Wacky Delly pilot, which was the weirdest piece of animation ever seen.)
      Ralph Bighead: So, whadaya think?
      (slight pause as Will and Frank look at each other expressionless, then look at Ralph with wide smiles)
      Will and Frank: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE LOVE IT!!!!

    • Rocko: (Holding up a drawing of Betty Bologna) This here's Betty Bologna. She's a girl!

    • Will: (Ralph's boss) Frank, did you see all those kids' faces?
      Frank: (Ralph's other boss) I know.
      Will: Do Ralph and his boys know they've created a monster here?
      Frank: They don't have a clue.
      Will: Frank?
      Frank: Yes, Will?
      Will: We' HIT SHOW HERE!!!!!

    • Heffer: (to Filburt) Your cartoons aren't even funny enough to be on the Family Channel!

    • Cheese: (speech messed up) Salami...better than the bologna...better than the... than the... embrace it!

    • (the opening scene to the Wacky Delly pilot...)
      Betty Bologna: (yawns) Oh boy, what a beautiful day! (phone rings and she answers it) Hello?
      Salami: (over the phone): I HATE BOLOGNA!!! (comes through the phone and attacks Betty)

    • Animator 1: It's a credit to your genius.
      Animator 2: A triumph of your will.
      Animator 3: It's...okay.
      Ralph: Go away, you toadies.

    • (after hours of Heffer and Filburt collaborating on what their cartoon's episode should be about, a tired and cranky Rocko finally goes through what they have so far for their script)
      Rocko: Okay! So Betty wakes up and says, "Oh, what a beautiful day." And then the telephone--
      Heffer: --or doorbell.
      Rocko: ...or doorbell ringing and she answers it and says, "Hello." And then the salami--
      Filburt: --or cheese!
      Rocko: ...or cheese says, (in one breath) "I hate baloney!" and attacks her through the phone before belching while all the stuff comes out his mouth while we hold on him for a long time... (slows down) Okey dokey? So... then... (in one breath, attempting to finish the outline for the script before either interrupt again) She walks up to the counter and--
      Heffer: HOLD IT!
      Rocko: WHAT?
      Heffer: Hm... y'know... I was thinkin'...
      Rocko: (frustrated) YES?
      Heffer: (after a long pause) Do we really need the cheese at all?
      Filburt: Wha-? Why you big, stupid...
      Heffer: What? Wha'd I say?
      (the two continue to argue while Rocko waits impatiently)

    • Mr. Cheese: (Filburt's voice) I am the cheese! I am the best character on the show! I am better than both the salami and the bologna combined!

    • Heffer: Wacky Delly, yeah. Wacky Delly, yeah. Sandwiches are good.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Later reruns of this episode on Nickelodeon cut at least ten seconds of footage from the Wacky Deli pilot, including a couple of shots of Sal Ami whacking Betty Bologna with the phone, and an additional shot of him belching at the camera. These edits were most likely done for timing.

    • The last line ("... Before that new guy ruined it") is a satire on how most feel about the Post-Season 3 episodes of Ren & Stimpy (When Games Animation [Nickelodeon's animation studio] and Bob Camp took over the show, and fired creator John Kricfalusi).

    • Spunky does not appear in this episode

    • When the test-run episode is being shown, during the live-action clips with the hands and the food, you can actually see a bug crawling on the food!


    • Announcer: Delly Scores Again: Powerful Warholian Tribute, Fans Go Nuts!

      The Mayonnaise-centric episode of Wacky Delly is misunderstood to be a tribute to Andy Warhol, a famous Pop Artist of the twentieth century. He is probably best known for painting famous American products, such as Campbell's soup cans and Coca-Cola bottles.

    • The 10 years later dialog is a reference to the season 3+ episodes of Ren and Stimpy. It's about how the fans felt about Games Animation messing up the show.

    • Animator 2: A triumph of your will.

      This line refers to the 1935 Nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will.

    • Animator 1: A credit to your genius, sir.
      Animator 2: A triumph of your will.
      Animator 3: It's . . . okay.

      The animator's lines are a reference to The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), after the creation of Rocky.