Rocko's Modern Life

Season 4 Episode 12

Put Out to Pasture / Future Schlock


Full Episode: Put Out to Pasture / Future Schlock


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Put Out to Pasture: Heffer overdoses on Pasture Puffies (a snack food said to contain potentially harmful substances) and is rushed to the hospital. While he is in a coma, Rocko, Filburt, and the Bigheads reminisce about past experiences with the steer. Future Schlock: While exploring Rocko's old home, Filburt's sons, in the future now grown up, find a banana in the fridge. They go to their father, now aged, to explain the story behind the banana in the fridge. In flashbacks, we learn that Conglom-O had put Ed Bighead in charge of a experiment monkey. Rocko and Heffer found out, and tried to save the chimp.moreless
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