Rocky and His Friends

ABC (ended 1961)


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  • Classic, trendsetting cartoon about a squirel and Moose that i would love to see come back. I had several segments of other cartoons that were as good if not better than the main show.

    I loved this show and wished it was still on.
    It is a classic cartoon that was good for both children and adults. It had lots and lots of funny happenings that would be funny in two different ways. It had very, very clever dialogue that was funny on it's face value for children and funny with a double meaning for adults. There were also several other cartoons on the show other that just Rocky and Bullwinkle. These other segments included Fractured fairy Tales, Mister Know-It-All, Peabody's Improbable History, Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties and Bullwinkle's Corner. A few of the segments were even better than the Rocky and Bullwinkle segments themselves. I wish very much that there was a show like this today using the same style of comedy. I know several peopl that would watch it faithfully every week.
  • Even in an animated show, quality writing counts more than quality animation.

    I love Rocky and His Friends (aka The Bullwinkle Show, aka The Adventures of Bullwinkle and Rocky and Friends, etc.), but even I have to admit that even for television animation, it didn't set any new quality standards, especially in the Rocky and His Friends seasons (i.e., seasons one and two). The only innovation is a dubious one; the first series to cut animation costs by having most of the actual animating done by cheap foreign labor (in this case, in Mexico City). Since it was a new studio, with all the problems that go along with that, plus language barriers between (gringo) managers and (Mexican) staff, there are a _lot_ of rough edges in the early episodes (much of which is either fixed or sort of smoothed over in the DVDs, but when the later ones come out, there will be noticable improvement, I'll warrant).

    The real hook, and the reason why so many people still love this show, and remember it well, is the writing. Head writer Bill Scott managed to cram every show with hilarious jokes, bad puns, and more satire (Fractured Fairy Tale prince who obviously resembles Walt Disney, anyone?) than virtually any other animated series before The Simpsons (and just ask Matt Groening what his favorite cartoon was, when he was growing up...)

    In short, this is a witty, very funny, often very clever program with much timeless humor to be enjoyed even today, over forty years after it was made.

    "Well, Chauncey, there's something you don't see every day."
    "What's that, Edgar?"
    A hilarious, satirical radio comedy masquerading as an animated TV kids' show!
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