Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers

Season 1 Episode 1

Operation Decoy

Aired Unknown Apr 18, 1953 on CBS

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Season 1 Episodes

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The Cobalt Bomb
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The Man Who Was Radioac...
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The Metal Eaters
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The Exploding Man
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Invasion from Dimension X
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The Plan of Planet H
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The Strong Man of Mayron
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The Fishman of the Venu...
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Return of the Stickmen
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The Invisible Force
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Escape by Magic
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Operation Dinosaur
Ep 40
Episode 40
Ep 39
Energy Eaters from Luna
Ep 38
The Stone Men of Venus
Ep 37
The Copernicus Diamond
Ep 36
The Electric Men
Ep 35
The Cyclops of Themis
Ep 34
The Deep Sleep
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