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R.O.D. the TV

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R.O.D the TV picks up after the OVA, "Read or Die" left off.

The series starts five years after the "I-Jin" incident. Yomiko Readman AKA The Paper, agent of British Library Task Force had gone missing. Nenene Sumiregawa, her former student and best friend searches for her. Nenene is frustrated that Yomiko has not read her last book, and she feels she can't write again until she hears Yomiko's feedback on the book.

During a visit to Hong Kong, Nenene meets three sisters, Michelle, Maggie and Anita, who become her bodyguards after Nenene's life is threatened by a jealous rival. Each sister has paper manipulation skills similar to Yomiko, although significantly less powerful. The first several episodes focuses on the tension between Nenene and the sisters, who move into her apartment while dealing with various psychos in their everyday lives. The sisters also perform odd jobs as agents of the Dokusensha. This eventually puts them in direct conflict with the British Library.

Events grow more serious as the series progresses. The main characters are in a battle between the British Library and Dokusensha, who are both trying to collect ancient artifacts to control the entire world and even rewrite history.

After a horrific collision between the two superpowers, Nenene and the Paper Sisters set out to find the missing Yomiko to learn the truth about the conflict and save the world from literary terrorism.


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